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Holiday Ideas for Your Coffee Shop - St. Patrick’s Day » Coffee Roasters Blog. While it sucks as a customer servant to work on holidays, for your business it can be a fantastic opportunity to renew customer engagement and boost sales; you can also use almost any holiday to boost your employees’ engagement and enthusiasm, which makes up for having to work when many others don’t and which will enhance their customer serving success!

Holiday Ideas for Your Coffee Shop - St. Patrick’s Day » Coffee Roasters Blog

Coming up in March is a holiday that can be equal parts fun and messy depending on where you are in the world and what the main demographic is. St. Patrick’s Day has been coopted in America to mean either the clean fun of wearing green or getting pinched, or the often-not-clean-at-all fun of day-drinking. My partner and I traditionally make something like bangers and mash or shepherd’s pie and watch The Boondock Saints.

Cooking with Coffee » Coffee Roasters Blog. Coffee is an aromatic wonder that much of the world is addicted to drinking; it wakes us up in the morning, boosts our creative output, and helps us excel at social situations.

Cooking with Coffee » Coffee Roasters Blog

I know many people who are so addicted to just the flavor of coffee that they continue to drink decaf even when they’ve given up caffeine. Coffee isn’t just great for drinking, however. You’ve probably tasted coffee infused baked goods or candies; but, it is great when used in many edible delights! Coffee is great for savory dishes, especially beef.

Catering to Your Niche Customers: Programmers » Coffee Roasters Blog. Freelancers need coffee shops and coffee shops need freelancers.

Catering to Your Niche Customers: Programmers » Coffee Roasters Blog

Today, I want to specifically look at how you can attract and accommodate that unique species of freelancer: the programmer. Computer programmers literally live their lives on computers. They’re the people that are responsible for me being able to type this blog into a Google Doc and also for my boss to then transfer it onto his perfectly curated blog; which allows you access to content and the ability to read it at your leisure! Good Chinese Coffee: Does it Exist and What is it? » Coffee Roasters Blog. It’s the Year of the Rooster according to the recently celebrated Chinese New Year.

Good Chinese Coffee: Does it Exist and What is it? » Coffee Roasters Blog

It follows, then, that I have to ask–it’s pun-deniably inevitable if you will: does China have any coffee that’s worth crowing about? If you’re still reading after that intro, thank you for your patience. China is an ancient civilization and coffee is a miracle drug that hails from ancient civilizations. Chinese coffee, however, is not something you often hear about, if ever. Catering to Your Niche Customers: Business Meetings » Coffee Roasters Blog. I can’t count the number of times I’ve said some version of the following: it’s the age of freelancers!

Catering to Your Niche Customers: Business Meetings » Coffee Roasters Blog

In addition to that, it’s the age of small businesses, entrepreneurs, startups, and online businesses–all of which may require doing business without an actual, physical office. The coffee shop in the United States has become the work-base for many office-less workers because of the general accommodations of WiFi, affordable fare, and stimulating beverages. As a coffee shop owner, you should consider this niche market in your shop’s design so that you can attract these inevitably profitable business meetings. Reviewing Performance Reviews: Do They Help or Hurt? » Coffee Roasters Blog. To be clear: this is not about ditching performance reviews altogether.

Reviewing Performance Reviews: Do They Help or Hurt? » Coffee Roasters Blog

In fact, it’s about tweaking them and evolving them so that they become more effective. Essentially, it’s about reviewing performance reviews (as I said above) to see what works, what doesn’t, and where to take them next. The business world, throughout a variety of industries, has been reevaluating the employee performance review for years now. Catering to Your Niche Customers: Moms, Dads, Nannies » Coffee Roasters Blog.

From the beginning of marketing time, the mom has been the target demographic for almost everything.

Catering to Your Niche Customers: Moms, Dads, Nannies » Coffee Roasters Blog

As the center point for domesticity and the family, she was the shopper for the household and its members–imagine Donna Reed spending Mr. Reed’s (he didn’t have a first name, and if he did, does anyone really care?) Money on appliances, groceries, and clothing. Catering to Your Niche Customers: Writers » Coffee Roasters Blog. There’s something about coffee shops that have drawn writers from the dawn of (their) time.

Catering to Your Niche Customers: Writers » Coffee Roasters Blog

I’m talking well before the age of the telecommuting freelancer and the freelance direction the bulk of our economy is trending toward. Some of the most famous writers prefer public spaces, like coffee shops, for getting their best work done most efficiently. Many theories postulate that it’s some combination of the white noise, the pressure to be productive in a public space, the inspiration of people watching and eavesdropping, and, of course, the caffeine.

Offices can be too clinical for the creative process and home can be too distracting. That means that you’re likely to attract writers merely on the basis of existing; but, that doesn’t mean that you can’t go the extra mile to attract this solid customer base to your new coffee shop. Know How You Can Decorate Your Coffee Shop On Valentine Day. Holidays are an opportunity for your coffee shop to re-engage with your customers, attract new customers, and change up the day-to-day.

Know How You Can Decorate Your Coffee Shop On Valentine Day

It’s almost February now, so that means two things: Groundhog’s Day and Valentine’s Day. Obviously one is bigger than the other, but you can take both as an opportunity to boost revenues and engage in creative ways with your customers. With Groundhog’s Day, you can offer promotions based on the potential outcomes. Sell Your Coffee Using Custom Printed Packaging » Coffee Roasters Blog. Your brand is nothing if it doesn’t speak for itself; and, honestly, your business is nothing without a brand.

Sell Your Coffee Using Custom Printed Packaging » Coffee Roasters Blog

Perhaps when you first started out, you had to sideline branding and labeling, opting for cheaper alternatives and focusing on getting your product out there in order to build a loyal customer base. The thing is, the signage on the front of your store only goes so far in making people remember where those products came from. As a coffee shop or roaster just starting out, when you do make the choice for custom labeling, it’ll first be for the takeaway cups holding your perfect brews and perhaps the bags for your pastries and other purchasable goodies. Once you’ve established yourself as a reliable, exciting new business and garnered those loyally returning customers, you’ll want to enhance that baseline in any way you can. Those customers serve as an opportunity to do just that. Should You Sell Products In Your Coffee Shop? » Coffee Roasters Blog. The first part of the answer to this question is going to come from you.

It’s up to you and your vision for your business’ brand, your financial situation, and so forth if you want to invest in, design, stock and promote retail items. Retail items offer several advantages to your business. They reinforce your brand, giving your loyal and enthusiastic customers the opportunity to help promote it even when they leave your premises. They keep your brand memorable, whether to your regulars or the tourist who happens upon your shop and needs a better way to remember it than a flimsy old business card.

And it adds revenue options. Where To Find a Source For Your Coffee Shop's Utensils and Drinkware - Coffee Roasters Blog. Where you find your coffee shop’s supplies is going to depend in part on your location and the aesthetic of your business. It also depends on the size of your business and the money you are willing to spend. Most likely, you are going to want to look at restaurant supply stores for your supplies; they are going to have everything you need as far as utensils and drinkware and in a decent variety at a decent price. My advice, as always, is to shop around online first, checking out various prices (including shipping prices) and aesthetics. You’ll also want to investigate the quality and perception of the business before purchasing from them.

You can check out online reviews as well as connect with your acquaintances and friends in the coffee business to find out who they like and don’t like for restaurant supplies. Pay Your Employees Better, Make More Money? - Coffee Roasters Blog. A prominent debate on the national stage this year has been the status of minimum wage. Should minimum wage be raised? Should there be a minimum wage? What effect does paying higher wages have on small, medium and large businesses? You're Killin' Me Smalls: Small, Micro, Nano Batching - Coffee Roasters Blog. The third wave of coffee created coffee roasting and sourcing rock stars.

Roasters and coffee shops alike were dissatisfied with coffee middlemen holding a monopoly on coffee sourcing information, so they started going directly to the source. The price reduction and opportunity for fairer trading practices were also a draw. When the coffee buyers and roasters, the coffee lovers let’s say, became more directly involved in the sourcing process, they discovered that our love for coffee could be grown even more. The third wave rolled in, bringing gallons of new information about coffee at its source, and the benefits of difference sources. Whoever bought the green raw coffee and roasted it was now responsible for preserving this new influx of information and elevating it (not ruining it or burning it away to negligibility) with their roasting and blending process. Design Your Menu to Be Beautiful, Functional and Fun - Coffee Roasters Blog. Your menu is a part of your brand. It is a visual, interactive and informative aspect of the overall impression of your business.

Each of those adjectives is an important aspect to consider in your design. Make It Visual. Coffee and Your Health - Does Coffee Affect Your Heart? - Coffee Roasters Blog. The Best of the Best Coffee Beans - Coffee Roasters Blog. Throwaway or Reusable? - Coffee Roasters Blog. Not Just Coffee: Food Pairings for Your Brew - Coffee Roasters Blog.

Coffee Roasting Trends and Technology - Coffee Roasters Blog. Pricing Your Products - Coffee Roasters Blog.