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Aral Sagar: Which Was One of The Largest Lakes Is Now Dried. Aral Sagar also known as the sea of islands is situated between Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.

Aral Sagar: Which Was One of The Largest Lakes Is Now Dried

Its surface area was 67 thousand square km, which gradually kept on declining. It is a natural lake and once it was the fourth largest salt water lake worldwide. Because of several reasons and changes the lake started shrinking. In the beginning of 21st century the lake was parted into two parts and two small lakes were formed out of that partition. The name of the seas were the Amu Darya and Syr Darya. Main reason for its declining was that the people started using sea for the agricultural purposes. Aral Sea Effects: Steps That Can Be Taken For Controlling The Loss Changing the system of water supply in agriculture use.Growing such plants which will lead to desalinization, for controlling salt and mineral content in lake.

As per the latest reports National aeronautics and space administration (NASA) has declared that lake has become completely dry. 600 years old lake has become dry now! How To Train For A Triathlon ? Comedy College. Before telling about the training, we should know what triathlon is.

How To Train For A Triathlon ? Comedy College

Triathlon is a trio of three endurance races. It includes running, swimming, and cycling. This is basically done to check how persisted you are. It is an individualized sport. Why Elephant Apple Curry Is The Most Preferred North Eastern Cuisine ? The elephant plant which in India is called Chalta/ Chulta/Ma-tad/Simpor/Chipoh/Tipor is mainly found in semi-tropical woodlands of the Himalayas from Meghalaya to Nepal.

Why Elephant Apple Curry Is The Most Preferred North Eastern Cuisine ?

Its constitutional origin is India. What Is The Reason For Calling This Fruit As Elephant Apple Fruit ? The fruit is named Elephant apple because it is one of the desired fruits of wild elephants. Elephants relish having this fruit. Why Unprecedented Word Becomes The Most Searched Word In Google ? Many of us search the meaning of unknown words in google.

Why Unprecedented Word Becomes The Most Searched Word In Google ?

One of the most searched words in Google is unprecedented. People search the meaning of this word, what does it mean, how and where to use it in sentences. Unprecedented is an adjective which means an activity or a thing that never happened before or which was unknown. The word is used to tell something unexpected. Words similar to unprecedented are unrivaled, uncommon, unknown, unusual, and so on. example- the outbreak of pandemic was unprecedented.This word is the antonym of precedent, precedent means an act that has happened before and regarded as an example for the future lesson. Ratneshwar Mahadev Temple - The 9° Leaning Temple of India.

Introduction We all know about the Pisa Tower which is also called a leaning tower but nobody knows much about Ratneshwar Mahadev Temple which is also known as the Leaning temple of Varanasi.

Ratneshwar Mahadev Temple - The 9° Leaning Temple of India

Matri-rin Mahadev or Ratneshwar Mahadev temple is one of the most eye-catching temples of India. The temple is located in the city of God- Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, the temple is erected in Manikarnika Ghat. The temple is architected on a very low coast of Ganga. The water sometimes reaches the Shikhara part of the temple. In case you do not know about the Pisa tower. Lesser Known Facts About Meghalaya Root Bridge. Meghalaya Root Bridge is a swaying bridge that is made out of living plant roots.

Lesser Known Facts About Meghalaya Root Bridge

The bridge is made by the method of tree shaping. Tree shaping is the method by which living plants are formed into creative structures. The total length of this bridge is around 50 meters and its width is approx. 2 meters. The bridge is settled in West Jaintia Hills district and East Khasi Hills district. Simple & Winning 5 Minutes Hair Styles - Without Any Damage To Hair.

Our generation is one of those generations who are very particular about their styles.

Simple & Winning 5 Minutes Hair Styles - Without Any Damage To Hair

Not only girls even boys also want to present themselves well. As butter is necessary for bread similarly with fashionable attire it is necessary to carry a good hairstyle. A hairstyle is one of those styles in which people get the most confused. here you will get to know some basic and catchy hairstyles which will fit in every event. Gobi Mangolian Desert in Mongolia: A Desert for Transformational Healing. The Gobi Mangolian Desert is a semi-arid desert , not only Knownfor dinosaur species but is also well off for various natural resources.

Gobi Mangolian Desert in Mongolia: A Desert for Transformational Healing

The Gobi Mangolian Desert is rich in gold, coal, and copper deposits. One of them is Known as You Togo which The Gobi Mangolian Desert in Mongolia is a semi-arid desert , not only Knownfor dinosaur species but is also well off for various natural resources. The Gobi Mangolian Desert is rich in gold, coal, and copper deposits. Do You Know About Mawlynnong - The Cleanest Village In India. Mawlynnong is not only The Cleanest Village In India but is also declared as the Asia’s cleanest village.

Do You Know About Mawlynnong - The Cleanest Village In India

The village is covered with lots of greenery that’s why it is also known as God of Gardens. Comical Language Learning : A Language Which Creates No Barriers. Introduction Comics are volcanic eruption because they are blend with Beautiful story with cinematic images, dialogue; it’s a mixture of both novels and movies, it is Comical Language Learning.

Comical Language Learning : A Language Which Creates No Barriers

Remember this when considering stories—you required something with big, nice pictures and Graphics as well as a fair amount of conversation and dialogue. Keeping The Story Visuals : A conversation taking place in one place wouldn’t work well since you won’t have many fresh scene changes. A character musing to them might work, especially if the background reflects their Dynamics thoughts.Streamlining The Stories : More characters, locations, and action are great, but it significantly increases the workload on the Designer. The best comics tell their stories quickly and efficiently, using both dialogue and visual cues to keep things moving.An Artistic Style : Great comic books have designs that fit seamlessly with the tone of the writing, for example the comic Panchatantra.

Comic Language Learning. Top 10 Spectacular & Rare Facts about India. India is known for its vast population and varied heritage. There are more than 20 official languages used in India. People call it an Incredible India due to its wide variety of cultures, religions, traditions, food, history, and geographical conditions. In this article, you are going to know about the 10 Rare Facts of India that you may not have heard before. 1. How Bamboo Bottles Are More Sustainable Than The Plastic Ones ? Increasing the earth’s temperature has led to climate change, escalating the presence of global warming.

The best way to tackle this out is to find sustainable alternatives for the amount of plastic in your life. You need to ask a question on how to avoid plastic and think of an environmentally friendly future. In the plastic-filled world, it is a challenging task to avoid and go for alternatives. But as there is a saying,” When there is a will there’s a Way.” We can make use of Bamboo Bottles as an alternative to getting rid of Plastic Bottles and other packaging in any form. 6 Charming & Cute Baby Boy Fashion Accessories. You have received the most magnificent gift from God of holding your baby in your arms after becoming a mother. Now, you have your favorite pastime of searching for some amazing and outstanding kids’ clothing and accessories online.

Kids outgrow their clothing in a very short span. Fortunately, few accessories can be used for the babies for some months or more. If you are a new mom, and keen to know about some cute Baby Boy Fashion Accessories, you are at the right place for the lookout. Image: Codervn. Cool Upcoming Gadgets In India Everyone Needs To Vouch For. Hello! Gadget Lovers. How are you all coping up with the lockdown? Digital space and digital gadgets are two of the most preferred things amid this Corona lockdown.

Particularly the gadget lovers can relate to this. Top 6 Expensive Pens in the World. Although technology has overpowered the world of posting letters, you still have a love for pens while writing your diary at night or sending a greeting card with a personalized note. Generally, students use pens that are easily available in the market and cheap. But, for gaining some fun facts about the most expensive pens in the world, you will be amazed to know their prices and make. These luxury pens are not meant for regular use. These are preferred by the luxury goods fans and some elite class pen collectors.

Recharge Your Mood With These WhatsApp Funny Chats And Messages. 5 Bollywood Movies Which Could Not Release On Time Due to Pandemic. Sushant Singh Rajput’s Death News Shook The Nation. The ‘Kedarnath’ actor Sushant Singh Rajput Committed Suicide at his sixth-floor Bandra (west) apartment on 14th June 2020. Benefits of Influencer Marketing Services. What Are The Goals of The Influencer Marketing ? ComedyCollege. Why should you think about Influencer Marketing ? How To Decorate Your Home Without Spending Much ? What To Expect From COVID-19 Lockdown Exit Plan In India ? What Are The 5 Effective Weight Loss Exercises ? ComedyCollege. Exercise is essential for your overall health.

Everything You Want To Know About Paatal Lok Web Series Controversy. The COVID-19 crisis had made several Bollywood actors, producers, and filmmakers explore online streaming platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc. With crores of money spent on production, filmmakers are open to such platforms as far the lockdown is concerned. OTT platforms are winning it big time over multiplexes. How To Keep Kids Entertained While Work From Home ? ComedyCollege. If you ever tried to Keep Kids Entertained While Work From Home, you must have known that it is a challenging task to juggle work and children both while staying at home.

The spread of coronavirus has kept all schools closed. 6th June Meeting Results Regarding India China Meet on Border Issues. New Zealand Prime Minister Declared New Zealand Corona Free. Reports on Disha Salian Allegedly Committed Suicide. IPhone 12 Expected Launch Date Rumors. Useful Tips To Improve Cardiovascular Fitness. A Complete Guide for Homemade Baby Food. Is Ashwagandha can help To fight COVID-19 ? ComedyCollege. 5 Best Fat Burning Foods For A Healthy Lifestyle. How To Keep Children Healthy During The Covid-19 Outbreak ? Details of Rs 20 Lakhs Crore Relief Package. Should You Pay Off Debt Or Save For Retirement ? ComedyCollege. The Risks of Overtraining That You Should Know. How To Workout With A Friend Long-Distance ? ComedyCollege. Tips On How to Find Your Signature Style. How To Stay Fit And Healthy During The COVID-19 Pandemic ?

Travel And Visa Restrictions In India Under COVID-19. Effective 7 Tips To Boost Your Immunity. Subrogation : What It is and What to Expect ? ComedyCollege. Atma Nirbhar Fighter TEDBF Cleared For Development. Pilate Exercises to Get Rid of Lower Back Pain. Is It Safe to Go Back To Gym after COVID-19 ? ComedyCollege. Guid For Fitness Workouts Or Exercise for Beginners. Check Out Some Apartment Friendly Workouts. The Pros and Cons of Availing Online Fitness Training Programs. Tips for Picking Up a Great Online Coach for Powerlifting. Foods to Avoid From Gaining Weight.

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