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Learn Code for Free-Start Learning the technical and non-technical skills with your own. Coding Tag will help you to make your dream come true for your desired job. Start your preparation with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, Python, Interview Questions, and Current Affairs etc.

Perl Programming Languages Advantages and Disadvantages by codingtag. Top 30 Perl Interview Questions : Coding Tag. Coding Tag offers you the PERL interview questions with a detailed explanation of every section covering PERL language basics that are required before facing a PERL developer interview. 1) PERL stands for? Practical Extraction and Report Language 2) Who Developed the PERL language? Larry Wall 3) What is PERL? Perl is the most prominent interpreted open source programming language containing a wide range of libraries, programmers, and resources used for various tasks related to web development, system administration, network programming, GUI development, report language, practical extraction, and other bulk text processing tasks. PERL is trendier nowadays due to its rapid development cycle and text manipulation capabilities. 4) List some features of PERL? 5) What is the main reason for choosing PERL language as a scripting language?

Following are the reasons for selecting PERL languages as a scripting language: 6) Differentiate Between USE and REQUIRE? 7) How can you empty an array? Scalar Yes Syntax: Top 30 JavaScript Interview Questions. Being from an IT background, I understand the intricacy level of cracking an interview, particularly when you are from a coding background. That is why, I am publishing below given JavaScript Interview Questions as per my experience and I am sure this will be helpful to you. 1) What is JavaScript? JavaScript is a high-level, interpreted, and dynamic programming language. Along with CSS and HTML, JavaScript is one of the three popular technologies used for web designing in the World Wide Web that can be directly used in the browser.

Top 30 Ajax Interview Questions : Coding Tag. Every big company wants to satisfy the user's requirements.

Top 30 Ajax Interview Questions : Coding Tag

Every user wants easy navigation, interactive environment, Dynamic, Compact technology. Knowledge of AJAX is mandatory for every developer to develop interactive applications. Coding Tag provides you Ajax interview Questions with every basic concept of AJAX selected from different JQUERY AJAX and JavaScript tutorials and assists you to crack a developer interview. 1) Name the technologies AJAX comprises of? Javascript, XML, CSS, JSON, PHP, DOM and <html>HTML and CSS are used as Client Side.JavaScript is used to send a request.XML act as request formats and PHP is used for the server-side. Basic Banking Terms - CodingTag. In this article we will discuss few basic banking terms but if you wish to learn in detail about the topic then check out the related article at Coding Tag.

Basic Banking Terms - CodingTag

A nine-digit number that recognizes your budgetary foundation. Bigger banks may have numerous directing numbers that depend on the geographic area where the record was opened. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. An administration run association that guarantees clients' bank stores up to $250,000 if the bank fizzles. The National Credit Union Administration is identical for credit associations. Introduction to oops. Posted by codingtagblog on June 15th, 2020 Object-oriented programming (OOP) is a PC programming model that composes programming structure around information, or items, as opposed to capacities and rationale.

Introduction to oops

An item can be characterized as an information field that has interesting traits and conduct. This article will give you a basic understanding of OOPS. Top 30 SQL Interview Questions. SQL is probably used for database interaction and management.

Top 30 SQL Interview Questions

Nowadays, SQL skills are essential for getting jobs, especially in the web development field. In this blog, I am going to introduce a set of SQL interview questions to cope up with the growing competition in IT markets. Let's Continue !! 1) What is DBMS? DBMS is known as the file manager program that is designed for data management in the database which includes creating, implementing, and maintaining data. It provides a systematic method to perform modification, administration, and retrieval.

Top 50 HTML Interview Questions. Learning is a journey and we must strive to learn.

Top 50 HTML Interview Questions

In today's competitive market acquiring and mastering a skillset is a must to survive the cut-throat competition. Cracking interview and proving your worth to the employer is essential to get a good job. To crack the HTML interview with confidence, we have curated a list of top questions frequently asked by employers who are looking for HTML professionals. These question answers will help you to brush up your HTML fundamentals. This proven list is shortlisted by our expert and caters all the needs of freshers as well as experienced candidates. Let's get started. 1.

HTML is the short form of "Hypertext Markup Language". It consists of some syntax and code words the same as other computer languages. Introduction to WordPress - .Free Online Updated IT Tutorials and Courses - Coding Tag. WordPress is a free and open source Content Management System (CMS) structure.

Introduction to WordPress - .Free Online Updated IT Tutorials and Courses - Coding Tag

It is the most broadly utilized CMS system of late time. Let us presently have a short conversation on what is CMS and what is wordpress. This article will provide the basic introduction to WordPress. If you wish to know in detail then check out the top 10 WordPress themes for business at Coding Tag. Top 30 Android Interview Questions. As the Android is the most trending operating system.

Top 30 Android Interview Questions

More than 80 percent of the users use Android phones; it will definitely increase the demand for Android Developer in the IT Company.