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Renuncia de responsabilidad – Google Finance. Mercados Fondos de inversión Índices Monedas Renuncias de responsabilidad Los datos los proporcionan las bolsas de valores y pueden presentar un retraso (especificado por dichas entidades o por nuestros proveedores de datos).

Renuncia de responsabilidad – Google Finance

Google, sus proveedores de datos o de contenido, las bolsas de valores y cada uno de sus afiliados y socios comerciales: a) renuncian expresamente a toda responsabilidad relacionada con la precisión, la idoneidad o la exhaustividad de cualquier dato y b) no serán responsables de errores, omisiones u otros defectos, retrasos o interrupciones en esos datos ni de cualquier otra acción llevada a cabo utilizándolos como referencia.

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Super Stock Screener: Stock Ratings, Screener & Portfolios. Investment Tips, Investment Rules & Tips. Connect Business Contact Directory of Business Contacts and Company Information. Complete Fortune 500 List: 1-100. Fortune 500: The Largest Companies In The US In 2013. Over the years, to be included in the Fortune 500 has been considered as a mark of prestige for American companies.

Fortune 500: The Largest Companies In The US In 2013

The long-held repute of the list also makes the Fortune 500 the most renowned ranking of corporations, ahead of similar lists such as the Fortune Global 500 or the Forbes Global 2000. Since its inception, only three companies have ever held the No. 1 spot on the list: General Motors, Walmart and ExxonMobil. More than 2,000 companies have been featured on the Fortune 500 since, though only 57 original Fortune 500 companies have been on the list every year. The current list was published on July 9, 2013 – ranking companies by their total revenues for the respective fiscal years ended on or before March 31, 2013. The revenue figures include consolidated subsidiaries and reported revenues from discontinued operations, but exclude excise taxes. Stock Picks : Top Stock Board Picks : Penny Stocks Finder. Industry Research - Market Research by Industry - Top Ten Industries - Is the stock market open or closed on? Exchange schedule - stock market hours.

InvestorsHub - NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX, OTCBB, Pink Sheet Stock Message Boards, Stock Charts, Stock Quotes, Level II and Market News. Candlestick Patterns. Japanese Candlestick charts are one of the oldest type of charts used for price prediction.

Candlestick Patterns

They date back to the 1700s, when they were used for predicting rice prices. In this next section we’ll briefly look at some Japanese candlestick patterns, which are in wide use today. Below I have provided a brief description and appearance of many candlestick patterns. I am sure there are many more but you have to drawn the line somewhere, right? Candlesticks allow you to gain an insight into the interaction between buyers and sellers, and can therefore be used to analyse stocks, commodities, or forex.

Before we continue let’s quickly digress to the basics - candlesticks are constructed as follows: The body of the candlestick is called the ‘real body’, and it represents the range between the open and closing prices. Often a hollow candlestick will be referred to as a ‘bullish candle(stick)’ and a solid candlestick as a ‘bearish candle(stick)’. 101 Ways to Invest Money – Complete Series. List of Symbols for New York Stock Exchange [NYSE] Starting with A. VIX (CBOE Volatility Index) Definition. Stock Scanner Help - Alert and Filter Definitions and System Requirements. System Requirements Use Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.0 or later to access all functionality of the alerts server.

Stock Scanner Help - Alert and Filter Definitions and System Requirements

A limited version of the alerts server is also available. The limited version works on a variety of web browsers. The limited version provides the same data, but fewer features, and a less appealing user interface. The preferred version does not flash when it updates, and it updates more often. The server will automatically choose which version to display. This page describes the web based version of the product.

Alert Types Window Contents. Stock Screener:  Most Volatile by % Description This list shows which stocks have the highest volatility.

Stock Screener:  Most Volatile by %

The volatility is expressed in % per day. This list does not include any stocks trading below $5. - Simply the Web's Best Financial Charts. Stock Market Map Heatmap. Stock Exchange. Investors that trade stocks will understand the concept of a stock exchange, but novice investors may not understand the subtle differences between the major exchanges.

Stock Exchange

For example, why is it that some companies choose to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange while others are traded on the NASDAQ? When a company makes a decision to raise capital by issuing stock, it is competing with other companies for investors' money. To maximize demand for its stock, each company needs to decide which stock exchange it will use to offer its shares to investors. In general, larger exchanges mean more market activity, which means a company wants to be included in the largest stock exchange possible. Stock Picks : Top Stock Board Picks : Penny Stocks Finder.

Pro: Professional Stock Analytics and Stock Trading Platform. Additionally, Wave59 PRO2 gives you maximum flexibility to perform advanced analysis Multiple Chart Styles (ohlc, candlesticks, line-on-close) Full control over all visual elements: bar thickness, chart colors, spacing etc Full control of all indicator parameter settings QScript editor - build custom functions, indicators and systems Tradestation Easylanguage converter Wave59 PRO2 is designed for traders who want an all-encompassing analytics and trading platform to give them a professional edge.

Pro: Professional Stock Analytics and Stock Trading Platform

With Wave59 PRO2 you can perform an entire range of advanced analyses and execute trades, plus build automated trading systems, all from the powerful Advanced Trading Platform. You also have the ability to choose the real-time data feed option and pricing plan that's best for you - and you can also import data into Wave59 PRO2 via the built-in Data Manager. Read the Review of Wave59 in Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities Magazine. Stock Hideout Video Chat. Stock Nod - Stay Connected. Never miss a trade.