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Commercial Fitness Equipments

We deliver Australia wide which includes the following states: Victoria (Vic), New South Wales (NSW), Queensland (Qld), Western Australia (WA), South Australia (SA), Tasmania (Tas) and Northern Territory (NT). We also have an in-house design and installation service and our awesome technical staff will ensure your commercial gym equipment is professionally and safely installed.

Commercial Fitness Equipment. Crossfit has revolutionised the fitness industry over the past 5-10 years.

Commercial Fitness Equipment

We have seen the emergence and popularity of many products used in Crossfit® Training such as Battle Ropes, Bumper Plates, Power Sleds and much more. Originally developed in around 2000 in the United States, Crossfit® incorporates a mix or gymnastics, aerobic exercises and weight lifting. It is used extensively by elite athletes, sporting clubs, the Military, Law Enforcement and the general public to improve overall strength and fitness. Crossfit® has exploded all over the world due to not only the incredible results available from this style of training but also that it provides a varied and high intensity training regime. Demand for this style of training soared after the release of the 2007 worldwide smash hit movie 300, in which the cast were put through a gruelling 3-6 month Crossfit® training program, and by the end of it they were in extraordinary shape.

How important is quality? It’s vital! Disclaimer. Weights Benches for sale in Australia. Strength Training Equipment The demand for Strength Training Equipment has increased dramatically over the past few years thanks to the popularity and explosion of Crossfit across the world.

Weights Benches for sale in Australia

Only a few short years ago no one had really heard of things such as Bumper Plates, Crossfit Rigs and Battle Ropes. This has created the opportunity for many suppliers to cash in on the high demand by selling equipment for two to three times what they are actually worth. Our range of strength training equipment is absolute premium grade and we offer genuine wholesale direct prices for our clients so you can spend the money you save on growing your business. We also provide many Strength Training Package options to suit your specific needs and budget. So what is important when buying Strength Training Equipment? Quality! Quality depends on a number of factors. Still not sure? You can call us any time for a chat over the phone or come into our showroom to speak to us in person and check out our gear.

Commercial Cable Machine for Sale in Australia. Cable Machines This category is known by the following names: Cable Machines, Pin Loaded Machines, Functional Fitness Machines and Multi Station Machines.

Commercial Cable Machine for Sale in Australia

This is obviously due to the fact that they use "cables" to transfer the weight stack load to the handles, bars or other attachments for users to grasp duriing their workout. The types of cable machines in this category are: Functional Trainers, Cable Crossovers, Functional Smith Machines, Jungle Gyms and Multi Station Gyms. These machines are similar in style to the single station pin loaded machines as they all use an adjustable weight stack design, where the resistance or weight is adjusted by a selector pin. As with all categories, quality does vary greatly from brand to brand.

Pulleys used should always be mane from high quality aluminium (aluminum in the U.S.). What weight stacks sizes are best? Generally the heavier the stack the better. Pin Loaded Machines Australia. Pin Loaded Gym Equipment Pin Loaded Gym Equipment is also referred to as Single Station Gym Equipment and Selectorised Gym Equipment (selectorized in the U.S.) as the resistance or weight is adjusted via a selector rod or pin that selects the amount of weight to be lifted by the user.

Pin Loaded Machines Australia

Quality varies dramatically from decent quality entry level machines starting around $2,000 to mid-range machines in the $2,000-$3,000 price point and premium grade machines around $3,000 to $4,000. Now prices also vary dramatically between brands but don’t be fooled by this. We have compared the specs and overall build quality of our products. As an example, our mid-range machines has been compared against other brands that are asking over $6,000 a piece when we are charging under $3,000. Which brand is best? There are 6 key pieces of pin loaded gym equipment every gym should have: 1. Commercial Fitness Equipment. Commercial Fitness Equipment. Commercial Fitness Equipment.

Commercial Cardio Equipment This is probably the most confusing of all product ranges to purchase.

Commercial Fitness Equipment

Prices and quality varies dramatically. Every brand claims to be the best but the feedback we receive from our clients, they tells us time and time again that these “leading brands” charge way too much and offer very little in after sales service. They are too busy caring for the large franchises to be bothered with smaller gym chains or owner operators. This is our key market clientele. We have written more in depth information on the main page for each of our cardio categories; Treadmills, Elliptical Crosstrainers, Upright Bikes, Recumbent Bikes, Spin Bikes, Rower and Ergometers. Which brand is best? It really comes down to how much you are comfortable spending. Need more info? Call us any time to have a chat or come into our showroom to speak to us in person and check out our gear. Our Melbourne showroom is located at 622 Waterdale Rd Heidelberg West.

What about finance? Need more info? Commercial Grade Gym Equipment for Sale.