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5 Quick Ways to Speed Up Your WordPress Site. No one likes waiting around for a site to load, so much so that 40 per cent of people abandon a site that takes more than three seconds to load.

5 Quick Ways to Speed Up Your WordPress Site

Slow page load speeds are especially crippling for eCommerce sites. Almost 80 per cent of shoppers who are dissatisfied with a site’s performance are less likely to buy from the same site again, while a one second delay decreases customer satisfaction by 16 per cent. Even Google factors site speed into their algorithm when ranking websites. So if your site loads too slowly you can expect your Google rankings to fall, and in turn attract less traffic to your site. So what can you do to make your site faster?

P.S. Use a Great Caching Plugin If you’ve got static images, CSS and Javascript on your website that rarely change, browser side caching can help make your site snappier. Caching involves storing parts of your site so they only need to be loaded once instead of every time a user visits your site. Compress Images Minify HTML, CSS and Javascript. The Complete Guide to Mastering Image Optimization for WordPress. Fail to factor it in, though, and you risk antagonizing your users, damaging your revenue and tanking your SEO rankings.

The Complete Guide to Mastering Image Optimization for WordPress

The good news is that thanks to a series of modern tools it’s never been easier to get this crucial part of overall site optimization right. In this article we’ll go deep on the subject, covering every aspect of what you need to know to ensure your site is punching above its weight when it comes to serving up graphic content. Let’s start by defining our terms and covering the types of images that are relevant in this context. An Overview of Online Image File Types As anyone who’s ever spent time in the Save-as dialog box in Photoshop can confirm, there is a bewildering array of image file formats loose in the world.

When it comes to placing those images online, however, we’re dealing with a relatively fixed subset of options. Our universe of potential images can be divided into two broad categories: Vector Images Raster Images GIFs JPEGs PNGs WebP The Case for Optimization. The Ultimate Mega Guide to Speeding Up WordPress. A few years ago, I played a big part in building a client website that’s still successful enough today but has become frustratingly slow.

The Ultimate Mega Guide to Speeding Up WordPress

The database is full of clutter and there are some pages that take as long as 26 seconds to load due to the number of images and other requests it makes to the server. We decided it was high time to do something about this and recently rebuilt the site, applying tried and tested speed techniques, which lowered the loading time to around 2 seconds on more complex pages and just 800ms on simple pages. Below are the 22 fixes I used that will dramatically improve your own site’s loading time, including both general speed and development-related improvements. This isn’t just another “X tips for speeding up WordPress” tutorial. In this definitive, step-by-step guide we go through every aspect of optimizing and speeding up your WordPress site. Why Page Speed Matters If you make a living from your site, page speed is something you can’t afford to ignore.

Compress JPEG & PNG images. Make your website faster by compressing your JPEG and PNG images.

Compress JPEG & PNG images

This plugin automatically optimizes your images by integrating with the popular image compression services TinyJPG and TinyPNG. Features Automatically compress new images on upload.Resize large original images by setting a maximum width and/or height.Compress individual images already in your media library.Easy bulk compression of your existing media library.Select which thumbnail sizes of an image may be compressed.Multisite support with a single API key.Color profiles are translated to the standard RGB color space.See your usage directly from the media settings and during bulk compression.Convert CMYK to RGB to save more space and maximize compatibility.Compress and resize uploads with the WordPress mobile app.No file size limits. How does it work?

After you upload an image to your WordPress site, each resized image is uploaded to the TinyJPG or TinyPNG service. Getting started Multisite support Contact us. WP-Optimize. WP-Optimize is an extensive WordPress database cleanup and optimization tool.


It doesn't require PhpMyAdmin to clean and optimize your database tables. Please show your support for this plugin by giving it a rating :) Now hosted at GitHub. I do not monitor wp forums, so use plugins(at) for support questions. Please join GitHub and collaborate. All the potentially dangerous clean up options are marked RED. When you use this plugin for the first time or just updated to major version, make a backup of your database. How this could help you? Every-time you save a new post or pages, WordPress creates a revision of that post or page. Are you interested to be a contributed developer of this plugin, join with me at GitHub. You will be credited inside the plugin screen and the plugin listing at WordPress. Cache Plugin for WordPress - WP Rocket. P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler)