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Bookbinding DIY

DIY Gold Leaf Notepads. Lately we’ve been following a new craze popping up around the web.

DIY Gold Leaf Notepads

Gold leaf, historically used as an art medium, has now turned into one of the trendiest decor accessories this year. We’ve seen it on picture frames, furniture, fingernails, and jewelry, and once we saw Eat Sleep Cuddle use it for handmade notebooks we knew we had to give it a shot. Tutorial aging paper by ~Joshua-Mozes on deviantART. Genius-or-stupid-11.jpg (500×1561) Paint chip calendar. A few weeks ago, I saw this paint chip calendar on my friend David’s blog Cheltenham Road and knew I had to make one!

paint chip calendar

It combines two things that I love…stylishness and organization. And the fact that it utilizes paint chips? Craftside: Don't be a "Square" try a Triangle folded book from Creating Books & Boxes. As promised-here is a wonderful "how-to" for the Triangle Accordion Book I shared with you in yesterday's post.

Craftside: Don't be a "Square" try a Triangle folded book from Creating Books & Boxes

It's from Quarry's: Creating Books & Boxes:Fun and Unique Approaches to Handmade StructuresByBenjamin D. Rinehart. Nature-Inspired Paper Projects. 25 DIY Interior Decorating Ideas To Use Maps. Home design DIY Kids Weddings Fashion and Style FOOD Cool stuff 25 DIY Interior Decorating Ideas To Use Maps.

25 DIY Interior Decorating Ideas To Use Maps

Mobile #001 Balloon « PaperMatrix. Anna has designed and made the pattern for these cute small hot air balloons.

Mobile #001 Balloon « PaperMatrix

Make a mobile and watch them fly and turn perpetually. For each balloon cut two sheets in the colours you prefer. All strips are joined already and you only need to weave as described for Sphere #001. The making of an origami Koi in stop motion. DIY Cupid's Arrow Cupcake + Treat Bag Toppers. Hello sweets!

DIY Cupid's Arrow Cupcake + Treat Bag Toppers

Back in November (during the madness of the holidays) Fossil got in touch and asked if I would like to create a Valentine DIY project to share on their site. I love Fossil, so my answer was a quick “yes.” I ended up dreaming up a sweet little set that is perfect for a Valentine’s Day party for both kids or adults, or just for one special someone: Cupid’s Arrow Cupcake Toppers and Cupcake Bands (see how the cupcakes look like they’ve been shot by Cupid’s arrow!). Paint chip bookmarks. Bokmärken – Craft of the Day, bookmarks. Bow tie paper clips from fabric scraps. I had a couple little scraps left over from stiffened fabric projects, and after fiddling with them, I noticed they'd easily make tiny bows.

Bow tie paper clips from fabric scraps

Which I attached to paper clips because... I don't know why. These could work as bookmarks, on wedding invitations, Valentines, etc. DIY Fri: Map Card and Envelope. This two-piece stationary set is the perfect kitschy DIY project for the end of summer.

DIY Fri: Map Card and Envelope

You can make this for someone going on an out of town excursion, for your own travels, or to give with a present. I made a couple just 'cause they're cute! Carambola Flowers by Carmen Sprung. If you’ve been following me on Flickr for a while, you’ve probably seen this picture of Carambola Flowers before – I folded them ages ago!

Carambola Flowers by Carmen Sprung

But since my Pro account is going to expire in a few days time (and I don’t feel like upgrading it again), a lot of my old photos won’t be displayed anymore. So I decided it would be a good idea to share the very best of them on my blog! These absolutely beautiful origami flowers were designed by Carmen Sprung and I just love them! How to make boxes from paint swatches. If you've got paint chips sitting around begging to be made into something, try folding them into boxes for paperclips, thumbtacks, party favor candies, or tiny gifts.

How to make boxes from paint swatches

I made these from Behr swatches, available at Home Depot. You'll need paint swatches, double-stick tape, an X-acto knife, ruler, and cutting mat. For the box bottom, cut a 1/2" strip off each of the two rounded ends of the swatch.