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We specialise in and have an extensive range of Masonic Regalia and Freemasons Regalia for all Orders.

Royal Arch Companions Breast Jewel. Knights Templar rings – One of the most precious and demanded Masonic regalia. Masonic Trolley Keychain & Coin. Craft Grand Rank Gauntlets. Best Quality Craft Grand Rank Gauntlets are worn by the Grand Officers at lodge formal meetings, parties, investiture ceremonies etc.

Craft Grand Rank Gauntlets

The stunning masonic gauntlets are made by superior quality of material. Wonderful embroidery is done by the master craftsmen with golden bullion on the finely finished surface of this gauntlet. Product Details: It is in royal blue colour Elastics inside for comfort fit Rank is embroidered with golden wire Golden fringes are used by the master craftsmen at the lower part of it Golden laces are crafted on three sides which enhance the look 2-4 week production time Made to order please provide Rank Product Specifications: Hand embroidered badge Quality detail with gold bullion wire Double fringe and gold braid Elastic inside for comfort fit.

Custom made cufflinks in different shapes and sizes by Collection Masonic. By Collection Masonic Manufacturer Freemasonry is one of the largest fraternal organizations and their members are scattered all across the globe.

Custom made cufflinks in different shapes and sizes by Collection Masonic

It dates back to the 18th century with its roots lying in Europe and Rome. The fraternity has its own set of laws, rules, regulations, ceremonies and rituals. Freemasons are allowed to follow any religion and believe in the oneness of God. Knights Templar Crusader Masonic Cufflinks. Knights Templar Crusader Masonic Cufflinks are not only best to depict freemasonry values but also a great piece of art.

Knights Templar Crusader Masonic Cufflinks

It is made of finest quality material. The shield shape pair of cufflinks set with the finest detailing is enough to grab the attention of your freemason fellow brothers. Wearing this will help you in delivering the freemasonry message in a subtle and effective way. Image of Knights Templar Crusader is wonderfully crafted by the master craftsmen. Craft Officers Collar Jewel. Complete understanding of Knights Templar and its... Freemasons Masonic Reusable 4 Ply Cotton Facemask.

With Covid restrictions in place that will affect how lodge meetings are now carried out we have sourced a quality cotton reusable facemask to make available at a reasonable price.

Freemasons Masonic Reusable 4 Ply Cotton Facemask

The mask is available in two colours (Blue and Black) with adjustable straps, very comfortable and soft. The mask has a small but detailed white Square & Compass emblem in the corner. Product Details: Available in 2 colours ( Black, Blue) White Square & Compass Emblem 4 Ply and machine washable upto 60 degrees Adjustable Strap for a comfortable fit Adjustable nose clamp Anit Smog, Dust, Pollen etc Product Specifications: 4 Ply ( Cotton Cloth, Non-Woven, Molten Spray, Cotton Cloth) Size ( Length 17.5cm, Height 14cm) Logo Size 20mm Square Reusable / washable / Breathable Filter layer - Molten Spray Fabric.

Royal Arch Provincial Sash. What is expected from the members of Freemasonry? by Collection Masonic. By Collection Masonic Manufacturer Freemasonry has a rich history that started with the days when there were Stone Masons who built the cathedrals in the era of King Solomon.

What is expected from the members of Freemasonry? by Collection Masonic

At that time, guilds or associations were started which we call unions today to barter for payments. The operative Masons used some signs and words for identification and guidance while travelling from one building to another. Later, these signs and words came to be known as the “Secrets of Freemasonry”. This fraternal organization is the largest in the world and is administered by varying bodies. What is expected from a Freemason?

Members are not allowed to discuss politics and religion in the Lodge meetings. Freemasons wear Masonic regalia to show their affiliation towards the brotherhood. Black Freemasons 100% Silk Woven Masonic Self-Tie Bowtie. This handsome 100% Silk Woven Black Masonic Self-Tie Bowtie makes you the most professional and stylish in the room catching all the eyes of your masonic brothers.

Black Freemasons 100% Silk Woven Masonic Self-Tie Bowtie

The bold yet ghosted masonic Sq & Compass symbols look discreet but stunning at the same time as the light hits the tie, bringing great attention to it. Product Features: Hunter G127 CQ Masonic Pocket Watch. Craft Masonic regalia denoting true meaning and... RA Chapter Provincial Badge & Collar Jewel.

RA Arch Chapter Provincial Apron Badge & Collar Jewel, custom made to your requested Province / District and Rank.

RA Chapter Provincial Badge & Collar Jewel

A quality hand embroidered provincial badge using gold bullion wire that comes with a self- adhesive back. Collar jewel UK manufactured to a very high standard, both items take approx. 10-14 days production so ensure you order in advance. Product Details: The handmade apron badge is 110mm diameter in size and beautifully crafted using Gold bullion thread by our experienced staff. Badge has a 3M sticky peel off back, additional adhesive can be used when attaching to your apron for a stronger long lasting fix. Craft Provincial / District Collar Jewel ( Active Rank) ‘Perfection’ is the word that drives Masonic Collection Ltd beyond boundaries of creativity.

Craft Provincial / District Collar Jewel ( Active Rank)

The Craft Provincial Active Rank Provincial Collar Jewel is precisely designed in accordance with the high masonic values. Product Details: N.B This regalia is manufactured to order with your Province / Rank taking 12-18 days production. Knights Templar rings – The oldest types of rings in the history of Freemasonry by Collection Masonic. Articles by Collection Masonic Manufacturer The inception of Freemasonry dates back to 18th century and till now has a long list of esteemed members that would make any organization proud.

Knights Templar rings – The oldest types of rings in the history of Freemasonry by Collection Masonic

Council of Knights Grand Sash. Council of Knights Masons Grand sash, manufactured in quality silk moiré material depicting the 3 colours of the Council of Knights Masons.

Council of Knights Grand Sash

Quality sash manufactured in moiré effect material with rosette, gold hand embroidery of crossed swords with gold fringe to the bottom. Product Details: We have the Council of Knights Masons Grand sash available manufactured to very high standards with hand embroidery of the crossed swords and double fringe edge. We can manufacture to order for the larger than average man should this be required, contact for further information. Product Specifications: Sash in 3 colour moiré material Double gold fringe to bottom of sash Hand embroidered crossed swords We can manufacture to order should a large than standard sash be required Comes in a clear cellophane sleeve.

Freemasons Black & Gold Masonic Tieslide. Different forms of Masonic regalia having both... Craft Provincial Dress Apron Badge & Collar Jewel. Black Freemasons 100% Silk Pocket Square / Handkerchief. With its lovely discreet Sq & Compass design, this pocket square is the perfect way to add interest to a tailored suit. It immediately draws the eye, making a statement. This accessory is crafted from pure silk, which is supremely soft and smooth.

This lightweight fabric is easy to manipulate into different folds and will tuck neatly into a jacket pocket. Team this lively piece with a blazer for a Masonic meeting, dinner or social event. Product Details A luxurious handcrafted black silk masonic handkerchief with a ghosted Sq & Compass design woven within the pocket square. Product Specifications 100% Silk Woven design Size approx: 13" x 13" (33cm x 33cm) Dry Clean Only. Masonic regalia and what makes them so popular by Collection Masonic. By Collection Masonic Manufacturer Freemasonry is one of the most reputed fraternal organizations across the world and has its origin from Stonemasonry. Nowadays, this fraternity exists in different forms with millions of brethren around the world. Members of this organization belong to different independent Grand Lodges and the brothers usually recognize each other based on their specific landmarks and different Masonic regalia that they wear.

Members of Freemasonry majorly follow three main principles: Brotherhood. Masonic Apron Belt Extention. Blue Enamel & Silver Oval Masonic Cufflinks. Masonic Past Master Jewel presented as a token of... 9ct Rose Gold Masonic Handmade Orb Fob Ball Cross Pendant - Medium. Australia Crossed Flag Badge. Australia Crossed Flag Badge is made with superior quality of material. This masonic badge is magnificently designed by the master craftsmen. It has two flags; Australian and another one depicting the freemasonry Square and Compass ensign which is in golden enamel. The ensign stands out prominently against the royal blue background which increases it beauty and elegance. Product Details: This masonic badge is one of the best gifting options for freemasons down under.

Product Specifications: Size: 22mm x 15mm x 1.2mm Fitting: Clutch Pin Plating: Gold Plated Packaging: Clear Bag. Unfolding the unknown facts about Freemasonry by Collection Masonic. By Collection Masonic Manufacturer Masonic regalia and their importance Members wear special pieces of garments and accessories known as regalia to show their pride and dedication towards their fraternity. It is considered truly an honor by the members in being able to wear Masonic regalia. Regalia usually refer to items such as aprons, rings, pocket watch, hats, pendants, cufflinks, gloves, jewels and many others which are worn by the members on daily and special gatherings.

They signify which Lodge, order, degree, office or station the member belongs to. Gold Masonic Broken Column Badge. Royal Order of Scotland Star Jewel. Masonic regalia having an interesting aspect attached to them. Masonic Robert Burns Bookmark. Masonic regalia – Greatest honor that any Freemason could receive by Collection Masonic. By Collection Masonic Manufacturer Once a candidate is deemed fitting to be a part of this Freemasonry, they have the right to wear Masonic regalia.

It is the greatest honor for a Freemason to wear regalia. They wear regalia with great pride and to exemplify their commitment towards their fraternity and its teachings. Masonic regalia are the pieces of clothing and accessories that hold great significance in the lives of Masons. These regalia have different symbolism and denote a person’s rank, role and the office in the organization.

Black 100% Silk Woven Masonic Bow Tie. Stewards Tie & Cufflink Set. Stewards Tie & Cufflink Set is an excellent option for those freemasons who love to wear tie with matching cufflinks. Masonic Onyx Cufflinks & Dress Shirt Studs. The complete set is one of the best examples of master workmanship. Mens Black Forget me Knot Masonic Socks. Red Cross of Constantine Sovereigns Breast Jewel.

Royal Ark Mariner Grand Officers Collarette Jewel. Masonic aprons and the difference between the ancient and modern styles. Masonic Hat Carrying Case. Solid silver ring depicting the exclusivity of being part of this fraternity. Articles. Masonic Superman Badge. Red Cross of Constantine Masonic Tie. Masonic regalia - The love and appreciation common... Blue Detailed Masonic Cufflink & Tieslide Set. Black Cotton Knights Gloves.

Rose Croix 18th Degree MWS Collarette Jewel. Masonic Rose Croix 18th Degree. Masonic regalia portraying the organization’s... Black ION Plated 10mm Masonic Ring Band. Theories and explanations people have about Freemasonry by Collection Masonic. Custom Ties. Custom Masonic Lodge Jewels. Questions that people have in mind about Freemasonry by Collection Masonic. Custom Masonic Lodge Cufflinks. Signify your Lodge or degree by wearing custom... Custom Masonic Lodge Badges. Custom Masonic Lodge Tie. Custom Masonic Lodge Cufflinks. Custom Masonic Lodge Jewels. Custom cufflinks - Beautiful accessories that... Rose Croix - Widely known order and essential part... The Square Magazine March 2016. Freemasonry - Privilege for Masons to be part of this highly revered organization by Collection Masonic.

Articles. Solid Silver Gold Plated Masonic Pyramid Pendant. Masonic Wedding Ring in Solid 9ct Yellow Gold. Masonic High Quality Real Soft Leather Knights Templar Wallet. Rose Croix Tie with White Spots 100% Silk. Rose Croix Masonry to give Masons a detailed... Masonic Onyx Rhodium Plated Cufflinks. Royal Arch Officers Collar Jewel. Royal Order of Scotland Apron. Mens Masonic Bracelet Silver & Black. Masonic regalia known to distinguish different crafts in Freemasonry by Collection Masonic. Articles by Collection Masonic Manufacturer Not only Freemasonry is the largest fraternal organization across the globe but also the most time tested brotherhoods. Masons believe in peace, equality and the betterment of each other. There are many craft Lodges and varying bodies that are administered by this fraternal organization.

Masonic Royal Arch Chapter 100% Silk Pocket Square Handkerchief. Craft Masonry providing teachings of divine power... Freemasons Sterling Silver Masonic Tieslide. Freemasons Masonic Reusable 4 Ply Cotton Facemask. Freemasonry – Extension of Stone Masonry tribe and Knights Templar by Collection Masonic. Red Cross of Constantine Breast Jewel. Knights Malta Cap with Badge.

Masonic regalia apron – Best known representation... Royal Arch Masonic Cufflinks. Irish Royal Arch Chapter Officers Collar. All you need to know about Masonic jewelry. Masonic Knights Templar 100% Silk Woven Bowtie. Jean Pierre Belt Loop Snap Button Closing P2. Knights Templar rings - Most popular regalia in old and current times by Collection Masonic. Solid 9ct Yellow Gold Masonic Pendant. Black ION Plated 10mm Masonic Ring Band. Masonic Laurel & Hardy Lampost Badge. Join Freemasonry and lead a life with a unique ideology and philosophy by Collection Masonic. Royal & Select Masters Tie RSM. Extraordinary reasons to be part of Freemasonry. Gold Plated Oval Square and Compass Cufflinks. Masonic aprons - An emblem of innocence that transcends a lot of Masonic symbols by Collection Masonic. Knights of Malta Tunic. Masonic Rose Croix 32nd Degree Pack.