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48960-free-landing-page-script. Got bored, decided to make a very simple landing page generator that could be easily modified and added onto.


Thought maybe some folks who just wanted a quick and easy to use setup might appreciate this. And could also be handy for anyone setting up multiple pages with the same design but different text/link. The benefits? Splash Page script. Description: A splash page is an interlude page that is shown temporarily before the intended target page, usually for the purpose of airing an important announcement or catchy advertisement.

Splash Page script

Quite a few popular sites such as PCWorld, News.com, Gamespot etc all use a controlled Splash Page for the later purpose. Well, with this script, you can painlessly add a Splash Page to proceed any page on your site, just by calling an external JavaScript at the top of the target page. Customized Landing Page. @Eddie Johnson: And why would the average lifehacker reader be interested in catering those who are still stuck in the dark ages (read: ie6)?

Customized Landing Page

I'm surprised there are web developers who still bother supporting that steaming pile of crap we call ie6. I for one, refuse to write ugly hacks for IE6. I just make sure my code is perfectly W3-compliant and I consider that enough. @JohnnyricoMC: Many enterprise workplaces are still locked down at IE6. For those of us designing for government agencies and large corporations who've customized their internal systems for IE6, it's a necessary evil. TCPDF example_006.php.

//============================================================+// File name : example_006.php// Begin : 2008-03-04// Last Update : 2013-05-14//// Description : Example 006 for TCPDF class// WriteHTML and RTL support//// Author: Nicola Asuni//// (c) Nicola Asuni// Tecnick.com LTD// www.tecnick.com// info@tecnick.com//============================================================+ /** * Creates an example PDF TEST document using TCPDF * @package com.tecnick.tcpdf * @abstract TCPDF - Example: WriteHTML and RTL support * @author Nicola Asuni * @since 2008-03-04 */ // Include the main TCPDF library (search for installation path).require_once('tcpdf_include.php'); // create new PDF document$pdf = new TCPDF(PDF_PAGE_ORIENTATION, PDF_UNIT, PDF_PAGE_FORMAT, true, 'UTF-8', false);

TCPDF example_006.php

Creating PHP Splash Pages. Program owners take note!

Creating PHP Splash Pages

If you’ve ever wanted to turn a splash page into a splash page your users can use, you’ll want to bookmark this page. It’s very simple but if you don’t know how to do it, where do you start? 1. Create the Splash Page in normal, dull, HTML.