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FontForge. Dafont.com. To Serif or Sans-Serif, That is The Question - Flash Web Design. Posted by Amit Goyal on 12/25/2009 in Fonts, Tutorials | ∞ If you’ve ever had trouble choosing between the time-honored and the modern, you’ve come to the right place. Even though a web developer has a limited number of font choices to choose from, ill-thought font selections often cancel out all the hard work that goes into a site’s design. The following tutorial guides you through the various font-choices available, anti-aliasing, and some general type-related tips that, I can assure, you’ll consider in your next web project. If you’re a complete virgin to typography, I suggest you flick through this one before continuing on. Serifs & Sans-Serifs The text on the left is in the popular sans-serif font face Verdana, the text on the bottom left’s in the ubiquitous serif face of Times New Roman. I want you notice the rendering of the two typefaces.

Before we dissect anti-aliasing, here’s a darker variation to concrete my point. Anti-Aliasing So what does this mean for a font-face? Arial Georgia.