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Starting period for measuring, tracking, analyzing, and validating energy performance.

Building Energy Assessment Technology. AirAdvice. NorthWrite. Agile Volt uses advances in analytics, communications, computing power, data management and business processes to provide unprecedented functionality for small commercial buildings, maximizing energy efficiency while minimizing cost.


Are you ready to upgrade your facility, save energy, enjoy greater comfort and control of your building HVAC and lighting systems, and be guaranteed not to spend more than your current utility bills. Then, you are ready for NorthWrite Agile Volt. Description. Analytika. Automated Energy Audit. Building Automation. Building Dashboard. Building Energy Saver for BMS. Building Energy Viewer - Commercial Buildings. AVOB Building Energy Viewer Building Energy Viewer gives your business the opportunity to study the energy behavior of your buildings to detect any drift and thus reduce your energy bills.

Building Energy Viewer - Commercial Buildings

This solution, unique on the market, consisting of an innovative blend of widgets and sensors, at last puts the user at the center your company’s energy policy by inviting him to express his own environmental perception. The goal : Detecting energy greedy buildings to better target your investments and thus obtain a quick ROI. Contact us ! Product Brief Smart Buildings: an investment that is quick becoming a necessity According to Environmental Agencies, buildings account for 42% of the total energy consumption of a country. A genuine cost-reduction-powerhouse One of the least mastered costs is the energy bill of commercial buildings. Better management of the automation, including occupancy schedules, would drastically reduce this bill.

Build Pulse. Clockworks. What is Clockworks?


KGS’ flagship software, ClockworksTM, delivers energy and cost savings by utilizing extensive automated analytic libraries to produce prioritized energy efficiency and maintenance actions for facility managers, operators and service providers. Clockworks is based on 30+ combined years of research and development, leveraging the team’s doctoral research and customer-driven development. KGS conducted a cooperative research and development agreement with Pacific Northwest National Laboratory for market deployment of building diagnostics. Request a demo by contacting: Online access to data, diagnostics, and guidance Clockworks connects your team with valuable information:

Commercial Building Asset Score. Dropoly. EcoInsight. EFT Energy Manager. Energy Management Software Designed to Help Control Energy Costs EFT Energy Manager v6.0 is a superior, web-based enterprise energy management software platform with advanced energy analytics that empowers businesses to measure, monitor, manage, and analyze their energy consumption, carbon emissions, and expenses across all utilities in real time.

EFT Energy Manager

Companies using this simple but powerful management tool have seen significant cost savings, up to 20% or more. Powerful Technology Energy Manager v6.0 combines the latest .Net software technology with the most advanced data collection hardware to give you state of the art tracking and reporting capability. Energent. EnergyActio. EnergyCAP Enterprise. Energy IQ. EnergyIQ. EnerNOC. EnergyICT. Energy Performance Monitor. Energy Results. X - View Framework. Energy Score Cards. Energy Star Portfolio Manager. Use Portfolio Manager You’ve heard it before: you can’t manage what you don’t measure.

Energy Star Portfolio Manager

That’s why EPA created ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager®, an online tool you can use to measure and track energy and water consumption, as well as greenhouse gas emissions. Use it to benchmark the performance of one building or a whole portfolio of buildings, all in a secure online environment. Not sure if Portfolio Manager is for you? It is!

Energy Watchdog. Energy Worksite. Phoenix Energy Technologies. eSight Energy. FacilityDude. FirstView: Diagnostic Software and Services for Building Energy Performance. The majority of commercial buildings have little or no readily available feedback on energy performance.

FirstView: Diagnostic Software and Services for Building Energy Performance

Utility bills provide some insight, but their potential to target particular areas for energy savings is limited. Currently, other tools provide only general benchmarking information or require extensive data input. Green Building Studio. Account for all of the energy-using systems in a building to understand energy cost projections that inform design decisions and financial analyses.

Green Building Studio

Green Building Studio energy analysis software adds defaults and assumptions based on your building type and location to complete the energy analytical model. This helps you perform a valid and useful analysis for decision making. Green Building Studio gives you access to over a million virtual weather stations that are compiled from a variety of trusted sources.

For existing building projects, you can upload building utility history. Green Building Studio automatically collects historical weather data from that same period of time so you can create a calibrated energy model. Green PSF. Green Sergeant. Gridium. GridPoint Energy Management. Hancock Software. Intelen. CopperTree Analytics. KW Hours, Inc. BuildingOS. MACH Asset Manager™ The MACH Asset•Manager™ software service is the industry leading Energy Information System (EIS) platform for commercial real estate.

MACH Asset Manager™

MACH’s solution has been designed in collaboration with industry-leading commercial office customers to drive significant energy expense reductions by understanding and optimizing building performance. Noesis. EnergySavvy. We’re Here to Serve Blend of Structure & Flexibility We implement Optix with a standard methodology that has evolved through best practices nationwide, yet we maintain the agility to create a customized work experience for every client.


Unwavering Focus on Your Goals A dedicated team of implementation experts, support staff, and software engineers is assigned to each of our clients to become fully immersed in a shared vision of success. And we’re with you every step of the way. More Than Just a Contract When you partner with EnergySavvy, you’ll gain a strong industry ally and thought leader. Predictive Energy Optimization. Rapid Building Assessment. Rapid Energy Modeling. Who is this for: For Designers, Architects and General Contractors to evaluate lifecycle impact of retrofit decisions.

Rapid Energy Modeling

For Building Owners, Facility Managers, Tenants, real estate developers, property managers and financiers to prioritize retrofit investments and evaluate building portfolios. Schneider Electric. SCIenergy. Scope 5 - Accessible sustainability data management software. Sensei.

Siemens. Simuwatt® Sustainability Dashboard : The Ashkin Group. Building Intelligence. Kite & Lightning. University Mechanical Contractors, Inc. Utility Manager Pro. Verisae. Sustainability can serve as a differentiator for your company and increase brand awareness. But the increased need for transparency and accountability for sustainability efforts requires improvements in your data collection and reporting processes. You need complete and relevant data on how each and every asset uses energy and emits carbon, company-wide water use, and waste management practices.

A fragmented, manual process can’t lead to a comprehensive level of understanding. The proper interpretation and manipulation of large amounts of data requires a dynamic approach to data gathering. When data is collected automatically and in real time, you’re better informed and can make crucial business decisions effectively. vx Sustain helps you with gathering, analyzing, and correlating data to identify issues and corrective actions. Talk to Verisae about how vx Sustain can help you move beyond the restrictions of a manual approach to actionable intelligence. Download white paper. Verdigris. Virtual Energy Assessment. WegoWise. Employee Engagement Platform Powered by Behavioral Science.