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College Disha has been created and crafted to suit the needs of thousands of students looking to take admission in their dream college. We make sure that your kid gets to know about his likes in term of education and then select the right college. Our primary mission is to provide you with detailed information on the courses you are wanting to undertake, the scholarships available for your program, the fee structure and every other little detail to help you attain success academically.

Full Form of CFA - Check Difference Between FCA and CFA - College Disha. What is FCA?

Full Form of CFA - Check Difference Between FCA and CFA - College Disha

➥ Full Form of FCA is Fellow Chartered Accountant. FCA is a designation that is given to a Chartered Accountant. Once a candidate completes CA, the candidate is called Associate Chartered Accountant. FCA is designated to those candidates who have achieved a higher level of professional experience. ➥ In general, there are two types of chartered accountant - Fellow Chartered Accountant (FCA) and Associate Chartered Accountant (ACA).

FCA Highlights What is CFA? ➥ The full form of CFA is Chartered Financial Analyst. . ➥ Candidates who pursue the CFA course acquire in-depth knowledge of the investment industry. Aspirants who want the CFA institute certificate have to qualify in three levels of examination which are conducted by the CFA Institute: CFA Level 1CFA Level 2 andCFA Level 3 CFA exams are conducted in the areas of Accounting, Economics, Security Analysis, and Money Management. FCA Full Form: Difference Between CFA, CA and FCA. Difference Between CFA, CA and FCA: FCA - (Fellow Chartered Accountant) FCA stands for a Fellow Chartered Accountant, in simple words.

This is a recognition of a Chartered Accountant rank. The applicant is called Associate Chartered Accountant whenever a candidate completes its CA. What is ACA ? - Full Form of ACA & Difference Between ACA Vs ACCA. ➦ Finance is the backbone of every business; whether it be a small vendor or an MNC.

What is ACA ? - Full Form of ACA & Difference Between ACA Vs ACCA

And therefore there is a demand for professionals who can understand the pulse of any business. They needed many technical courses and practical training that are used extensively to enhance business performance, reduce expenses, and increase profitability. ➦ Therefore Chartered Accountants are in enormous demand and have the experience to manage many business situations and enable the company to expand. Many countries offer the degree of Chartered Accountant, and it has its own special character. What Is Difference Between Migration And Transfer Certificate? A transfer certificate is a document prepared by the in-charge of the institution i.e. to a student on his request.

What Is Difference Between Migration And Transfer Certificate?

If the student decides to leave the institution, college, or school the transfer certificate is prepared by the concerned authorities. Difference Between Provisional Certificate And Migration Certificate. What is a Provisional Certificate?

Difference Between Provisional Certificate And Migration Certificate

A provisional certificate is given to the students in place of the original certificate. Difference Between Open Degree And Regular Degree. Education plays a crucial role in this fast-paced world since the market is very competitive.

Difference Between Open Degree And Regular Degree

People from all the sections of life can obtain their degrees and diplomas in different disciplines. A degree from an open degree program provides the learners with a great opportunity to make their careers and work in a broad organization. It helps students learn while they are on the job because students are not expected to learn at a particular time.

How to Get Provisional Certificate. What is Provisional Certificate: A Provisional certificate is awarded to students on behalf of the original certificate who passes the University or the Board exam, and it certifies that the students have undertaken the education mentioned in the certificate.

How to Get Provisional Certificate

For most universities, the real certificates are issued after a commencement ceremony. This also implies that it is a transitional certificate until the actual certificate is issued. The Provisional Certificate is also considered by the recruiting companies or by the universities which approve a postgraduate candidature.

Fresh graduates are filled with zest to fulfill their every goal and career aspirations. Since a university normally takes a few months to a year to give its degree to the graduates, they are issuing a provisional degree certificate that is valid for six months or until the next convocation, whichever comes before. Difference Between Distance Learning And Correspondence - College Disha. Difference Between Distance Learning And Correspondence: The term Distance Learning and Correspondence are often used in exchange and considered the same, however, they have some differences.

Difference Between Distance Learning And Correspondence - College Disha

Which is better Distance Learning or Correspondence? Difference Between Prematric And Postmatric. Difference Between Prematric And Postmatric: Prematric and Postmatric are the words that create confusion among the students and which need to clear ASAP.

Difference Between Prematric And Postmatric

A question that usually arises in the mind of a student is what the difference between Prematric and Postmatric is? So, if you are also searching for the answer to this question, then this article will definitely help you out. Difference Between Private University and Deemed University. Difference Between Private University And Deemed University: Universities are the place where students get higher education in every part of the world.

Difference Between Private University and Deemed University

They are the Institutions that are responsible for impacting youth by providing them higher education and advanced study material. It is considered to be the final stage for the students in there preparation of a career which they want to build. In India there are Mainly Four Types of Universities: Central universityState UniversityPrivate universityDeemed University If we collect the list of all the universities in India, we came across a list of universities that will be recognized by the University Grants Commission. Private University vs Deemed University: Everyone knew about Central and state universities and how they are contributing to promoting higher education across the country. Apart from that deemed university can not run by only offering courses and subjects. Difference Between DM (District Magistrate) and SDM (Sub-Divisional Magistrate)

The Difference Between DM and SDM: District Magistrate (D.M) is an Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer.

Difference Between DM (District Magistrate) and SDM (Sub-Divisional Magistrate)

A DM is the senior-most executive magistrate and chief in charge of the general administration of a district in the country of India according to Wikipedia. In simple words, a DM is a chief authority in a district of India. In India, DM (District Magistrate) is chosen by the State government for every district. Difference Between Indian Vs Foreign Education. Brief Overview of Indian Education: From the basic difference between the Indian Education Vs Foreign Education system to the system of schooling as according to these two, we will be covering all the basic points in this article.

Keep reading for greater insight into the Indian Education Vs Foreign Education debate. Education in India is provided by public schools which are in turn controlled and run by three key levels, Central level, State level, and Local level) respectively. Free and compulsory education is provided as a fundamental right to young children from 6 years of age to 14 years of age under various articles in the Indian Constitution. Difference Between IAS And PCS Officer. The Difference Between IAS And PCS Officer: The IAS (Indian Administrative Service) and the PCS (Provincial Civil Services) are two branches of the Civil Services in India.

Civil Services is the permanent professional branch of a state’s administration, excluding branches of the military, judicial branches, and elected politicians. Difference between Science and Arts Stream. Science Vs Arts: In this article we will hope to make a fair and distinguished argument on the Science Vs Arts debate. This topic has been discussed by many for many years, and as yet there has been no concrete proof as to which is better. It may be due to the subjective nature of the debate. Also, it may be as to which pointers are kept in mind while establishing which is better among Science Vs Arts, such as, in terms of personality developments, salary expectations, job satisfaction, industry growth rate, promotion rate, level of exposure, autonomy in the job profile, etc. The answers to all the above questions can be and are mostly different for different people.

Difference Between BA And BA Hons Course - BA Vs BA Hons Course. Difference Between BA And BA Hons Course: Some students may find it hard to grasp the difference between BA and BA Hons since the name is exactly the same, except for one word, i.e, Hons. In this article, we attempt to provide all the related information for you and hope all your questions related to BA and BA (Hons) are answered. What is the Difference Between BA And BA Hons Course? Bachelor of Arts (BA), sometimes known as BA (Program), is a three-year undergraduate course, providing a variety of subjects to study from. The knowledge gained is diverse. Bachelor of Arts (Hons), is also a three-year undergraduate course. Difference Between Graduation and Postgraduation Course - Postgraduation Course Vs Graduation Course.

Students usually had heard talking about their relatives or friends discussing graduation and post-graduation courses. Difference Between BBM Course and BMS Course. Difference Between BBM Course & BBA Course. Difference Between BBA And BCA Course. Difference Between Diploma And Degree. Difference Between UP Board & CBSE Board. Difference between UP Board & CBSE Board: It is often seen that parents become quite confused about the admissions of children. For admission, special attention is given to which board pattern is being taught in the school. There are 4 types of boards in India that are studied - CBSE Board, State Board, ICSE Board, IB Board, and Cambridge. But there is always a conviction that which board is right which can prepare the children for future competitive examinations. Difference between MCA and MBA.

Master of Computer Application (MCA) is a 3 years duration programme. It allows students to take deep knowledge in Computer Application Programme. Master of Business Administration(MBA) is a duration of 2 years programme. Graduation or bachelor degree holder students can apply for this course. Students of MCA can seek their career in the computer application programme and MBA students can make their path in marketing. Both the courses are the degree for post-graduation or for masters.

Difference between MCA and MBA. Difference between DCA and PGDCA Course. "Get Details about Difference between dca and pgdca course, dca vs pgdca program, which is better dca or pgdca, which is better for me dca or pgdca, degree courses vs diploma courses, dca, pgdca, dca vs pgdca course details, dca & pgdca difference. " Difference between MCA and M.Tech. Difference between BCA and B.Tech.

Choosing the right career path is the most difficult situation in every person's life when he passes his intermediate exam. This is the time when we have to set a path for our best career. But as we all know, there are many options available to entice us so, it becomes more confusing to select on career option. If we talk in terms of graduation courses, engineering field is one of the most sought-after fields amongst 12th passed students. But the same problem further gets worse when you look at the technical programmes which follow an almost similar syllabus, teaching methodologies and offers similar job opportunities to the candidates. Difference Between MPhil and PhD. Difference Between Civil Engineering and Architecture - College Disha. BFA vs BA Courses, Job, Scope and Salary. Difference Between Accountant and Chartered Accountant. Difference Between BSc and BSc Hons. MD vs PhD Course, Career and salary. MD vs PhD Course, Career and salary. Difference Between UGC and AICTE.

Difference Between Career Planning and Succession Planning. Difference Between BS and BA Course. Difference Between IT and Computer science. Differences Between B.Tech and B.Com Course, career, Colleges & Job. Difference Between Lecturer and Professor. Difference between Montessori and Regular school. Difference Between M.Sc and M.P.H. Degree.

Difference Between Primary and Secondary Schools. Difference between Dual Degree and Double Major. Difference Between Fellowship and Internship. Difference Between Fellowship and Internship.