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Safety Tips for Feeding the Elderly. As people grow older, people may become frail and experience impaired mobility because of acquiring certain diseases or developing certain aging-related conditions, like dementia or arthritis.

Safety Tips for Feeding the Elderly

Because of this, they may have difficulties in doing daily life activities, especially when eating. They need assistance in doing so, to prevent health risk factors. To solve this, we, as a provider of home care in Arizona, offer safety tips in feeding seniors to guide them while eating. Consider the following: Choose appropriate feeding utensils. What You Need To Know: Heat Illness and Seniors. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, individuals aged 65 years or older are at a higher risk for heat-related health problems.

What You Need To Know: Heat Illness and Seniors

Nutrition Tips for Seniors This Summer. Summer has officially started!

Nutrition Tips for Seniors This Summer

While for most of us this means basking in the sun and doing all things summer without special care on what to eat, our senior loved ones would need to stock up on certain foods to truly enjoy the season. As a Home Care in Arizona, we know that summertime brings with it two usual issues for our senior loved ones—dehydration and lack of appetite.

So the challenge for us family members is to encourage fluid intake and prepare healthy and appetizing foods to make sure they are safe from common summer illnesses such as heat stroke, stress caused by heat, high blood pressure, etc. triggered by these issues. How Home Care Helps Seniors Maximize Their Independence. Age-related health decline makes it difficult for seniors to live their lives to the fullest.

How Home Care Helps Seniors Maximize Their Independence

However, this should not hinder them from making the most out of their older years. Know the Limits of Home Care Services. Are you a few steps into deciding to get home care services for your elderly loved one?

Know the Limits of Home Care Services

If you are, we at Comfort Covenant Home Care, LLC are certain that you must have thought long and hard of the consequences and the other possible changes that this will bring your elderly loved one, yourself, and the rest of your family members. Common Senior Problem: Dry Skin. Aging affects every aspect of your senior loved ones’ life—the most noticeable involving their physical appearance, particularly their skin.

Common Senior Problem: Dry Skin

Most of these effects are a natural part of growing older, such as loose facial skin, sunspots, transparent or loosened skin, and dryness, among others. Heart-Friendly Foods for Your Beloved Senior This Valentine’s Day. A common perception when Valentine’s Day rolls around is the idea that it is only for young people in love and that celebrating it may be out of character for the elderly folk.

Heart-Friendly Foods for Your Beloved Senior This Valentine’s Day

We at Comfort Covenant Home Care, LLC would like to remind you that this is just a perception; so don’t let this stop you from going all-out in celebrating with your elderly loved one. Remember, this only comes once every year. So, you’ve decided to make the 14th of February extra special; but you may be wondering what food to prepare, especially if they have a chronic health condition like diabetes, arthritis, or cardiovascular disease that has specific dietary requirements. Home Care Provider. In-Home Care Services. Factors Affecting the Impaired Food Intake of the Elderly. Having elderly members in the family means being familiar with their unique challenges and varying needs from day-to-day.

Factors Affecting the Impaired Food Intake of the Elderly

One of these is the difficulty associated with eating or what is technically called an impaired food intake. Years of experience as a home care in Arizona has taught us that care should go beyond treating the symptoms or the physical manifestations of the illness; instead, care should begin from the inside. In its most basic sense, this means eating well. Home Care Agency in Phoenix, Arizona. Make the right choice by trusting the right people.

Home Care Agency in Phoenix, Arizona

Our Mission Statement Comfort Covenant Home Care, LLC is dedicated to providing cost-effective, exceptional, family-focused care for the medically complex client. Our goal is to help the clients with their day-to-day activities and minimize the impact of the client’s condition on the family while also respecting the role family members play in the care of the patient. Our company is co-owned and operated by a Registered Nurse. We specialize in matching the right caregiver with the right client in order to provide the best possible care. The Emotional Effects of Dementia (Part 2)

There is more than enough data to suggest that your emotional health plays a role in your physical well-being.

The Emotional Effects of Dementia (Part 2)

Studies show that exam-related stress and the stress that comes from the workplace can make one susceptible to viral infections and cardiovascular diseases, respectively. Our years of experience as a home care agency in Phoenix, Arizona has taught us that in order to help our patients achieve optimum health, we must ensure that their emotional health is also given priority. This is especially important for dementia patients, as their experience is one that involves grave restrictions on both their physical and emotional well-being. As a home care in Arizona, we believe the first steps should begin with recognizing its effects on their emotional health. Listed below are two of the four most common emotional changes brought about by the disorder: Anxiety and Clinging Anxiety may be a common reaction to new surroundings for most people. The Emotional Effects of Dementia (Part 1)

Dementia refers to a group of symptoms associated with the deterioration of retrieval and formation of memory and/or other thinking skills severe enough to reduce a patient’s ability to perform activities of daily living (ADL). Among its most common causes are injuries to the brain—whether through a disease or a physical damage—a progressive brain cell death, among others. Its portrayal on most forms on media is that of person, usually a senior, experiencing decline through the loss of several cognitive functions. Skin Care Nutrition for Seniors. We know that the food we eat affects our health but it’s not always clear to us how and to what extent. Take our skin, for example; a few of us know that the food we eat can affect its optimal health and appearance. What we do know is that our skin’s continuous exposure to internal and external influences, such as the sun, free radicals, allergens, and hormones, may contribute to its outward appearance so that one’s skin may look dull and uneven or bright and smooth depending on its health.

Home Care in Arizona.