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Human Design System Article. The Voices of Light: Paramahansa Yogananda IN THE 19TH CENTURY, AT A TIME WHEN the “Sun never set on the British Empire,” (because, it was joked, God would not trust an Englishman in the dark), Britain had trade and governing routes into all corners of the globe; the beginning of world communications had commenced!

Human Design System Article

In one place within the reach of Britain’s rule and trading was India, a huge country, comprising many different people’s, languages, religions and treasures. The British way of governing colonies was through establishing bureaucracy and rule systems so that trading was continued without interruptions. In India, however, they found a people who had a very different way of experiencing life than the British. HDS Article 4. Through Human Design Article #4 The Human Being, Consciousness & Biology Being born into this world brings your spirit consciousness into the realm of living your life in a human body.

HDS Article 4

Over thousands of generations, the human body has proven itself to be incredibly versatile, resilient and capable of amazing feats, but still, it has its physical and biological limits. It is only in fairly recent times that life expectancy has risen significantly, so, to date, the importance of procreation and repopulating the species has been of the greatest importance. Sex has completely affected how the human body operates and how human males and females have interacted. LiveAsYourself. - Human Design System. All centers, defined or not defined, have not self strategies that are the result of us not understanding the mechanics. - Human Design System

A person with with splenic authority has a defined spleen and is designed to be spontaneous. Their not self, however, is always punishing themselves for their inability to make plans in the future, all the while ignoring their instincts in the now. The open centers have very powerful not self energies that can destabilize us and make us unhappy. This audio will cover the not self elements of open centers, focusing on the specific insecurities of each open center. Below you can see the questions to ask yourself. For example, if you have an open solar plexus, watch what happens when you avoid all truth and confrontation. HOW_WE_CONNECT_Transcript. The Design of Forms - Human Design UK. During his experience with the 'Voice' Ra was conscious that his dog Barley was still unconscious, possibly dead as far as she knew and in noticing his dog's body he asked about other life forms.

The Design of Forms - Human Design UK

Luckily for us he was given the designs of other forms that have been instrumental in us discovering so many things about life. Below are the constructs of other life forms bodygraphs: The Cell: The Plant: The Insect: Bird / Fish / Reptile: Mammal: Mystical Portal - Human Design UK. Ra received a great deal of mystical knowledge during his time with the 'Voice'.

Mystical Portal - Human Design UK

Some of the categories of this are below. 1. Teachers, Gurus, Priests, Prophets, Messengers and Buddhas This is an in-depth teaching of the I'Ching lines that make up the Personality and Design Profile of every person on the planet! Ra Uru Hu talks directly to the mystical aspect and shows how each person truly lives out their profile, whether they are conscious of it or not. 2. Astrologers interested in discussing ... - Astrology - Greetings, I'm Olaf I'm not a professional astrologer, by any means, but an avid student who's interested in such subjects.

Astrologers interested in discussing ... - Astrology -

Interested in crashing into walls and examining the wreckage. I decided to make a new thread concerning the subject of astrology for those who have studied Human Design or for those wishing to learn more about it, compare similarities with what you're familiar with in your Natal chart, or merely crash into walls trying to explain your experience with it. Human Design is a system that came out of the head of a recently deceased Madman who still doesn't want you to believe him, RA URU HU, or Robert, as he explains himself, although the information proves itself in everyday life; past and present. Human Design is made of two charts with the understanding that your being is composed of 'two separate' intelligences; one in your body and the other you might as well call your 'soul.' AHEM.

Humandesign Diet. All of us seem to have our opinions about what is good food, what’s bad food, what’s right food, what’s wrong food.

Humandesign Diet

Ra explains the basics of the PHS (Primary Health System) and how Color determination represents the way each and every one of us is naturally determined to have precisely the right digestive process. Eating correctly is one of the, if not the, most important things you can do for your body. The 6 Colours of Digestion Variables Human Diet: different People, different Needs… Thanx to Ra Uru Hu the founder, investigator and developper of the Human Design System we now can analyze everybodies individual diet.The Human Design System is very complex in mixing Astrology, Chakra’s, I’ching and Kabbalah with bio chemics and quantum physics into a very profound and exact map of our talents and openness to conditioning of others.