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Careers. Supply Chain Solutions & Strategic Procurement. Strategic Sourcing Software. Procurement Outsourcing and Co-Sourcing. Tail-end Spend Management / Source-to-Contract / Procure-to-Pay / Source-to-Pay Overview It’s not difficult to see how a single, end-to-end procurement solution would strengthen business operations.

Procurement Outsourcing and Co-Sourcing

A single journey, all the way from initial product or service sourcing through to invoice payments and ongoing supplier management. Cost savings would be achieved and process efficiencies would clearly add to the overall business value. So it’s not the vision that is the challenge. Each stage of the procurement cycle involves multiple stakeholders, variable processes, questionable practices, unregulated pricing and almost limitless administration. In any other part of a commercial enterprise, systemic inefficiency would be penalised. Sourcing and Procurement Services Firm. The Strategic CFO. Responding to an IFB, RFP or RFQ. Do you know the difference between an IFB, RFP and RFQ?

Responding to an IFB, RFP or RFQ

Each is a type of government solicitation, but they differ significantly in what's requested and required of you: Invitation for Bid (IFB) This competitive method of awarding government contracts is used for procurements of more than $100,000 in value. The agency knows exactly what and how many of everything it needs in the contract, as well as when and how the products and services are to be delivered.

The award is generally based on price. Writing a government proposal for an IFB seems simple enough — all you have to do is fill out the government bid-package forms. Top ERP Software Systems - 2015 Reviews & Pricing. The enterprise resource planning (ERP) software market is large and complex.

Top ERP Software Systems - 2015 Reviews & Pricing

There are hundreds of vendors offering best-of-breed (i.e., stand alone) ERP applications or integrated ERP software suites. Additionally, many ERP software companies offer vertical market solutions to meet the unique requirements of specific industries, such as manufacturing, distribution, retail and others. We wrote this buyer’s guide to help organizations better understand how to select the best ERP system that suits their business needs. Here’s what we’ll cover: What Is ERP Software? What Is ERP Software? An enterprise resource planning system helps organizations track information across all departments and business functions, from accounting to human resources to sales and beyond. Infosys BPO - Business Process Outsourcing Services. Knowledge Bank. The Sexy Side of Strategic Sourcing: Complex Categories - Spend Matters Spend Matters. Spend Matters welcomes a battle of the bands guest post from Timothy Yoo, Principal at Archstone Consulting (rebutting Mike Fuller’s claims from last week).

The Sexy Side of Strategic Sourcing: Complex Categories - Spend Matters Spend Matters

I read last week’s guest post by Mike Fuller Ain’t No Half-Steppin”: Why You Should Still Be Focusing on SRM, and I’m sorry to say, Mike, but I completely disagree with you. Rod Stewart’s song and video ‘Da Ya Think I’m Sexy’ is NOT sexy. I’ve always been partial to Marvin Gaye myself, and when given the opportunity to source a complex category I find myself exclaiming “Let’s Get It On!” The “2011 Hackett Procurement Key Issues Study” recently highlighted that procurement departments continue to be asked to do more with less, meaning that savings targets are becoming even more aggressive despite decreases in both operating budgets and headcount. The only solution is to become more effective, and focus resources on areas with the largest ROI. What would you consider a complex category? Long-form Response to Government RFP on Behance.

10. Estimating cost-saving potential from international sourcing and. Google Scholar Citations. A collaborative review of proposed values, principles, and standards of practice for public sector procurement. The Complete Procure to Pay Cycle. The procure-to-pay cycle has become a standardized process for both procurement practitioners and service providers alike.

The Complete Procure to Pay Cycle

This post has been sourced from a very useful blog called Supply Chain Management (SCM). The SCM blog is no longer maintained, but this is one of their most useful posts and I thought I’d update it a little and share it with you. The Typical Procure-to-Pay Cycle These steps are usually involved in your typical procure to pay cycle: Identification of RequirementAuthorization of Purchase RequestFinal Approval of Purchase RequestProcurementIdentification of SuppliersInquiriesReceipt of the QuotationNegotiationSelection of the VendorPurchase Order AcknowledgementAdvance Shipment NoticeGoods ReceiptInvoice Recording3 Way MatchPayment to Supplier Read about the latest industry trends from over 10 thought leaders!

Authorization of Purchase Request The purchase request is either approved or denied based on what was included in the request. What is a Work Breakdown Structure - Tactical vs. Strategic Purchasing - The Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply. Procurement Training - Next Level Purchasing Association. Unimarket. Supply Chain Management / Supply Chain Strategy - Bain & Company - Consulting Services. In a global marketplace, managing a supply chain is a much more complex challenge because of the new–and constantly changing–demands of shorter product life cycles, industry consolidation and the need to take advantage of emerging technologies.

Supply Chain Management / Supply Chain Strategy - Bain & Company - Consulting Services

Our research shows that most companies believe they haven't extracted the potential of their supply chains–only 12 percent think they are effectively managing their global supply chains. The cost is huge, resulting in unnecessary spending and missed sales. And, there's a correlation between poor performing supply chains and lost profits. Organizations that take a broad strategic approach, instead of making improvements in bits and pieces, are rare but they emerge as the winners, with lean and effective supply chains.

They've learned how to make the most of growth opportunities, achieving high fill rates for high margin products and appropriate levels of inventory. Supply Chain and Direct Procurement Overview - Symphony Consulting. “Experienced and skilled advisors in supply chain management with pragmatic advice based on best practices and hands-on experience. . ” – Chris Burger, Director Global Operations, Mentor Graphics Supply Chain and Manufacturing is where we first started our practice. Unlike the big consulting firms that spend most of their time producing attractive reports, we wanted to deliver meaningful results that directly impact your financial metrics. Our logo speaks to this beginning. Symphony Consulting provides a tailored approach that delivers measureable results: Symphony’s unique tools and assessment methodologies combined with seasoned professionals, enable us to work with you to create streamlined solutions to your complex problems.

Procurement outsourcing market sees strong growth but is in ‘state of flux’, says Everest Group. ☛ Want the latest procurement and supply chain news delivered straight to your inbox?

Procurement outsourcing market sees strong growth but is in ‘state of flux’, says Everest Group

Sign up for the Supply Management Daily 22 June 2014 | Gurjit Degun. Infosys-Procurement-Outsourcing.pdf. Procurement. At URS, our highly skilled procurement professionals help us deliver successful projects around the world by acquiring high-quality and competitively priced equipment, materials and services—when we need them, anywhere in the world.


Every year, we acquire more than a billion dollars in services, equipment, and material as part of our work for the Department of Defense and other federal agencies. Our procurement system for federal government clients has been recognized by the U.S. Defense Contract Management Agency as a best practice and model for other companies to follow. We ensure compliance with applicable regulations and contract provisions, including small business/supplier diversity program requirements. Procurement_Brochure. Kestrel Engineering Group, Inc. Global Intelligence Network - Procurement Leaders. The Procurement Value Proposition (9780749471194) About the Book Businesses are going through rapid external and internal organisational changes due to an increased focus on sustainability and corporate responsibility, technological advances, geo-political and macro-economic change, and demographic shifts.

The Procurement Value Proposition (9780749471194)

If purchasing and supply chain managers are to embrace these challenges they must develop new ways of thinking about supply structures and processes as well as new skills and competencies. The Procurement Value Proposition examines these important changes that will have a profound effect on the way future procurement is carried out. It considers the implications of global economic transformation for procurement set against: changes in business contexts, purchasing strategies, organisational structure, roles and responsibilities, system development and skills required to work in the profession.

Press Quotes The book's authors also make their own contribution to tackle the challenges of the future, the ACE model. Salaries for over 1000+ Occupations. Find salary information for any type of job using our easy compensation, job listing, and salary comparison tools.

Salaries for over 1000+ Occupations

Find and contact people who can help you get ahead and earn more in your career. Stay on top of better paying opportunities. Create your free Recruiter profile today and start making the salary that you deserve. Salary can informally refer to any type of periodic payment from an employer, although it tends to denote full-time or "salaried" employment. Salaries are usually tied to a job title and description, which is then referenced through a company handbook or formalized pay grade structure. How much does a Purchasing Manager make? Compare your salary with the national and state salaries for Purchasing Managers.

Also known as: Contract Administrator, Contracting Manager, Director of Strategic Sourcing, Procurement Manager, Purchasing Director, Purchasing Manager, Sourcing Manager Purchasing managers are responsible for directing, coordinating, planning and overseeing the activities and tasks completed by purchasing officers, buyers and other related workers. These activities include purchasing materials, products, services and other similar work. Recruiter - Jobs Find. White_paper_-_Procurement_Outsourcing_-_Not_All_or_Nothing.pdf. What's the difference? Estimate, quote, bid, proposal. In construction, an estimate, bid, quote, and proposal can take on different meanings depending on who is using the term. Some construction professionals use the words “estimate” and “quote” interchangeably, while a bid or proposal may turn into a contract if a customer signs it.

It’s a lot like the difference between Coke, cola, soda, and pop--it all depends on where you are and who you’re talking to, but we can all agree that you won’t get a glass of milk when you order one. Putting all of the confusion and subtleties aside, below are what we consider the most widely accepted definitions. Quote A quote is a figure that a contractor gets from a supplier for the price of materials they need for a job. Quotes are often only good for a certain amount of time--generally about a month--which means the builder has only that amount of time to buy the materials at the given price. A good example is lumber. Estimate. CPO RISING – THE SITE FOR CHIEF PROCUREMENT OFFICERS & LEADERS IN SUPPLY MANAGEMENT.

Dow Procurement Services Catalog of Services. Strategic Sourcing Services Dow Services has a comprehensive service package comprised of short- and long-term sourcing strategies, market analysis, contract negotiations, supplier relationship management, and supply risk management for the following categories: Raw Materials & Packaging: Including diverse, differentiated materials for a wide variety of end products. Sourcing Interests Group - SIG - The 9 Things We Learnt This Year About Procurement In 2014. #1 There is no best practice for operating structure At the start of the year, Procurement Leaders looked into the benefits of various procurement operating models. We found that there was no ‘best fit’ in terms of structure. All models seemed to deliver the same savings rates. Crawford Building Consultants. eRFX. RFP Software Solutions - Strategic ESourcing Software Solution. EC Sourcing has the strategic sourcing solutions you’ve been looking for.

Public Procurement Training Courses. Demystifying EPCM contracts – What's in an 'M'? - Publications - Be Informed - Minter Ellison. Procurement - Challenges Facing Procurement Organizations. Mic Listen to the podcast: The Importance of Procurement in a Global Environment Until recently, procurement was a necessary, but seldom celebrated, component of multinational corporations. But times have changed: These days, procurement organizations within companies are playing pivotal roles in the success of global firms in ways that old-fashioned purchasing managers could never have imagined. The Engineering, Procurement and Construction Portal. Accenture CPO Circular 1211 - 40.