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Markets Magazine. MarketWatch - Stock Market Quotes, Business News, Financial News. Open Collaboration - The Next Economic Paradigm. I’ve dedicated a lot of research over the last few years to understanding the deep trends that will define the next economy.

Open Collaboration - The Next Economic Paradigm

As I’ve written elsewhere, the global economy goes through a creative-destructive cycle every 50 years. And now we’re in the midst of a collapsing paradigm that is soon to be replaced by something new. In this article, I will explain what the new paradigm is and how it will impact every sector of society — including business, government, education, and basic research. The old economic paradigm was a service economy built on the digital communications revolution that began in the early 1970′s.

It is winding down now as financial capital has decoupled from productive capital and the global speculative bubble has burst. South Africa’s biggest source of financial, business and economic information. World Finance. MBS Dashboard - Pricing, Charts and Commentary. There's not a lot of "updating" or commentary to be done when bond markets are behaving as expected.

MBS Dashboard - Pricing, Charts and Commentary

With that in mind, markets continue to trade as expected following this morning's initial move. Also to be expected is a general lack of big moves the day before NFP. Essentially, our best chance for a big move would have been a crazy ECB Announcement this morning, followed by crazy strong economic data, subsequently causing snowball selling in Treasuries and major spillover into MBS. Without that "stuff" in play, there's not much left to do apart from simply meandering noncommittally back into the previous range and waiting for NFP. If you remember the fireworks analogy from a few days back, our heads were turned to see what the kids were lighting off this morning, but it wasn't impressive enough to get us to move our chairs before the big show.

On a positive note, the mild, but consistent strength has finally delivered the reprices that became possible with this morning's initial gains. Us-info. MoneySense. IPO Desktop. Conspiracy of the Rich - Home. ZN: Stock Quote Price - Value of Stock for ZION OIL & GAS Today. Financial Investment News - Stock Investing News - Investment News. Crowdfund News. Wall Street Journal.

World Wealth Report 2011. Euromoney – International banking finance and capital markets news and analysis. The Business Finance- Finance and Economy Site. Professional Wealth Management. Microfinance and Microcredit Investment. World business, finance and political news from the Financial Times? Europe. Inc. - News Room. Single Global Currency Association. Jing Daily: The Business of Luxury and Culture in China. Bitcoin luxury e-tailer BitPremier has its sights on the China market.

Jing Daily: The Business of Luxury and Culture in China

(BitPremier) While China’s flourishing Bitcoin market has attracted intense speculation and economic optimism, the digital currency’s anonymous nature and unregulated status make it poised to significantly affect online business in the mainland. Bitcoin is a web-based digital currency that has recently been enjoying immense popularity throughout the world. With no physical presence—transactions are made through its shared and completely digital client—the identities of its users are easily rendered anonymous. There are two ways to obtain Bitcoins: the first is simply to buy them at one of many exchange websites, while the other is to generate new Bitcoins via the complicated and expensive process of “mining”, which involves using high-powered computers to crack dense mathematical formulas that add new Bitcoins into circulation and simultaneously protect the system from hackers.