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How to create a successful website. There are mainly two methods that can be used to express i.e. expressive and communicative expression. Blogs allow you to do both. A blog can be referred to as a popular platform used by an individual to share or express their communicative ideas, thoughts, passion, stories, knowledge, and expression. The process of updating the blog on the web is known as Blogging. Blogging can be called as a communication medium to build a connection. At present, the blog is becoming an important medium to explore business and make money. Best free responsive wordpress themes for business. Advanced Agile Interview Questions and Answers.

PHP INTERVIEW QUESTIONS FOR FRESHERS -Coding Tag. Quality Assurance Interview Question and answers. Advanced Golang Programming Interview and answers. Top c language interview questions answers. Cobol interview questions and answers 2020. Advanced oops interview questions– Coding Tag. BA Full Form. Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) is one of the best-known undergraduate degrees.

BA Full Form

It is one of the most flexible degree programs that enable the students to select more than 40 arts and social science subjects. Course duration of B.A. varies from country to country but generally lasts 3 to 4 years. In India, B.A. course is made of 3 years. Duration and Eligibility: Duration: B.A. course is made of 3 years (6 Semesters).

Eligibility: Qualification: Students should pass the H.S.C (10+2) exam from a recognized education board with Science, Commerce or Arts. Admission Procedure: Admission procedure varies from college to college or universities to universities. Some colleges or universities offer direct admission to the B.A. course program. Visit the official website of the respective colleges or universities and then fill the online application form. Major areas of Study: Top SQLite Interview Questions and Answers in 2020 – Coding Tag. Top CSS interview questions and Answers in 2020. C language interview questions answers 2020. Top 30 C language Interview Questions.

Coding Tag provides you with the Top 30 widespread interview questions on C Programming language for freshers and experienced students to crack any IT Interview. 1) Who developed the C language?

Top 30 C language Interview Questions

Dennis M. Ritchie 2) Name the operating system which is completely made up of C language? UNIX Operating System 3) List some applications of C language? Drivers and utility softwareDatabaseOperating systemsAssemblerText editor and many more 4) What is the extension of a program written in C language? Codingtagoffical (@codingtagoffical) Coding tag's online e-learning web portal. Advanced CSS Interview Questions. Coding Tag provides you the most essential CSS interview questions and answers.

Advanced CSS Interview Questions

These questions will definitely inspire and increase the student's confidence level. Just go through these selective CSS Interview Questions before facing any job interview and to make a good impression. These questions are in simple languages that within one read, you can remember all the basic concepts. 1. What is CSS? CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets, Cascading means flow, style means to design and customization like custom hide, custom position on HTML element, and sheet refers to a digital document, which contains the size of HTML. CSS is also a markup language similar to HTML, It illustrates how HTML elements are to be shown on screen. 2. With the use of CSS, we are able to create more attractive, affecting, and customized web pages by doing less coding and reduce time also. HTML Interview Questions for Freshers and Experienced-Coding Tag. Learning is a journey and we must strive to learn.

HTML Interview Questions for Freshers and Experienced-Coding Tag

In today's competitive market acquiring and mastering a skillset is a must to survive the cut-throat competition. Cracking interview and proving your worth to the employer is essential to get a good job. To crack the HTML interview with confidence, we have curated a list of top questions frequently asked by employers who are looking for HTML professionals. These question answers will help you to brush up your HTML fundamentals. This proven list is shortlisted by our expert and caters all the needs of freshers as well as experienced candidates. Let's get started. 1. HTML is the short form of "Hypertext Markup Language". It consists of some syntax and code words the same as other computer languages. TOP 30 PHP Interview Questions and Answers 2020.

Let's confess, facing an interview is never easy.

TOP 30 PHP Interview Questions and Answers 2020

The whole idea of sitting in a new organization's environment in front of an interviewer gives chills down the spine. While being interviewed, numerous thoughts pop in your mind, you are anxious, and at the same time, you are also trying hard to focus on the PHP Interview Questions fired at you. Tug of war is always ON between the nervousness and focus you required the most to crack the interview. Though I can only advise you to stay calm during interviews, one thing on which I can genuinely help you is with your preparation for PHP interviews. I have curated a list of PHP Interview Questions and Answers for all levels. Technical interviews are very tricky, especially the ones which involve real-time coding.

With this blog on PHP Interview Question, I have taken care of all aspects. You will find all the basic code and the output you can retain while appearing in PHP interviews.