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Colin Berry

All that it takes for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing....(Edmund Burke)

Little we know about our legal system. Pleading for justice. (1) Pleading for justice.

Pleading for justice. (1)

Injustice involving a horrific accident. If anybody is wondering why I am turning to the police, and claiming this case is fraudulent.

Official Solicitor,

Mind map. Physicist. Monsanto. Terence McKenna. Guardianship Abuse. Dementia & Alzheimer's. Bad Accident at Costco's. LinkedIn. One Question Every Attorney Needs to Ask a Potential Expert Witness. How do mediators and lawyers keep themselves from being drawn into the drama that shows up in every mediation? Spine/Brain Injury Verdict in Sacramento CA. OMG you just got screwed by the system hosted by Craig Sicilia 03/03 by Brain Injury Radio. Brain Injury Radio Featured follow Call in to speak with the host Ok during my journey I learned several things but most recently i only realized something right there and in front of my face and i kind of knew it but i didnt realize it was official.

OMG you just got screwed by the system hosted by Craig Sicilia 03/03 by Brain Injury Radio

Any time a person gets services we are deemed less capible,have fewer rights as well, everyone has heard of the bill of rights, did you know there is a disability bill of rights , every symptom every hospitalization something is taken away.. Tags: civil rights disability bill of rights bill of rights liverty entilement services military craig sicilia brain injury radio tbi network.

Brain Injury

The Zeitgeist Movement. Food & cooking. David Icke Website. How do you start a rev0lution? Quote: Now, at home, right where you are.

How do you start a rev0lution?

It starts with yourself. So many people think its about going from their computer eating biscuits, to marching on downing street with pitchforks. Inevitably the passions for wanting change falls flat because the would-be revolutionaries soon become conscious of their limitations and the gulf between their vision (of themselves and the world) and the reality. My advise, forget about the external world before you've sorted out your own shit. Whatever is holding you back in life right now, focusing on overcoming that. I beleive if each individual managed to become a balanced and emotionally stable person (via working on themselves) the worlds problems would eventually take care of themselves. __________________ Must see free movies- Earthlings If slaughterhouses had glass walls, we'd all be vegetarians.The beautifal truth Green vegetable juice - the natural cancer cure.My youtube channel Raw foods, healthy living, conspiracy ramblings, music.

The People's Voice. Windows On The World: Infultration Special. The People's Voice Live Stream 2014. The People's Voice. The People's Voice TV. David Icke: ISIS-The Start Of World War III (Video) David Icke on the potential end of The People's Voice - THIS IS NOT A GAME ... Member. The Best Documentary. David Icke - Enemy at the Gates. DAVID ICKE FILMS. David Icke interviewed at Bestival by Richard Strange. Michael Shrimpton Exposes Ted Heath (and others) Facebook. Judge Rips Doc for “Huge Lie”; Perjury Prosecution Possible; Victims May Number in Thousands – New York Personal Injury Law Blog.

Supreme Court, Queens County Reporting by Samson Freundlich and Eric Turkewitz Last week a state trial judge unsealed a record showing falsified testimony by a New York orthopedist who conducts up to 1,000 medical-legal exams each year.

Judge Rips Doc for “Huge Lie”; Perjury Prosecution Possible; Victims May Number in Thousands – New York Personal Injury Law Blog

Queens Supreme Court Justice Duane Hart unsealed the April 12, 2013 testimony of Dr. Michael J. Official Solicitor. Official Solicitor. What is the definition of "marriage vows" ? - WORLD Law Direct Forums. Quote: Well the end game for us has been horrific, this is when lawyers tend to clamp up.

What is the definition of "marriage vows" ? - WORLD Law Direct Forums

My scenario is my wife and I was involved in a horrific accident, unfortunately she came out the worse for it. My experience with the lawyers involved, to keep it short they broke all the CPR rules denied her early intervention of rehab, keeping it short again, I eventually had to accept the situation that I had been cornered in, running out of time, but quite aware that our lawyers have failed us severely, opportunities that had been offered by certain expert, rehab that was never obtain within the 1st 6 months well it just went on and on, they were totally determined to protect the huge corporation involved, it seemed to be at any cost, well to the victim I believe.

A message from Talking Point - Talking Point. Guardianship. Urt Funds. Thanks Gareth, I do appreciate your reply since you do not have an off topic thread, I do appreciate your response and thank you again.

urt Funds

I can accept if I was the children or relatives, but I am her spouse dedicated to care for her, and have done my duties, for someone who deeply loves her, it is all right depriving the claimant from their compensation as long as they participate with the welfare of the claimant if they claim to have the claimants interests at heart.

Well you mention >The reason for that protection is to stop people from accessing it easily and taking it away from the vulnerable people that it belongs to. < That is exactly what they have done to my wife, did they worry did she have anything to eat, could she pay her bills, had funds available to buy Christmas presents for the grandchildren, being able to have money to travel, paying for private care, obtaining private treatment. Half of dementia sufferers 'not being formally diagnosed' About your post - Talking Point. What is the definition of "marriage vows" ? - Page 3 - WORLD Law Direct Forums.

Court Funds - Defending The Truth Political Forum.

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