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About « Open Access Success Stories. This website was developed by Knowledge Exchange to provide success stories from the four partner countries and beyond showing the successes gained in making research outputs available in open access.

About « Open Access Success Stories

Free for re-use The success stories are available under a creative commons CC-BY licence. Please feel free to refer to this website. The materials are also available as a package on the Knowledge Exchange website to re-use elsewhere. About Knowledge Exchange Knowledge Exchange is a co-operative effort that supports the use and development of Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) infrastructure for higher education and research. The Knowledge Exchange partners are: The Knowledge Exchange partners express a common vision based on our four national strategies ‘to make a layer of scholarly and scientific content openly available on the Internet.’

Tony Hey on eScience. Gratuité ou libre accès? Poser les termes du débat, c’est déjà y répondre en partie. Flying Hearts V, by Ste­fan Georgi (Crea­tive com­mons licence)

Gratuité ou libre accès? Poser les termes du débat, c’est déjà y répondre en partie

BASE Lab (Bielefeld Academic Search Engine): Advanced Search. The New Wave of Gold OA Journals. English: Slow motion wave (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Gold open access (OA) journals appear to be proliferating, generating a virtual tidal wave of new titles.

The New Wave of Gold OA Journals

This is the upshot of a small research project I recently completed. Additional information and comment will be appreciated. The Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) lists just over 8,000 gold OA journals, with more than 1,000 having been added in just the last 12 months, and more than 1,000 in the year before that. Moreover, DOAJ search results for some major publishers list far fewer journals than the publishers themselves list. Note however that most gold OA journals are quite small. The field consists of a relatively few very large publishers, plus a great many publishers of just one or a few journals.

Note too that a significant fraction of the journals listed by DOAJ are not in the areas of science, technology, and medicine (STM). Hindawi Publishing Corporation (Egypt). Like this: Open Access: Going for Gold? *The embed functionality can only be used for non commercial purposes.

Open Access: Going for Gold?

In order to maintain its sustainability, all mass use of content by commercial or not for profit companies must be done in agreement with figshare. Description On 27th September 2012 the Imperial College SciCommForum held a follow up discussion on open access to publicly funded research in response to the Finch Report and RCUK Policy. We were joined by Mark Thorley (NERC, RCUK) and Professor Stephen Curry (Imperial College) and Richard Van Noorden (Nature News) chaired the discussion. We had representatives from HEFCE, Wellcome Trust, RLUK, MRC, NIMR, Imperial College Library - and more - in the audience, and the discussion continued on Twitter under the hashtag #icoa. With thanks to Professor Stephen Webster (Imperial College) for funding. Twitter: @SciCommForum Published on 28 Sep 2012 - 15:50 (GMT) Filesize is 112.43 MB License (what's this?) Cite "Filename" Place your mouse over the citation text to select it.


Analyses et biblio. Par pays. Droits d'auteur. Boycott Elsevier. Articles "grand public" BOAI. UNESCO. A Study of Open Access Journals Using Article Processing Charges. David J Solomon College of Human Medicine, Michigan State University, E. Lansing, MI USA Email Bo‐Christer Björk Management and Organization, Hanken School of Economics, Helsinki, Finland Email bo‐ Abstract Article Processing Charges (APCs) are a central mechanism for funding Open Access (OA) scholarly publishing. We studied the APCs charged and article volumes of journals that were listed in the Directory of Open Access Journals as charging APCs.

Accepted Version This is the accepted version of an article published in The Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology copyright © 2012 (American Society for Information Science and Technology) Open Access Gold.

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