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QR Code and 2D Code Generator. This page is an online two dimensional code generator which is written in PHP.

QR Code and 2D Code Generator

It can generate QR Code, Data Matrix, Aztec Code and Micro QR Code for the time being. Because QR Code is much more popular than the other code formats, it is separately named in the page title. If you need more information on two dimensional bar code systems, I strongly suggest that you take a look at Roger Smolski‘s comprehensive blog on QR Code and two dimensional bar codes. Also you should check out John Hopkins‘s extensive iPhone QR Code reader roundup. Lastly, if you would like to help a student with his university expenses, you can try Michael Schade‘s QR Business Cards service. Using the form on this page, you can create two dimensional code images that trigger various actions on the scanner device. This page is very popular and because of that, it gets an incredible amount of comment spam.

I am getting many questions about scanning the codes created on this generator. Notes: QRdressCode. MOJI-Q 2.0. 123 QR code generator. Vanity QR Code Generator. PLEASE DOWNLOAD this image instead of using our bandwidth. We do delete all images on the server every now and then ... Also please make sure your QR Code scans by testing it on at least a couple of different QR Code Scanners. Also remember that the environment variables for where you display your QR Code is of importance to whether or not it'll work. Like for instance ligthing conditions, 3G network, etc. Even though we try to as hard as possible to make sure we don't have bugs in our code, or other problems with our products, we, Winergy, Inc., cannot in any ways take responsibility for whether or not this generated QR Code works.

If you need a more powerful QR Code Generator, with support for adding your own images and textures, more flexibility on fonts, size of font, size of QR Codes generated, etc, feel free to contact us about our commercial Vanity QR Code Generator. HOW TO: Make Your QR Codes More Beautiful. Hamilton Chan is CEO and founder of Paperlinks.

HOW TO: Make Your QR Codes More Beautiful

With the free Paperlinks iPhone app, featured previously by Apple as the #1 New & Noteworthy app, consumers can scan and view QR code content with a native app experience. Paperlinks also provides a powerful platform for generating QR codes, hosting content and tracking their performance. The QR code: A thing of beauty or an eyesore? The magical barcodes that can be scanned by a smartphone to launch an offline-to-online experience are often criticized for their black and white checkerbox appearance.

Those who doubt that QR codes will go mainstream are quick to point out that the look of QR codes will deter marketers and advertisers from using them. Fortunately, QR codes are malleable and can be redesigned in truly extraordinary ways, while still maintaining their scanability. 1. The easiest way to add branding power to your code is to add color to it. 2. One of the QR code’s greatest aesthetic flaws is its numerous hard edges. 3. 4.