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Cobra Tactical Solutions is a trademark of Gors Engineering. Through the webshop we also allow individuals to buy from us at regular retail prices.

3  Tips to Shoot Air Gun More Accurately. Expressing Your Love for Video Games with Patches. EXPRESSING YOUR LOVE FOR VIDEO GAMES WITH PATCHES COBRA TACTICAL SOLUTIONS WWW .COBRA-TS .EU Today, embroidered patches are a rage in the fashion industry.

Expressing Your Love for Video Games with Patches

Whether you want to support a public cause or something interests you personally, you can express it through patches. For instance, if you are a video game fanatic who is looking out for a way to express your love and craze for the video games, then video game patches would be a great way. You can also gift such patches to your friends and family to celebrate their interests in public in a fresh way Reasons to Choose Embroidered Video Game Patches The embroidered patch is stitched densely with a thicker embroidery thread. But, the embroidered patch surely has a three- dimensional look. Besides, embroidery on the patches is done in such a way that it covers the stiffness of the base. 800% 400% 200% 150% 125% 100% 75% 50% Full Width Full Height Full Page Show Text Download as...

Include... Search Results No terms available. Velcro Patches—Perfect Medium to Celebrate and Commemorate. A- NEG BLOOD TYPE 3D PVC MILITARY PATCH FLUO GREEN WITH VELCRO. Embroidery Tactical Army Badges—History, Sign ificance & More. Cobra-ts. At Cobra we pride of ourselves in the wide variety of movie patches and tv serie patches.


We stock pieces from well-known blockbuster movies and TV series which are some of the best globally. Spiff Up Your Wardrobe Essentials With Embroidered Patches. UNIVERSAL SHOTGUN CHAMBER SAFETY FLAG, YELLOW. UNIVERSAL PISTOL CHAMBER SAFETY FLAG, YELLOW. Description Use this Universal Pistol Firearm Chamber Safety Flag to keep yourself, friends and shooting colleagues safe.


This flag is a clear indication for everybody around you that you hold gun safety to a high standard. The flag can't be mounted if there is still a cartridge in the chamber. This flag is not only used during hunting or trap shooting but also during ISSF. It signals the examiner, referee, examiner, instructor and other persons see at a glance that your weapon is safe Enhanced visibility by the embroidered safety flag patch. Features: Bright Yellow Color Allows For 360 Degree Clear VisibilityReliable Confirmation of Unloaded Chamber for Safe HandlingMolded from Impact Resistant Polymer for Maximum Durability Specifications: Weight: 5.25 grWidth: 8 mmHeight: 42 mmLength: 45 mm Use this safety flag also for .22LR rifles.

Reviews (0) Blog - The U.S. Navy Quietly Tested Mach 3 Heavy Gun Shells That Could Revolutionize Surface Warfare - Cobra Tactical Solutions. The U.S.

Blog - The U.S. Navy Quietly Tested Mach 3 Heavy Gun Shells That Could Revolutionize Surface Warfare - Cobra Tactical Solutions

Navy, without fanfare or notice, tested a new weapon last summer that could revolutionize surface warfare. The hyper velocity projectile (HVP) is a Mach 3 shell fired from existing guns on cruisers and destroyers. A guided projectile, HVP can drop high explosives on enemies on the ground up to three times as far as conventional ship gun ammo with a high rate of precision. It can also intercept incoming anti-ship missiles, providing an economical alternative to increasingly expensive anti-missile interceptors. According to USNI News, the guided missile destroyer USS Dewey fired 20 new HVP projectiles during the 2018 Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) exercises.

Large surface combatants in the U.S. The unguided nature of these rounds, however, makes them less accurate than missiles. Buying Embroidery Tactical Army Badges: Clear the Turmoil. Today, we are flooded with hundreds of options to buy tactile badges, so it can get overwhelming to find a place to buy the badge that would match your needs.

Buying Embroidery Tactical Army Badges: Clear the Turmoil

Well, while deciding, the type of material the badges are made up of plays an important role that would affect the end result aesthetically. So, if you are looking for embroidery tactical army badges from a genuine retailer, search, and compare online. Selecting The Right Type Of Patches For Your Summer Workshops. Summers are upon us- therefore, get ready for fun summer workshops.

Selecting The Right Type Of Patches For Your Summer Workshops

These workshops are conducted all around the globe for kids and adults. In case you happen to have plans for such workshops, you can offer several gifts you can provide to your attendees and make it memorable. One of these ideas is to provide embroidered patches to cherish a good time together. This specially customized lightweight patch can be attached to any piece of clothing, hat, or bag. Selecting The Right Type Of Patches For Your Summer Workshops. The different parts of the American army. What is the American military?

The different parts of the American army

In plain terms, the American army consists of six different branches of the military: the Air Force, the US army, the US Coast Guard, the US Marine Corps, the US Navy, and recently, the US Space Force. In the United States, there are generally about three different categories of people in the US military. They are people who are inactive duty (that is full-time sailors and soldiers), Guard, and Reserve forces (they typically work as civilians, but they can be called on a full-time basis to perform military duties).

The retirees and veterans (they are previously active members of the US military) are the third category. Who leads the 6 Military departments of the United States? THE DIFFERENT PARTS OF THE AMERICAN ARMY. MILITARY PATCHES. What are military patches?


Military patches of the United States are embroidered patches worn on some uniforms of the United States Military. They are used to show qualification, rating, or accomplishment in the military, and are also used as identification for personnel occupying certain assignments. 23 SAFETY & ETIQUETTE AIRSOFT PLAYING TIPS. Airsoft guns are a popular item for people of all ages.


If you have an airsoft gun, one of the things you want to do is make sure you’re and the other players being safe while you’re playing. Some airsoft playing fields have rules written down you need to follow but there are also some unwritten rules that are called Field etiquette. Simple Tricks To Attach Funny Embroidered Patches To Anything. How Does Cobra Tactical Solution Produce Its Neutralized Ammunition by Cobra Tactical Solutions. HAND GRENADES IN AIRSOFT. Hand grenades are one of the best accessories you can have in airsoft.


They’re a perfect combination with other weapons for an effective attack. Airsoft as a sport is not as easy as a lot of people think it is. Airsoft battles are usually won with tactics and close combat which makes the hand grenades in airsoft especially important. However, not all hand grenades were created equal, some of them have different functions and effects that were meant for a specific purpose. Therefore, it’s important to identify the different grenades you can use for your next battle.

What you should consider before picking a hand grenade? There are many things to consider when picking a grenade such as weight, range, durability, function, and the general type. Another factor is reliability, the hand grenade should not be secure. HOW DOES COBRA TACTICAL SOLUTION PRODUCE HIS NEUTRALIZED AMMUNITION. What is inert, deactivated or neutralized ammo First of all, when do we speak of inert ammunition? Well this depends from country to country as there is no uniform European legislation.

For most countries this is when the cartridge of casing has a hole in it of minimal 2,5mm diameter, the powder charge is removed and the primer is deactivated. Or in other words, when the primer has been fired. At Cobra we sell different products and so the holes are drilled at different heights. Bullets. Buying an Airsoft Gun? 4 Things to Consider. Are you the one who wants to pursue shooting sport as a hobby or career? If so, then buying an excellent airsoft gun is most certainly crucial to an airsoft battle. Some of you might think that pistols and grenades are enough, but there is no denying the fact that long guns are the preferred weapon for the airsoft warriors.

So, if you are looking out the right airsoft accessories for your airsoft gun or a gun, then here are some tips. 1) Go For Long Range Well, a weapon definitely is a source that makes you feel empowered against your enemies. ,Tactical Gear & Accessories - Cobra Tactical Solutions.