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Hanging Liminality. Folding Unit. Actuated Matter Workshop. FUTURE CITIES LAB - Projects. PROJECTiONE. [ Plasma Studio ] 3G - Extension Gallery. Chicago Nov 06- Jan 07 Installation with work by Plasma Studio Plasma Studio's was invited to conceive a site specific installation for the launch of this new gallery for architecture in the Arts District East Pilsen, Chicago.

[ Plasma Studio ] 3G - Extension Gallery

The approach was from the beginning to enhance the already rich modulation of the gallery and its multiple levels and mezzanines with a system that makes visitors discover the existing space in a new way. Geometric key points that define the gallery through the three axis of the Cartesian organization system were identified to form the hinges between existing and new. These points were connected directly through vectors that form three distinct strands. ShapeShift.