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History Of Coupons. Have you ever thought about where coupons came from, or researched the history of coupons and how they relate to national and global commerce?

History Of Coupons

Well, one initial interesting statistic about coupons is that companies have been using coupons to market products to the masses for over 110 years. Each and every day as we open up the newspaper, we are exposed to coupons. You know…the square and rectangular pieces of paper that show us how we can save money on products we normally buy in stores and on the internet. Coupons have an interesting history dating back to the 1800′s. In 1894 the Atlanta businessman and co-owner of Coca-Cola, Asa Chandler, wanted to use an innovative way to market his new drink that was never tried before. A Brief History of Coupons. Free Printable Downloads. Stockpiling Plan Worksheet - List the items you use most frequently and develop a buy price for each item.

Free Printable Downloads

Household – (Download Here)Personal Care – (Download Here)Grocery – (Download Here) Coupon Lingo Cheat Sheet (Download Here) – A complete list of the most common abbreviations and what they stand for. Perfect for beginners to print and reference. Weekly Menu Plan (Download Here) – Plan out your families menu by meal as well as room for planning snacks, desserts, and additional items you may need for the week. Grocery Shopping List (Download Here) – Have a plan when you go to the grocery store with our Shopping List organized by category. Get 14 FREE binder pages & dividers from Obsessive Coupon Gals. If you organize your coupons in a binder format we’d like to offer you a FREE GIFT!

Get 14 FREE binder pages & dividers from Obsessive Coupon Gals

Our FREE gift to you: A pack of 14 FREE DOWNLOADABLE binder pages Your pack will include divider pages with these labels: Cover sheetBakingBeveragesBoxed GoodsCannedCleaningFrozen FoodsMeatMedicinesMisc.Paper productsPersonal CareSnacks*A blank page. Grocery Coupon Facts - Grocery Coupon Guide. In 2003, 77% of people reported that they have used coupons when shopping, saving an average of 11.5% on their grocery bills.

Grocery Coupon Facts - Grocery Coupon Guide

In 2003, manufacturers offered more than $250 billion in coupon savings. The average face value of manufacturer’s coupons offered to consumers increased 4.9% to $.85 — more than double the pace of the Consumer Price Index, which climbed 2.3% in 2003. Coupon History. History of Coupons - Coupon Month. Coupons have been around the block a time or two.

History of Coupons - Coupon Month

They are not a new idea and have continued to evolve over the last hundred years. The idea of issuing goods for less than market value to build an enthusiastic buying base was revolutionary to consumer psychology. Just who would dream up giving away a free product in exchange for bigger sales? Wouldn't they have to close their doors? A quick survey of those early coupon pioneers reveals that...drumroll please...Coca Cola was among the first to offer free goods! And how did that strategy work out for the company? 1887 Coke offered the first widespread coupon for free drinks. 1909 C.W. 1930-1940 The biggest financial meltdown in U.S. history, The Great Depression, sends millions into poverty. 1940-1950 Larger supermarket chains grow across the U.S. and continue offering promotional offers via coupons.

The 10 Best Coupon Sites That Will Help You Save Money. In September, The New York Times gave a primer on the brief history of coupon use in America and highlighted a noticeable increase in the use of coupons since the decline of the economy.

The 10 Best Coupon Sites That Will Help You Save Money

“Coupon redemption in America peaked in 1992, at the end of a recession, when 7.9 billion coupons were redeemed, according to Inmar, a coupon-processing company. By 2006, that number fell to 2.6 billion and stagnated there through 2008. (if this and the paragraph below are all one quote, they need to be together…)As the economy worsened and consumer sentiment plunged, coupon redemption ticked up 10 percent in the fourth quarter of 2008, compared with the period a year ago — the first jump in coupon redemption since the early 1990s. Cutting Costs with Online Coupon Sites. Web sites that offer money-saving discounts are enjoying a resurgence in the current economy, as consumers surf for bargains Coupons are making a comeback.

Cutting Costs with Online Coupon Sites

In the face of rising food prices and a slowing economy, consumers are clipping coupons once again. Only, they don't need scissors and a local newspaper so much as a computer, printer, and maybe a mobile phone. The number of page views on Web sites that feature money-off coupons for all manner of consumer products surged 38%, to 281 million, in March from a year earlier, compared with 5% for the Internet as a whole, according to comScore (SCOR).

Those visitors spent a total of 145 million minutes on the sites, a 37% increase. Traffic Growth Individual sites say they're detecting increased use. Fueling the traffic growth are rapid increases in food prices (BusinessWeek, 5/1/08) and signs of economic slowdown that are damping consumer sentiment and prompting consumers to hunt for bargains. Bargains Via Computer or Cell Phone. The History of Coupons - It's Your Money - Continuing on with the riveting consumer-life lecture series, which covers topics such as “Self Checkout: Burden or Blessing?”

The History of Coupons - It's Your Money -

And “Customer Service Confrontations Through the Ages,” today’s discussion takes a look back at the history of a marketing ploy that seems to give customers something for nothing. Apparently, coupons haven’t been around quite as long as the oldest profession (buy two, get one free?). Coca-Cola was the first product to get customers hooked via coupons, starting in 1887, as Coupon Sherpa tells it: Atlanta businessman Asa Candler had a brainstorm in 1887 when he created the first coupon. At the time, brainstorm referred to a brief period of insanity, but you can’t question the Coca-Cola co-owner’s sanity when he hit upon this invaluable marketing device. Drilling Down - Trend of Declining Coupon Use Reversed in 2009. Cutting Costs with Online Coupon Sites. National Coupon Month. History Of Grocery Coupons - Grocery Coupon Guide. 1894: The year that coupons were born.

History Of Grocery Coupons - Grocery Coupon Guide

After purchasing the formula for Coca-Cola for $2,300, Asa Candler creates and distributes hand written tickets for a free glass of his new fountain drink. 1895: The year the first grocery coupon is born. C.W. Post creates and distributes a one-cent coupon for his new health cereal, Grape Nuts. 1930′s: Coupons come into their own as many households look to save money any way they can during the Great Depression. 1940′s: Supermarkets come on the scene.