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Collmissionstats provides admission and consulting services to admit a student in top colleges and universities in USA.

What Every MBA Candidate Should Know Before Applying. How to Explain a Bad Grade or Low GMAT Score? To err is human!

How to Explain a Bad Grade or Low GMAT Score?

It is a widely-acknowledged fact that humans make mistakes. Many times, despite all our hard work, we end up not performing as per the expectations. However, this does not mean that we are less capable than others. This holds even more significance when we appear examinations and end up with low scores. And we need to learn and accept them. No college in the world expects its applicants to be picture perfect. As an applicant, you should remember that the admission officers look at the whole profile of the applicant. How do we know this? Through the following ways, you can cover up for your low grade or less GMAT scores: Take Certified Assistance: In case your quantitative score from the GMAT and transcript is low, join special classes for calculus and statistics and try to perform well in those classes.

Similarly, if your verbal scores are low, then join written and spoken communication class. How to Explain a Bad Grade or Low GMAT Score? Study in the States – Why Pursue the Master’s D... - Your College Admission Advisor - Quora. Scholars planning to study in the states, and pursue a master’s degree should prepare early, plan accordingly and complete all the application requirements.

Study in the States – Why Pursue the Master’s D... - Your College Admission Advisor - Quora

Students wonder about the best institutions, or seek for the best universities from where they could pursue their masters. A few business oriented institutions come up with their deceiving advertisements and play a major role in misleading students. Us master progrm. ACT and SAT TEST Deadlines. Women Scholarship. Mistakes Made by MBA Applicants in B-School Application. New SAT vs ACT. Ph.D in India Vs Ph.D in US – An Over Look. Complete Information about Indian School of Business (ISB) Admission Process. Why Students Get Rejected During Their U.S Visa Interview - 5 Reasons. Lack of Honesty The interview might want to know- if you have ever visited abroad. if you have travelled outside India and visited united states then you can confirm the interviewer about the same.

Why Students Get Rejected During Their U.S Visa Interview - 5 Reasons

But if you have never travelled abroad, then you can say "no" straightaway. You should be truthful in your answer, as they will verify it from their sources. Remember, if they find anything fishy, then there can your chances of getting the U.S student visa will fade away. Inability to Provide Convincing Reasons. Difference Between Graduate School and Undergraduate School.

Many students who are applying for doctoral programs make some notions about the graduate schools.

Difference Between Graduate School and Undergraduate School

Graduate schools that offer doctoral degree are profoundly different from the undergraduate schools. Understanding the difference between a graduate and an undergraduate school is crucial, but is hardly discussed. Undergraduate schools treat you like a customer. They charge you, your parents and other third parties for their services, like attending their school, cost of attendance etc. they are business oriented. All they want is your money, and it does not matter how dull or bright student you are. However, such schools have retention departments to keep the undergraduates enrolled in the school, so that they can keep charging money on a regular basis. Best Consultant for Admission in Universities US : Masters or Ph.D.? - The Confusion.

The confusion to choose in between a Masters and a Ph.D. exists among the students very widely.

Best Consultant for Admission in Universities US : Masters or Ph.D.? - The Confusion

There is a huge dilemma in the students as to which degree will help them build their career the best. The experts believe that in order to find a solution to this dilemma, the students must find answers to another question, that is, "What is/are your most defined career goal/s? ". If the student successfully answers this question, and has a pre-defined set of career goals, then it becomes a lot easier to choose from Ph.D. and Masters. Another important aspect that one has to understand is, the difference between both the degrees. Let us analyze some facts about both the degrees and understand the importance that each one of them holds. Masters: 10 Reasons for American MBA by Collmissionstats. Criteria for Admission in US Doctoral Program - Collmissionstats. First, faculty members prefer students who can conduct research, and come to a relevant conclusion.

Criteria for Admission in US Doctoral Program - Collmissionstats

Second, they will check your research capabilities and also check whether or not your research interest matched with the research interest of the one or more tenured professors. This will help them to decide which professor wants you to be admitted. You will then work as a research assistant on his/her research project on which you and he/she will share a common interest. If your research interest does not match the research interests of professors, then you cannot work as a research assistant, teaching assistant, or even get admission into doctoral programs.

All doctoral programs do not use rolling policies. Eligibility for Financial Aid - Collmissionstats. The following are the types of Financial Aid under FAFSA Grants and Scholarships These are the best kind of financial aid, because they don’t have to be repaid.

Eligibility for Financial Aid - Collmissionstats

A large part of these aid come from the federal government, some come from the state government, and the rest comes from private grants.Federal Work-Study In this form of aid, the students are provided with part-time jobs, and the money earned from it can be put towards either their tuition fees, or living expenses.Student Loans: -The student loans are given to the students – not the parents. No interest is charged, as long as the student is studying in the college, and the repayment starts only after the student has graduated, or left the college.

The Fundamentals of Financial Aid. What actually is Financial Aid?

The Fundamentals of Financial Aid

Every year on April 15, the people of the United States pay federal taxes, and a part of these taxes go directly to the federal student aid programs. This part of the tax is used to fund the college education of those people, who cannot pay for themselves. How to Prepare for Graduate School, While in Undergraduate School. It may seem too early, but getting yourself ready for graduate school while you are still pursuing your under graduation is essential.

How to Prepare for Graduate School, While in Undergraduate School

People who make themselves ready for graduate school while in their undergraduate school, can focus on their college career goal of getting admission in a top graduate school without wasting too time and energy. International students mostly enter these two type of graduate schools: – doctoral degree programs and graduate MBA programs. Those students, who want to enrol in doctoral programs like science or engineering, can secure admission in graduate schools in the concerned fields, only if they start to prepare themselves and take the preparatory courses in their undergraduate years.

The students can take initiative and get themselves involved in some kind of research related subjects and projects, which can help them prove that they can conduct research in doctoral programs. How Should You Start Your Preparation? Let us help you achieve something that is a dream for millions of students across the globe. 10 Reasons - Why do Students need an Admission Consultant? - Admission Statistics and Details for US Graduate Schools.

The majority sought assistance with their essays, resume evaluation and interview preparation.

10 Reasons - Why do Students need an Admission Consultant? - Admission Statistics and Details for US Graduate Schools

But it is important to recognize some of the pros and cons of working with an MBA admissions consultant, as it might not be the right move for everyone. In today’s highly competitive world it is of prime importance that one should get professional help to stay ahead of the pack. Professional admission consultants are immensely significant in this regard as they know lot of strategies which helps students in maximising their chances so that they do not lose out. Our point is – If you do not take professional help, there is a high chance that your competitors are doing so to gain advantage over you. B-School Essay. GMAT vs GRE. Study Abroad. College Admission Advisor. MBA Application Strategies for Top Business Schools. This course has been designed by the experts of Collmission who are alumni of top business schools like University of California, and it provides a complete overview of the most ideal approach to get into the top business schools in world.

Authored by the experts of Collmission, who got years of experience in helping students crack the business school admission process - The course, allows you to learn everything that you have to know in order to get into a top MBA program. It includes the answers to your questions, like- Shortlisting MBA colleges that suit your profile and fit your educational qualification is a complex process, and the application fee for applying to the Top business schools not cheap. This course will help you shortlist colleges effectively, and you will learn to save money by not applying to business schools that don’t suit your profile.Worried About the Business School Ranking?

MBA Entrance Exams Didn’t go well? MBA Application Strategies for Top Business Schools. The Paradox of Being a Successful Software Engineer in the US Academic Cosmos - Admission Statistics and Details for US Graduate Schools. Success and Software engineers were once synonyms of each other. In the early era of LPG (Liberalization. Privatisation & Globalization), being a software engineer was a sure shot ticket to high paying jobs both in the third world and the first world of course. With a sonic boom – in came the IT revolution and with it came the advent of softwares and software companies.

Student Assets information in Financial Aid. This section will focus on the net worth of the student’s current assets as well as the taxed and untaxed income for the year 2015 Section 5 also asks about the student’s 2015 taxed and untaxed income as well as the current net worth of the student’s assets. The assets and the income of the student would be treated similarly to that of the parent’s assets and income. However, the support received by a student in the form of cash is exempted from FAFSA. Let us get a clearer picture of the exemption- If a dependent student receives cash support, then it is not reported on the FAFSAIf the cash support is received from the custodial parents, it is not reported on the FAFSAIf a dependent student receives cash support from other sources that include the grandparents, uncle and aunts, external third party sources, etc.

Related:Transferring to a different college: It’s effect of aid eligibility. AVAILING MORE NEED-BASED FINANCIAL AID. It is important that you judge your eligibility for the Simplified Needs Test. There will be no point in repositioning the assets if you qualify for the test, because then, the total assets will be considered to be zero. Suppress the Unwanted Increase in Income Income plays a very crucial role in deciding one’s eligibility for the need-based financial aid.

A small increase in the income may affect the asset of the family, and also lead to an increase in the EFC. Thus, one should try to avoid any artificial increase in the student’s or parent’s income during the base years. Related:A step-by-step guide to successfully creating a FAFSA account. Student Financial Aid.

How to Making Correction in the FAFSA. Correcting the FAFSA The FAFSA is a major requirement for those who are seeking for financial help to complete their education. However, filling the FAFSA form is a lengthy process and it can often lead to errors. Ten Reasons Why to Do an MBA - Admission Statistics and Details for US Graduate Schools. 1. Admission in Top Graduate Schools in USA. Collmission on Instagram: “Planning to #studyabroad ? Confused which college/university to go? Feel free to ask us: #admissionadvisor #mbainus #msinus #mbaessay #mbaadmission”

Admission & Higher Education Consultant US — The Truth About MBA in U.S. Collmission on Instagram: “Are you an eligible scholar who is worried about finances?□ Studying in U.S✈️ can be affordable—Learn more about the #FAFSA, student loans, tax matters, solving the #FAFSA related errors and much more. Check here now. Collmission on Instagram: “Check - What the experts are telling about #MBAAdmision process. What you think? Is it that easy? Please share your thought. #mbainus #mbaapplication #mbaadmission #mbahelp #mba” Collmission on Instagram: “Which standardized test is best preferred for #MBA admission in the #U.S?□□ #mbainus #mbaadmission #gmat #gre #mbatest #mbaadmissiontest #mbahelp #admissionhelp #mbaus #usmba” B-School admission process step by step. Collmission on Instagram: “B-school #essay writing tips for the students” Admission Consultant. Factors That Determine Your Chances of MBA Admission. B-School Interview Overview – Collmissionstats. MBA Application Process - Collmissionstats.

FAFSA - School Section Tips. The section will ask you to select your housing plan, and you will be provided with three options- On campusWith parentOff campus If you are not sure about your housing plans, then it is advisable to select “On campus” Related:Parent Demographic information Section: All you need to Know. Federal Student Aid Application. 1.Are you a U.S citizen? If, you are willing to receive federal student aid or state grants, it is mandatory for you to be a U.S citizen or eligible noncitizen.

Financial Aid Applications and FAFSA Form Filling Help. CREATING THE FAFSA ACCOUNT. Financial Aid for Student. How to Apply for Financial Aid. File Student Financial Services. MBA Application Process – Collmissionstats. Types of Essay Questions related to MBA Admission 2015-16. Letter of Recommendation an Introduction. “It’s not what happens to you, it’s what you do with what happens to you.” – Aldous Huxley. Getting admissions into the US universities is a highly competitive experience, where each person tries to outrun the other, by differentiating themselves by their unique profile and experiences.

ENGINEERING STATS for Engineering Admission in U.S. Admission in Top Graduate Schools in USA. Admission in Top Graduate Schools in USA. Types of Essay Questions related to MBA Admission 2015-16. Letter of Recommendation an Introduction. Student Visa: How to Get Your Study F1 Visa. Student Financial Aid. MBA STATS for Admission in U.S business school 2015-16. MBA Application Help –Video Series about MBA in U.S. Educationadvisor. Home. Your MBA Admission Advisor – Collmissionstats. College Admission Advisor. WHAT'S & WHY'S About MS/MBA/Phd in U.S 2015-16. Student Financial Aid. IRS DATA RETRIEVAL TOOL. MBA Application Process – Collmissionstats.