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Introduction To Retainer Services - Web Design Retainer. SEO Maintenance Retainer - An Introduction To SEO Retainer. Why Should Small Businesses Take Website Maintenance Seriously? Web Design Retainer | Monthly Retainer Packages and Services USA. Graphic Design Retainer Packages | Monthly Graphic Design Packages. Monthly SEO Packages | SEO Maintenance Retainer Packages USA. Monthly Website Maintenance Services | Website Maintenance Packages. 5 Ways Website Designs Are Getting In The Way Of SEO. Sankar July 18, 2017 Updated : July 20, 2017 Home Recent Blog Posts, Web Design Services Humans are judgmental by nature. We judge people by their hairstyle, their dressing, and even their knowledge of the Friends trivia. Whatever it is, you name it and people are judging you based on it.

The fact that potential clients will judge your business based on your website design is the main reason we address our clients on the importance of having fantastic web designs. Similarly, even search engines make assumptions about your business based on their first impression of your website. So, bad web designs equals to a bad search engine ranking. SEO is not only about optimizing your website with keywords but, it is also about providing users with a good experience. Page speed People must understand that if a website is heavier, it will be difficult to be indexed by search engine crawlers. According to Google, a good page load speed is somewhere between 1-2 seconds. What can be done? Wrapping up. Possum Update : Has It Affected Your Local SEO? - ColorWhistle.

Possum Update : Has It Affected Your Local SEO? Anjana August 1, 2017 Updated : August 1, 2017 Digital Marketing, Home Recent Blog Posts SEO specialists know that things can change instantly, and dominant ranking today can mean nothing tomorrow. It’s becoming hard to control organic search ranking with all the Google updates: Pandas, Penguin, Pigeon, and Hummingbird. Another massive local algorithm change was made in 2016 to the Google animal kingdom known as Possum update. What is Possum update? Many business owners thought their “My business listings” have disappeared, but, it hasn’t. Why was Possum update introduced? In a nutshell, the update appears to Provide importance to the physical location of the searcherGive accurate variations between keywords to display different results on SERPsAmplify gap between local and organic filtersFilter local results that have the same address Unlike the other updates, Possum only affects the local search results.

What is Google ‘3-pack’? They found that. How To get Your web page In the Google Featured Snippet Search Box? How To Get Your Web Page In The Google Featured Snippet Search Box? Anjana July 25, 2017 Updated : August 1, 2017 Home Recent Blog Posts Since 2015, digital marketers are trying to find an answer for this question: “How to rank in position ‘0’? Position #0? But, Position #1 has been my holy grail for many years! Now before you trip out, let me explain. Technically, the top ranking spot of SERP is the first search result that appears in the list.

There is something that appears even before the top result called the featured snippet. Google tries to understand a user’s intention when displaying results for their query. Since its introduction in 2015, the queries that result in a featured snippet have been increasing dramatically. Question-related queries (who, what, when, where, why, and how).Implied question queries, where Google tries to understand the user’s search even it doesn’t have a direct question.

Common featured snippet formats How to optimize content for the featured snippet box? How to select a vendor for website design outsourcing? How to select a vendor for website design outsourcing? Sankar March 13, 2017 Updated : July 4, 2017 Web Design Services A ColorWhistle Quick Read Whether you are a new business looking to create an online presence or an established looking to revamp your online presence, the big question is: How to select a vendor for website design outsourcing? We have already seen why outsourcing website design is the best option for small businesses: Saves moneyAllows you to focus on your core businessEnsures your website does the work for youEnsures active digital marketing happens You have the option to hire a startup, or hire a freelancer or enlist the services a full-service web design agency with years of experience behind them.

But how to decide which is the best option for you? 1. 2. 3. Whichever vendor you choose to go with, it is best to remember that the vendor of your choice must fully understand your business and be able to design a solution that best suits you. About the Author Sankar Outsourcing. SEO trends in 2017 driven by Top 3 Factors. SEO trends in 2017 driven by Top 3 Factors Sankar January 9, 2017 Updated : July 4, 2017 Featured Post, Web Development Services The SEO trends that we can expect to see in 2017 are being driven by factors like Responsive website development, mobile-first development, and the way search algorithms are evolving It feels like only yesterday we were looking at how the SEO landscape would change in the year 2016.

Suddenly we are in the New Year and looking for new strategies to implement in the arena. How we determine strategy and budget will depend largely on how much we understand the SEO trends that we can see in 2017. Driving forces Search Intent One of the major events in search engines has been the adoption of what is known as semantic searches. The search intent has become critical to the search results.

Responsive, mobile-first websites The other driving force is the need for responsive websites. Technology changes Top SEO trends for 2017 User Intent Optimization User Experience Optimization. Comparing OpenCart vs WooCommerce vs Magento. Sankar April 25, 2016 Updated : July 4, 2017 Web Development Services Creating an ecommerce store is a fantastic option for anyone who is looking to start making more money online. This is the perfect business model and one that is probably much more within your reach than you realize!

Think you need to be a massive retail outlet to make money from ecommerce? Think again! Add a store to a website and you can make a few extra dollars in the evenings buying things you bought in bulk, or even selling your arts and crafts! If you already have a small store on the high street meanwhile, adding ecommerce to your website will give you the means to reach a much larger audience and to reduce your overheads at the same time. With the right ecommerce platform + plugins, you can even synchronise your stock across both your online and physical shops! All you need to do is create that store, which means selecting the right platform first and foremost… For Tech Savvy Individuals Why? For Large Corporations. A Guide to Responsive Website Design | ColorWhistle.

A Guide to Responsive Website Development – From the Planning Stage to the Finished Product Sankar December 17, 2014 Updated : July 7, 2017 Blogging, Web Design Services Introduction If you’ve been reading around the subject of responsive web design and development, then you will have most likely encountered the term ‘responsive design’. But what does this mean? Simply put, responsive web design means that a website has been built in such a way that the design and shape will change in order to accommodate different screen sizes and resolutions. Thus a website should look good whether you’re viewing it on a tiny smartphone or a massive 4K television set.

Consider this post is a guide to responsive website design. Skills Required So what are the skills required to develop a responsive website? In this blog, we will use CSS media queries to convert the website to a responsive one. Basic Media Screen Properties Screen Widths This site here provides more clarity on the standard device screens. Website Development vs Web Application Development. Website Development vs Web Application Development – How They Differ Sankar July 4, 2015 Updated : July 3, 2017 Web Development Services The term ‘website’ is actually quite a broad one and can describe a great number of different things.

A website can be a personal blog for instance with regular posts about what you did over the weekend. Likewise though, a website can be a large news site with thousands of articles about breaking news, politics and culture. But furthermore, a website can also be a tool. For instance: Evernote is a website. A more useful term to describe this kind of ‘website’ then is ‘web application’. What is a Web Application? A web application can be loosely defined as a piece of software that runs in a browser. Web applications do also have downsides though – for instance they can be vulnerable to hacking unless they take precautions. Web applications can be used for a huge variety of different purposes. The Process of Creating a Web Application What is PHP?

How to Make Money From White Label Services. Sankar February 12, 2015 Updated : March 7, 2016 Web Design Services Browsing the web, it’s not uncommon to come across adverts telling you how you can ‘make $XXX a day by clicking a few ads’ or some such. Don’t click them, they’re scams and they normally involve buying an e-book that requires a small loan to afford. As a general rule, in order to be savvy regarding scams, you need to take a cynical approach and remember that if something sounds too good be true… it probably isn’t true.

In order to make money online you either need to work hard, or you need to work smart. What is SEO and Web Design Outsourcing? The word outsourcing effectively means getting someone else to do your work for you. But of course this type of outsourcing doesn’t save you money. The answer is simple: if you find a client who is willing to pay X amount for their web design, you can then outsource those web design services to someone else who charges less than that amount. How to Get Started Step One: Advertise. PSD to WordPress(WP),HTML Conversion and Theme Integration Services. PSD to WordPress(WP),HTML Conversion and Theme Integration Sankar February 15, 2017 Updated : July 4, 2017 Featured Post, Web Design Services As long as software like Photoshop remain the preferred graphics editor for most designers, PSD to WordPress conversion and theme integration remains a necessary step for the website design process.

What are the alternatives to PSD to WordPress conversion that allow a designer’s creativity to blend seamlessly with a developer’s technical expertise? Before we try to find the answer to the question, we need to start with another question. This question provides the framework for understanding the reason why we need PSD to WordPress Theme conversion in the first place. What is the difference between a web designer and a web developer?

A lot of people don’t see designers and developers as separate. A web designer is typically someone who works with the design aspects of a website. The look that they create has to then be made part of the coding. 1. 2. 3. The best of Swiss Web Design and Web Design Trends Switzerland. Global Web Design Round-Up Series Part One: The Best of Swiss Web Design Sankar November 11, 2015 Updated : July 4, 2017 Digital Marketing, Web Design Services The Swiss are known for many things: watches, bank accounts, knives, cheese, chocolate… and political neutrality. But of course there’s more to this beautiful country than just those things! And as it happens, the Swiss have been busy making quite a mark on the web with some truly beautiful websites.

This article is the first in a series where we’ll be looking at stunning wordpress website designs from around the world to see what makes web design different in each country and what’s consistent around the globe. The Selection – The Best of Swiss Web Design So how did we find this selection? The result is a massive list that you can scroll through at your leisure. 1. Information is not particularly forthcoming on this blog, which might be seen as something of an internet marketing faux pas. 2. 3. 4. 6.

Conclusion. Facebook Usage and Advertising Statistics 2017 that you need to know. Facebook Usage and Advertising Statistics 2017 Sankar March 6, 2017 Updated : July 5, 2017 Digital Marketing Last week, I wrote about how digital marketing works. Social media plays a big role in digital marketing. Of all the social media tools, Facebook has the largest number of active users – 1.86 billion monthly. Facebook has been the number one social media website for several years running. In this post I will share some Facebook statistics and what they mean for your business. But before we plunge into the statistics, here is a bit of background on Facebook. Facebook History Facebook’s phenomenal success comes because it taps into the fundamental aspects of how people socialize – we tend to share information with our friends, family and colleagues.

Plus, its basic service is free. This post will share some of the latest statistics about Facebook usage and its advertising. These statistics will definitely add value to your digital marketing and social media marketing plan for 2017. Choosing a PHP Framework for Your Web Application. Laravel vs CodeIgniter vs Symfony – Choosing a PHP Framework for Your Web App Sankar November 17, 2015 Updated : July 4, 2017 Featured Post, PHP Open Source, Web Development Services Something that a lot of businesses and even internet marketers neglect to consider when coming up with their business strategy is the potential benefit of creating a web app.

A web app can be an amazing business model all on its own assuming it provides a useful service that people are willing to pay for. Alternatively though, it can also be a great tool to enhance your service, or even to improve your workflow as an in-house ‘force multiplier’. Web apps have clear value and there is a ton of untapped potential here but the problem is that they’re also complicated to create. Introducing: PHP Frameworks This is where PHP Frameworks come in. On its own, PHP is complex and it would take a long time to build anything from scratch. The Frameworks Symfony PHP Framework Development Lavarel PHP Framework Development. What is Content Aggregation? How to create curated content? What is Content Aggregation? Sankar December 8, 2015 Updated : July 4, 2017 Digital Marketing What is Content Aggregation? And Why It’s Important for Digital Marketing Content Aggregation is another aspect of content marketing that presents some interesting opportunities for business owners.

Whether you’re looking for opportunities to reach a new, larger audience, or you want a new type of content to provide for your own visitors; content aggregation may be the answer. What is Aggregate Content? Essentially, aggregate content is content that has been gathered and curated either by the community, or by editors of the site. Either way, content aggregation provides readers with a single place to discover websites, articles, blogs and videos that have been hand chosen for them. The Best Content Aggregators So when it comes to content aggregation, what are the top sites to gun for? Alltop has a page rank of six and offers do-follow links. Reddit Digg BizSugar How to make a business plan for Web Development startup? How to Make a Business Plan for a Website Development Startup Sankar December 17, 2014 Updated : July 4, 2017 Web Development Services The web provides countless opportunities for start-ups and entrepreneurs who want to set out on their own and start making money.

The great thing about working online is that it means you can work wherever you want to, at a time-frame that suits you. Many ‘digital nomads’ will even work online while travelling the world! Or perhaps you just want to have the satisfaction of running your own business and being financially independent. Or maybe you just think it’s your best option for turning over a good amount of money. Either way, one of the most popular ways to earn a living online is with a web design company. If you want to stand out and be noticed and if you want to succeed, you need to have the right business strategy.

Setting Up First of all you are going to need a great website that will stand out from the crowd and really show off your business. 10 Best Web design blogs to follow in 2017. Top Inspirations of Digital Marketing Strategies from Neil Patel's life. How Will Virtual Reality Impact the Web? Graphic Design trends in 2017 | Web, Mobile App and UI Trends. 8 Must-Have Functionalities For A Charter Schools Website. Facebook Usage and Advertising Statistics 2017 that you need to know. Guide to Digital Marketing Techniques 2017. How to select a vendor for website design outsourcing? General Website Design Statistics | Website Design Inforgraphics.

Top 12 Website Design Agencies/Companies in Singapore. PSD to WordPress Conversion and Theme Integration Services - PSD vs Best Alternatives. Top Web Design Agencies in Ohio, USA - ColorWhistle. WordPress Responsive Theme Development with Bootstrap. AMP Development for SEO benefits and Google Friendly. Importance of White Label Website Development - Outsource White Label.

Introduction to Magento Website Development, Installation and Modules. Why to and How to add videos to your WordPress site. How to add audio clips or mp3 files in WordPress domain/website. WordPress (WP) Theme Development and Integration Service Company.