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Noise automotive. 100 Cool Ideas! PVC PIPES! Making PVC Snap Clips to hold shade cloth on PVC frame. Make $15 Beach Shade tent Easy Quick DIY. Mechanism. CNC. How To Create A 3D Paper Cut Light Box. Inspired by the artists Hari & Deepti and their beautiful artwork I decided to create a 3D paper cut light box.

How To Create A 3D Paper Cut Light Box

It can be used as a wonderful home decor, or a unique birthday or wedding gift. You can mount it on a wall, or place it on a desk and enjoy its charming beauty. Basically, this light box consists of paper cut outs layered on each other in a box with a glass panel. LED lights are placed behind all the layers, which makes each layer glow, giving this 3D look. In this video I’ll show you how I made this light box step by step, and also I’ll give you some tips that will help you achieve the desired effect. Here are the materials I used: Types of tools I used: *Please note: These are affiliate links. Untitled. Pinterest. Untitled. Google Image Result for. View more.

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Jardim Vertical - Veja Mais de 50 Modelos Com Fotos e Vídeos Passo a Passo. Plywood Tool Chest Plans. Decoraciones Manualidades En Madera: Como Hacer Una Sierra Circular De Madera. Como Hacer Una Sierra Circular De Madera Muy buenos dias, bienvenidos a una nueva entrada de madera fina, el dia de hoy haremos una mesa circular de madera, hace poco hice un video, este seria el complemento de las acciones que no dije en este video, ya que el blog servira de soporte para este, de este modo aqui podran preguntar mas acerca del video, medidas, madera y mas, bueno empecemos.

Decoraciones Manualidades En Madera: Como Hacer Una Sierra Circular De Madera

Spinning wheel plan. Today, fabric is part of everyday life, and because it's available and has affordable price, we don't pay special attention to fabric's origin.

Spinning wheel plan

That is due to well developed industry that has moved production of fibers and fabrics from the homes of people to the factories where production was done by machines. However, throughout whole human history, up to 200 years ago, spinning and weaving was women's responsibilities in every family and it took whole day, because that was the only way to provide clothing for family members. It was entirely handmade.


Portas Rapidas. Bathroom. Cardboard and Duct Tape Solar Oven: 5 Steps (with Pictures) This instructable is about a solar oven I made out of an old picture frame, two cardboard boxes, some duct tape, aluminum foil, white glue and crumpled newspaper.

Cardboard and Duct Tape Solar Oven: 5 Steps (with Pictures)

You will need to find a picture frame. I used regular glass but tempered glass would be better as it gets very hot and could shatter if you spilled cold water on it. I think I used about a 12 x 14 frame, not sure as it was a few years ago. What ever size glass you find will decide the size of the inner box and the outter box should be 2-3 inches larger. You need to cut a hole in the larger box to fit the inside box then crumple up some newspaper and pack between them. Aviary Bird Shower (with Pictures) 1.Make holes in the bucket lid.

Aviary Bird Shower (with Pictures)

You need one round hole off to one side just big enough to push the shower pipe through. Make it a tight fit. You also need holes across the surface of the lid to let all of the water flow back into the bucket. I started out with a ring of holes in the center of the lid, When I had completed the shower and was able to turn the water pump on, I added more holes randomly across the lid until all of the water coming out of the shower nozzle was draining back down into the bucket. 2.To make the shower pipe: Screw the PVC F/F elbow onto one end of the 1 x 15mm x 300mm PVC straight pipe.

Aquarium Water Auto Refill: 3 Steps. Arduino code is very simple.

Aquarium Water Auto Refill: 3 Steps

Check the water level every ~12 hour, and if water level low, the pump fill, until required water level reached. Then stop measuring for the next ~12 hour. This little device run over a month with my 30L aquarium and it works perfectly. Purifying Water During Natural Disasters: 4 Steps (with Pictures) The design idea is to create an environmentally, socially, and financially sustainable solution to providing clean and drinkable water during a natural disaster.

Purifying Water During Natural Disasters: 4 Steps (with Pictures)

"El Huaico" is a solar evaporator currently designed to help the rural population affected by El Niño Phenomen 2017 in Peru. It has the flexibility to be used with any container, is durable, easy-to-use and maintain. It consists of easy to assemble modules: plastic bottles, cardboard boxes, flexible tubes, strings, electric copper wires. Its design allows solar evaporation of dirty/raw water and condensation of clean/distilled water, stored in plastic bottles filled with copper wires. Cómo Elaborar un Filtro de Agua Casero. Filtragem da água. DIY. DIY Water Treatment Train: 5 Steps (with Pictures) This is a modified slow sand filter for filtration and active adsorption of heavy metals and nutrients.

DIY Water Treatment Train: 5 Steps (with Pictures)

Projects for the Young Mechanic: Over 250 Classic Instructions & Plans - Popular Mechanics Co. - Google Livros.