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LID Case Studies

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Portfolio | AHBL. Sehmel Homestead Park is home to a wide variety of recreational, educational, and cultural activities. Through an extensive public involvement process with an extremely involved community, AHBL was able to design the park to meet the needs of the area. Amenities include all-weather soccer/football fields, softball fields, baseball fields, tennis courts, a basketball court, a playground, community gardens, picnic areas, outdoor amphitheater, a multipurpose pavilion, and a picnic meadow.

Because of the site's location in a rural overlay district, we were required to utilize the Low Impact Development Chapter of the Pierce County Stormwater Management and Site Development Manual. This was the first major project designed under this newly adopted chapter. AHBL's civil engineers employed a variety of techniques to sustainably manage stormwater. The environmental permitting work involved preparing documentation for SEPA environmental review. Skillings Connolly - Featured Projects. SvR Design - Projects. Herrera Environmental Projects.

Environmental Abatement and Remediation; Landfills and Transfer Stations; Environmental Compliance Monitoring; Diving; Constructed Wetlands and Habitat HEA, HSI, and HEP Habitat Models; Eelgrass surveys; Wildlife Surveys; Plant Surveys Phase l & ll Environmental Site Assessment; Feasibility Studies; Remedial Design; Construction Oversight; Brownfields Redevelopment Population Studies and Surveys; Electrofishing, Snorkeling and Scuba Surveys; Beach Seining GIS Mapping; Cartography and Visual Design; Spatial Application Development; Enterprise GIS and IT; Database Design and Implementation Modeling; Data Collection; Flood Analysis Site Planning & Design; Ecological Design; Rain Gardens; Green Roofs; Planting & Vegetation; Water Features; Parks & Open Spaces Lake Management and Treatment; Aquatic Vegetation Surveys; Invasive Species Identification and Removal; Diving Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI); Green Streets; Stormwater Retrofits; Green Infrastructure and Community Design.

GeoEngineers Projects. Clearwater Commons | Eco-Friendly Community on North Creek near Bothell, WA. Portable Bio Retention Planters at Port of Seattle — Northwest EcoBuilding Guild. Abstract The "Moving Green Infrastructure Forward" Project is a two-year stormwater monitoring project at Terminal 91, Port of Seattle. Using the Splash Boxx, a bioretention planter box used for stormwater management, the project compares the pollutant removal efficiency two bioretention soil mix designs: one with conventional sand/compost and another with volcanic sand/compost.

Splash Boxx is recognized by the Washington Department of Ecology as equivalent to a bioretention facility, so the project was easily approved by the Port of Seattle. It was also designed consistent with City of Seattle guidelines for bioretention planter boxes. Permitting Process Splash Boxx has been approved by the Department of Ecology as equivalent to bioretention systems as detailed in BMP T7.30, Bioretention Systems, 2012 Western Washington Stormwater Manual.

Project Description The Port of Seattle is hosting this two-year stormwater monitoring project at one of the older buildings at Terminal 91 in Seattle. Venema Creek--Seattle Public Utilities. Project Area See the map on the right for the project area and the following PDFs for conceptual designs. Project Background Venema Creek is a tributary that flows into Piper’s Creek in North Seattle. This project is to construct a series of naturalistic “conveyance swales” to channel rainwater off the street, to treat it to remove pollutants, and to allow it to seep slowly into the soil. The project goals are to: Begin to restore the natural hydrological cycle of Venema Creek with deep groundwater recharge, thereby reducing the volume and intensity of storm water runoff Improve water quality in Venema and Piper’s Creek, and Puget Sound Provide additional green space and vegetation to reduce air and water pollutants while improving the pedestrian and street experience Develop a natural drainage system in an area lacking formal drainage infrastructure Project Timeline View the full project timeline (pdf) Related Documents and Links SPU Natural Drainage Projects Venema FAQ Handout (pdf)

Delridge Basin--Seattle Public Utilities. Natural drainage prevents polluted runoff from harming the fish and other wildlife that call Longfellow Creek home. Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) is responsible for managing stormwater throughout the city. We use a three-pronged approach to prevent sewage overflows: Fix It First—retrofit existing storage tanks to control up to 100 percent of the total volume. Keep the Stormwater Out—add Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI), such as natural drainage, to protect Longfellow Creek from polluted runoff. Store What’s Left—if the retrofit and GSI projects are as successful as expected, a new storage tank would not be needed. We are currently working on two projects in the Delridge neighborhood. Delridge Natural Drainage System Project SPU is planning to construct a natural drainage systems project along several blocks of 17th Ave SW in the South Delridge neighborhood.

The project is currently in design with construction anticipated for mid-2015. Environmental Analysis Documents February 27, 2015. Ballard Natural Drainage--Seattle Public Utilities. Project Updates February 24, 2015 Thank you to everyone who joined us at last night’s open house. In case you missed the meeting, the display boards can be found below or in the right-hand sidebar under “Project Materials”.

Open House Display Boards (pdf) Map of proposed rain garden locationsSection Views of Rain GardensUpdated Plant Palette ConceptsBallard NDS FAQ (pdf) The project team will continue refining the design through spring and summer, and construction is anticipated to begin in late summer 2015. Project Update Open House - February 3, 2015 Please join us at a project open house on February 23, 2015 to: Hear project and location updates from the design teamReview planting conceptsChat one-on-one with the project team When: Monday, February 23, 5:30 – 7:00 p.m.Where: Loyal Heights Community Center, 2101 NW 77th Street Contact For more information, please contact Project Manager Grace Manzano at: or 206-233-1534.

Project History Summer 2013 Phase 1.