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Cobra Trading has a platform for day traders. They specifically offer the best platform for short sellers, but all day traders benefit from their advantageous fee structure.

Why Keep a Journal of Your Trading and a Free Template - Cobra. Too often we hear from struggling traders who ask what they can do to improve their trading.

Why Keep a Journal of Your Trading and a Free Template - Cobra

The questions I always ask in response are, “Did you follow your trading plan?” And “What trades are, or aren’t, working for you?”. We discuss trading plans in a separate blog post, but a trade journal is a separate and equally necessary tool in your trading arsenal. Are You An Undisciplined Trader? - Cobra. Locate Shares Of Hard To Borrow Securities - Cobra. Both the Sterling Trader Pro and DAS Trader platforms we offer have an integrated locate monitor where you can locate shares of hard to borrow securities.

Locate Shares Of Hard To Borrow Securities - Cobra

Clients can also contact us to request a locate via instant messenger on Symphony or via the live chat feature on our website, , as we have multiple sources for borrows and the locate tool does not yet encompass all of these sources. Locate fees will typically run between 1 and 5 cents per share. In addition, there may be locates available with no upfront cost if you contact us before utilizing the locate tool.

Here’s how to launch the locate tool in Sterling Trader Pro: In the main tool bar click Windows → Locate Monitor: In the Locate Monitor window enter the quantity, symbol, the account you wish to short, choose LOCATE for Destination and click Send. If the security is available you will see this message. Step 1, enter the locate. Step 2, receive the rejection message. Step 1, enter the locate. Five Things to Consider When Comparing Brokerage Firms - Cobra. Whether you’re a new trader looking to get started, or a seasoned investor searching for a new home, the task of finding a brokerage firm is rarely an enjoyable one.

Five Things to Consider When Comparing Brokerage Firms - Cobra

Sure, there are some common priorities which spring to mind immediately (i.e. investment options, reputation and regulatory memberships, insurance on deposits, etc.) but there are other factors involved which can be equally important. In this post we’ll explore some of these other variables which may sway your decision one way or the other when undertaking your next brokerage search. Let’s start with the elephant in the room, commissions. Smart Tips For Healthy Investing - Cobra. A healthy approach to investing requires knowledge and expertise, as well as a reliable platform.

Smart Tips For Healthy Investing - Cobra

Thoroughly researching a company prior to investing is important, as well as choosing the right companies for your interests and financial goals. Avoiding fads and private companies, a diversified portfolio is the best way to secure your financial stake against any market downturns or industry-specific collapses. Be Realistic and Optimistic The first step to healthy investing is to acknowledge the current market conditions. Understanding current conditions help you choose the best possible investments. Acknowledge Personal Finance Goals Everyone has different financial goals. Unfamiliar Companies Before investing in a company, it’s important to make sure you understand how a prospective company operates, what their goals are, what their obstacles are and any other relevant information. Untrustworthy Management Unethical leadership is a common occurrence in every industry.

Private Companies. How to Choose Your First Broker - Cobra. If you are planning to invest, your main goal is definitely to earn some income.

How to Choose Your First Broker - Cobra

When you want to invest, you must have a brokerage account. Brokers are important as they simplify investing. For younger investors, however, the first question that crosses their mind is how to choose their first broker. Trading With Scared Money - Cobra. “In the market, the fear of losing one’s fortune is every bit as intense as the fear of losing one’s life from an attack by a wild animal.

Trading With Scared Money - Cobra

I don’t think I could put the difference between consistent winners and everyone else more simply than this: The best traders aren’t afraid.” Mark Douglas – The Disciplined Trader. Scared Money is, simply put, money that you should be using for something else other than trading. This might be groceries, it might be a mortgage payment or it might be your child’s scholarship fund. This money has no business being in the market. How does one avoid this? Does that mean to trade with reckless abandon like so many traders do? Risk Management - Cobra. Short Selling - Cobra. Most people assume day trading is buying a stock at a low price and selling it at a high price.

Short Selling - Cobra

It may be that, roughly, 90% of traders buy long. This is just a more commonly known way to trade on the market. However, you can also make a profit by placing a bet against the stock. All you need to do is sell the shares high and buy them back low. That is called short selling. How to Develop a Trading Plan - Cobra. How To Develop A Trading Plan You must have heard various traders talk about their trading plans, how they follow them, or how they prefer to be flexible despite having one.

How to Develop a Trading Plan - Cobra

What does that mean, and do you need a trading plan? Let’s break it down.