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How I Helped Invent the Touchscreen in 1979 at Xerox PARC. It has been thirty-three years since I was thrown head first and feet kicking from the comforts of Xerox's design lab into the world of brilliant psychologists and programmers working at Xerox PARC on the first touch-screen interface.

How I Helped Invent the Touchscreen in 1979 at Xerox PARC

It was 1979 and I had been tasked with developing the user interface on a computer touch-screen that was 5? X 7? Cutwail-LEET11.pdf (application/pdf Object) IBM researchers create nanomedicine to kill bacteria where antibiotics fail. IBM and a research group in Singapore have engineered a new kind of synthetic, biodegradable nano particle that could be used to attack bacteria that have become resistant to antibiotics.

IBM researchers create nanomedicine to kill bacteria where antibiotics fail

The researchers believe that the nanomedicine breakthrough could eventually be used to fight infectious diseases better than antibiotics. If it works, the nanomedicine could save countless lives and protect people from illnesses that arise from bacterial infections, like staph. Using a trick from chip manufacturing, the researchers figured out how to isolate certain kinds of cells and attack them. That gets around the problem of many drugs today that kill off the good red blood cells at the same time that they eradicate bad cells.

The researchers said the synthetic polymers they created can seek out bacteria cells and destroy their membrane walls. Powerful Online Business Management Software: Online Project Management Software, Online Sales and CRM, Service Support and Accounting Sofware. Free Online Course Materials. Quadrocopters juggle balls cooperatively, mesmerize with their lethal accuracy (video) Miniature lasers could help launch new age of the Internet. A new laser device created at the University of Central Florida could make high-speed computing faster and more reliable, opening the door to a new age of the Internet.

Miniature lasers could help launch new age of the Internet

Professor Dennis Deppe's miniature laser diode emits more intense light than those currently used. The light emits at a single wavelength, making it ideal for use in compact disc players, laser pointers and optical mice for computers, in addition to high-speed data transmission. Until now, the biggest challenge has been the failure rate of these tiny devices. Software & Information Industry Association - SIIA: Software & Information Industry Association. New Tech. 25 Years of Computer Virus Evolution, Condensed to 9 Minutes. Global Energy Industry Hit In “Night Dragon” Attacks. In 2010 McAfee Labs processed an average of almost 55,000 pieces of new malware every day.

Global Energy Industry Hit In “Night Dragon” Attacks

That nearly mind-numbing amount makes it difficult for any particular attack to stand out. Today, however, I want to highlight one large scale attack that is a clear example of how cybercrime has evolved from something of a hobbyist affair to a very professional activity. We call this specific attack “Night Dragon.” Starting in November 2009, covert cyberattacks were launched against several global oil, energy, and petrochemical companies. The attackers targeted proprietary operations and project-financing information on oil and gas field bids and operations. McAfee has identified the tools, techniques, and network activities used in these attacks, which continue on to this day. Future of cloud: App Internet - connected business - management. Patent Office Struggles to Catch Up With Technology. Internet Business Search by BizShark. - All you need to know about a website.

The Changelog - Open Source moves fast. Keep up. Private Beta Invites for Big Data/Map reduce/Hadoop Company – Posted on 16 February 2011 by Colin Osburn Are you interested in “ Big Data ?” Do you use map reduce? Hadoop? If so, we would love to talk to you. We are preparing to launch a private beta for and want your thoughts and opinions. is doing a private beta. 1) candid discussions with possible users over their current pain points 2) feedback as to whether the site accurately conveys our message 3) people interested in a beta test allows you to build your own Map Reduce cluster from spare computers in moments, without installing software. Contact About Using map reduce to tackle “big data” requires a cluster and, currently, you have two options. offers a third option. Similar Posts: Related posts Tags | Beta , Big Data , Cool technology , Free Software Tools , Hadoop , Map Reduce. California Supreme Court Rules That a ZIP Code is Personal Identification Information. [Post by Venkat Balasubramani] Pineda v.

California Supreme Court Rules That a ZIP Code is Personal Identification Information

Williams-Sonoma, S178241 (Cal. Supreme Court; Feb. 10, 2011) Plaintiff made a purchase at Williams-Sonoma and when she went to pay, the cashier asked for plaintiff’s ZIP code. Thinking she was required to provide it in order to complete the transaction, plaintiff provided it. Plaintiff sued under the Song-Beverly Credit Card Act (the Credit Card Act) which prohibits a store that accepts credit cards from: request[ing], or requir[ing] as a condition to accepting the credit card as payment…the cardholder to provide personal identification information, which the [store] records upon the credit card transaction form or otherwise.

IPads Storm the Enterprise Network World - As global accounts director at Altus, Inc., Michelle Klatt's job is to visit Fortune 500 companies and demonstrate her firm's video management software.

IPads Storm the Enterprise