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The Age of the Protest & The Micro-Age of the Paid Protester » Coffee Roasters Blog. Coffee Roasting at Home: A How To Get Started Guide » Coffee Roasters Blog. Diversity in the Workplace is Good for Business » Coffee Roasters Blog. Diversity is a buzz word that is still trying to find its best meaning. When it comes to hiring, for many companies it seems to mean hiring one or two “token” individuals who represent some set of differences from the majority of the rest of the enterprise. In 2014, the tech world in Silicon Valley was populated by mostly men with less than one woman for every five men in a given tech job. This makes little sense considering that research has found that more different employing techniques tend to contribute to a better performing company, financially and otherwise., the petition website that is changing the world, was at the forefront of this battle a few years ago.

Founded and launched by a woman, as of the beginning of 2015, 51% of its 200 employees were women, with its leadership comprising 40% women, which is even more impressive. One of my go-to references for diversity these days is the docu-series Chef’s Table on Netflix. Receipts Aren’t Just Paper » Coffee Roasters Blog. “Lean In” is a 2013 book from Sheryl Sandberg that talks about gender bias in various industries and gives women advice on how to overcome it in various ways.

In her book, “Lean in,” refers to giving the appearance of engagement, sitting forward and appearing to actively listen (or to actually actively listen) in a strategy to get recognized for participation, et cetera. Colloquially, the phrase has come to be used almost synonymously with “steering into the skid,” although it is not necessarily associated with a tragedy or catastrophe as is the latter; lean into it means to embrace it, and to embrace it with your whole body or being.

That’s my advice for technology and your small business. If you look at the information out there, our reliance on Internet, digitization, and electronic devices is only going to increase and not decrease in the coming years; that growth is exponential in many areas, with manufacturers almost daily finding new devices to connect to the Internet. Holiday Ideas for Your Coffee Shop - Father’s Day » Coffee Roasters Blog. Father’s Day doesn’t get as much hype as Mother’s Day, and I think that’s probably because people are more likely to have absent fathers than absent mothers. They’re also more likely to have unsentimental fathers (like mine, who got genuinely mad at all of us for getting him Christmas presents this year). Historically, it’s been much more acceptable and almost accepted that men don’t focus on family and home as much as women; but with the erasing of gender lines and norms, the changing face of the nuclear family, and the increasing emphasis on parenting from every parent, we should be celebrating fathers with pride and excitement.

As a coffee shop and as with Mother’s Day, you’re limited by the dinner/brunch/meal thing that tends to be associated with these parental celebration days. If you have a full menu, offering brunch or dinner with dishes that focus on dad is an excellent way to start. If you take reservations or even if you don’t, plan ahead beforehand. Social Media and Building Your Business Buzz » Coffee Roasters Blog. It seems an impossibility to consider opening a new business in any industry today without involving some sort of social media strategy. So much of our lives takes place online and with the advent of the Internet of Things and increasingly more accessible Internet and technology, social media is developing the power to make or destroy any type of business.

There are, of course, those businesses which are thriving from a purely online presence, utilizing Pinterest or Etsy to promote handmade crafts, or Instagram to help catering businesses. Each social media platform has a user-ship with unique qualities and expectations as far as content, interaction and aesthetic. A small business can utilize a variety of platforms successfully, tailoring its content and look to best suit each individual online space. When it comes to a coffee shop, there are specific strategies to keep in mind for successfully marketing through social media.

Getting To Know The Dark Roasts » Coffee Roasters Blog. Dark Roasts Brood Deeper Thoughts Dark Roast’s Profile is Strong & Bold Even though most coffee elitists and specialty coffee connoisseurs will be quick to tell you light roast is the best roast, the market for dark roast coffees is, much like its flavor profile, strong and bold. Looking at the best-selling ground coffee on Amazon, the 4 out of the top 5 products are Dark Roasts, with the fifth (and number one best-seller) a medium roast from good old Folgers.There are no standardized statistical measures for actually gauging consumer preference, but I did find some statistics that paint an interesting picture when it comes to light vs. medium vs. dark debate.

A 2012 online survey found that 39% of those reviews preferred dark roasts compared with 11 % who preferred light roasts. Statistically, What Type of Roast is Chosen At Starbucks? Additionally, it is often hard to convince many people that the lighter tasting light roasts are actually stronger when it comes to caffeine. Cold Brew. Entice Your Customers into Leaving Positive Reviews » Coffee Roasters Blog. It almost doesn’t matter what kind of business you have these days: the Internet is going to be involved. Even if you don’t have a website or a social media presence (which, honestly, you should), people are going to find you online. People are going to find out facts about your business like where it’s at and what it’s hours are; but, they’re also going to talk about your business.

This is something you can mold to your advantage if you have the right strategies; you definitely need to lean into the online review culture because it could make or break your business. Consumers are generally more likely to review food service businesses than any other; but, more and more online reviews, scoring and so forth have an impact on the success of all types of businesses. For example, blogs that produce ranked lists of the best (or worst) companies in various industries will likely look for online reviews or customer feedback in computing that business’ score. Types of Roasts 101: A Guide From Light To Dark » Coffee Roasters Blog. It’s still not common knowledge that dark roast coffee is not, in fact, higher in caffeine content. It tastes strong and, often, that’s what matters to people.

The science is conflicted as to just how much difference there is when it comes to caffeine content and roasting; but there are notable characteristic differences when you’re talking light, medium and dark roasts (and all those in between). Roasting has the most significant impact on the flavor of your coffee. The naturally green seed from the coffee fruit plant is kind of soft, becoming brittle during the roasting process. The most common coffee family is Arabica, which has lower caffeine content and therefore less bitterness than its counterpart, Robusta. The names for the different roasts intuitively come from the appearance of the beans: light, medium, and dark. During the roasting process, light roasts are generally attained by removing the beans from the heat after the first “pop” or “crack” is heard. Coffee Around the World: Australia » Coffee Roasters Blog. It was never so much an outright statement or conversation when I worked at various coffee shops, it was more an understanding: Australians do coffee well.

Or, at the very least, they do coffee distinctively. I remember Australian tourists praising one of my coffee shop’s brews with flabbergasted voices; they’d yet to find anything in America that matched their standards. I also remember when the “Flat White” trend began trending, an Australian-original from what I heard that we had to have customers try to explain to us because it wasn’t in our repertoire; there were several different versions that all tasted like a latte to me and I wondered what was so special about this supposed Australian invention that was making people seek it with risk and confusion.

I remember one customer saying when I asked why he preferred us to try to make a flat white when we apparently didn’t know how, that he just thought it tasted better, sweeter almost. Cheers! Coffee Cacao Matcha in The Making! Combining Interesting Ingredients To Get Your Yerba or Matcha Coffee Mix On It’s really no surprise when “coffee” and “health” come up in the same sentence; coffee was originally marketed for medicinal purposes, as least in the West. And, continuing into today, this very year, people are finding newer, better ways to keep coffee from being merely a leisure beverage, or even just a beverage necessary for many of us to be able to get out of bed in the mornings. This is the subject of many new businesses and startups.

No longer is it cool to bring ingenious brewing methods or single-origin sourced coffees to your hipster or business-formal consumers; these days, healthy is chic, and that means that giving anything and everything a healthy twist has the potential to make it chicer. Javazen was founded by Eric Goldman when he realized that the coffee options available to him during his years as a college intern in D.C. were repetitive, limited, and simply not healthy enough for his desires.

Tariffs, Quotas, and Your Business » Coffee Roasters Blog. The US’s new administration is making some headlines recently, with some accusing them of instigating trade wars with foreign allies to the US (allies and trade partners, to be clear) and others calling actions like tariffs a substantial step toward an “America First” policy.

I wanted to look at these issues further, specifically tariffs and their cousins, quotas, and to find out what kind of effect such policies actually can have on The idea behind these policies is called protectionism because they are theoretically meant to “protect” domestic business interests. Tariffs are taxes levied on goods exported from other countries and imported into the US, and they are enacted in the hopes of motivating domestic production and minimizing our nation’s spending on foreign products. If we buy less foreign goods, theoretically we’ll be buying more domestic ones. Tariffs add a tax to imported products, substantially raising the price a company pays for products coming in from a foreign country.

Navigating Your Inner Dairy Sensitivities in a Milk & Sugar World » Coffee Roasters Blog. I recently discovered that after an entire lifetime drinking milk like it was water and eating cheese like it was candy, I have a dairy sensitivity. In fact, I’m so sensitive to it I probably shouldn’t consume it at all in consideration for those around me, if you catch my…drift. I’m Not Vegan Cheese This is part of the reason I started working in a vegan cheese shop; I am not vegan, but I’ve been having a really hard time giving up my lattes and nachos. At this store I work at, we sell several different types of plant-based and nut-based milk along with our cheeses, yogurts and other vegan alternatives. Rise in Dairy Allergies Like most things that burst onto the market, nondairy milk started in reaction to both veganism and a rise in dairy allergies.

When it comes to protein, nondairy milk doesn’t compare to the real Milk-Coy. Calcium Calcium is something my mom, in particular, has been missing since she switched to almond milk for health reasons. Vitamin D In Defense of NonDairy Milk. Ideas for Your Coffee Shop - Mother’s Day » Coffee Roasters Blog. Not everyone has a mother, but a lot of people have at least someone they consider a mother figure or someone they honor on that national holiday on May 14th. Additionally, Mother’s Day, no matter how many people have a mother or grandmother or mother-figure to celebrate, is one of the busiest days of the year for most restaurants or similar businesses.

This means you should A) be prepared for that amped up business and B) give people as much incentive as possible to come celebrate at your shop. Now, restaurants are the places that tend to get most of this business, so a coffee shop may not be the priority this day, but that doesn’t mean it absolutely won’t be and it certainly doesn’t mean you can’t make it. First, be aware of the restaurants in your area; if they are taking large numbers of reservations, you may be able to collaborate or piggy-back off their business.

You can put up signs promoting Mother’s Day specials, like “Mom’s Eat free” or something along those lines. Cascara: Coffee, Tea, Fruit or Bean? » Coffee Roasters Blog. What is it? Where Does it Come From? Why Are We Drinking It? Not that long ago I wrote a blog about the trends in coffee for summer. I thought I had been thorough, but of course, I probably had considering we were only 3 or so months into the new year and not even at the official start to summer (though who can tell these days with the effects of climate change). Then I looked at Stumptown’s website and saw that they’re ramping things up even more when it comes to your summer beverage fix.

I’m pumped because I love innovation even more than I love coffee. At Stumptown, they’ve teamed up with a North Carolina company, Slingshot Coffee Co. for their latest summertime brew. This collaboration is putting to rest that age old battle between coffee and tea in an unconventional way: by combining them! Cascara is a tea; but, it is also a beverage which is produced from the same plant that coffee is made from! Is it Coffee or Tea?? Yes. What is Cascara? Tips for Starting a Coffee Roasting Business » Coffee Roasters Blog.

Starting a coffee roasting business is both similar to starting any other kind of business and different. It’s similar in some of the basic needs and preparation you’ll have to fulfill, and it’s different for the very specific needs, qualifications, and skills that are necessary for commercial coffee roasting. I’m going to talk about business musts for the coffee roasting business specifically. How To Roast First, you need to know what the heck coffee roasting is. Eventually, with a process of coffee roasting, you’re going to need hands on experience. How Much? Getting to know people in the business, whether by going to classes through roasting companies, sitting down with other owners, or going to coffee conventions and events, is going to be one of your best resources for successfully launching your roasting business.

Network As with any customer-dependent business, your business has to begin even before your physical business is open. Cupping! Children and Coffee: Yes or No? » Coffee Roasters Blog. Before my mom would let me drink coffee, she told me I couldn’t because it would stunt my growth. As my mother is now just under 5 foot, I inevitably made some witty (witty in my mind, at least) comment about that being the reason she’s as short as she is.

Thankfully, my mother wasn’t a slapper. One night, I spent the night with my best friend in fourth grade. At breakfast, her parents let all of the kids have what they called coffee-milk; it was a cup that was equal parts…well, if you can’t guess, I’m shaking my head at you through the computer. I was pumped–I wasn’t overly impressed, but it felt sneaky and exciting. When I worked at a coffee shop, one of my coworkers bought her 4-year-old niece a large iced coffee, light and sweet, for her birthday because it was “her favorite.” From what I’ve learned, the United States doesn’t have a legal minimum for caffeine consumption in children, though some other countries do–though they don’t prohibit it. Coffee and Liquor » Coffee Roasters Blog.

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