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Teachings and Beliefs of The Religion Islam. According to Islam every new born child is innocent.

Teachings and Beliefs of The Religion Islam

So there is no concept of “original sin”. People remain guiltless until they commit a sin on their own will. Islam is neither an ethnocentric nor a sacramental religion. The followers of this religion observe no sacraments. Anyone can convert to Islam by his/her own discretion.


How To Live Forever. In this paper I want to examine what the Bible says about how a man can gain eternal life.

How To Live Forever

I want to know how to live forever from HaShem's perspective. Let's begin by looking at: Bereshit (Genesis) 3:20-24 Adam named his wife Eve, because she would become the mother of all the living. HaShem God made garments of skin for Adam and his wife and clothed them. Accuracy. Modern and Pop Kabbalah. 25 Questions & Answers aboutKabbalah 9.

Modern and Pop Kabbalah

Does the Kabbalah change and develop? Is there a modern-day Kabbalah? What about Pop Kabbalah? Science is constantly changing and developing as new discoveries cause once-accepted theories to be revised or rejected. Must you be Jewish to study Kabbalah? 25 Questions & Answers aboutKabbalah 16.

Must you be Jewish to study Kabbalah?

Do you have to be Jewish or practice the Torah in order to study and practice the Kabbalah? 25 Questions & Answers about Kabbalah. 1.

25 Questions & Answers about Kabbalah

What is the Kabbalah? 2. What does the word Kabbalah actually mean? Are other terms also used for the same body of wisdom? Rigpa Shedra Wiki. What meditation really is. Do you start your work meetings with a couple of minutes of meditation?

What meditation really is

This morning, I talked with a teacher who has just introduced meditation into her classroom. "The great thing is," she said, "that it gives me a break in the day. And the kids love it, they keep asking for more! " Dare to Meditate video tutorial. The Pundarika Foundation. Famous Buddhist Quotes & Sayings.