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Customizing WordPress Images with a Plugin: ImageFX Customizing WordPress Images with a Plugin: ImageFX My post about how to customize WordPress images with tricks like greyscale and such got me lots of feedback, so I figured I might as well turn it into a plugin. The ImageFX plugin allows you to customize the image sizes from WordPress or custom ones for your theme, by applying filters to them. The way it works is basically identical to my original post on the topic, only it allows the filters to be defined on a per-image-size level. It also allows the addition of a “slug” to be appended to the image filename, which is useful for cases where you want to have two images at the same size, but with different filters. Since it was easy to do, I went ahead and created several other simple image filters that you can use for your images:
farinspace/wpalchemy - GitHub
Grafikart/WPHP-Framework - GitHub README.md WPHP Framework WPHP Framework est un framework qui permet d'automatiser certaines opérations récurentes de Wordpress 3 comme la création de panneau d'options ou de metadonnées personnalisées. Grafikart/WPHP-Framework - GitHub
scbFramework is a collection of classes and functions that speed up WordPress plugin and theme development. For an example plugin, see https://github.com/scribu/wp-scb-framework-example Classes scbForms - form generatorscbOptions - option handlingscbAdminPage - admin page creationscbBoxesPage - admin page with meta boxesscbPostMetabox - create metaboxes on the post editing pagescbWidget - integration betwee WP_Widget and scbFormsscbCron - Object-oriented wp-cron handlingscbTable - database table creationscbHooks - automatic filter bindingscbUtil - useful functions html()scbLoad - loads all the rest of the classes Loading There are two "official" ways to load the scbFramework files: Home - GitHub Home - GitHub