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25 Ways to Empower Your Daughter. Empower.

25 Ways to Empower Your Daughter

That’s such a strong word, isn’t it? It’s much more powerful than encouragement (which is important, too). To empower someone goes beyond making them feel good about themselves, though. It’s about giving them the tools to do good for them themselves. In a nutshell, when you empower your daughter, you provide a foundation of success for her. 50 best ideas for celebrating New Year's Eve with kids. 10 Ways to Get Kids to Listen. I can’t tell you how often I feel my requests to my children are falling on deaf ears!

10 Ways to Get Kids to Listen

It’s true, children are not always the best listeners – in fact, my almost-three year old regularly tunes me out! It mostly happens when she is concentrating intently on something or absorbed in an activity, whether it be a game she is playing, a book she is ‘reading’ or a program she is watching on TV, but then there are those particularly frustrating times when she just doesn’t want to hear (or respond to) what I say. And her seven year old sister…yep, she does it to! Listening is important to both academic success and social interaction (not to mention parental sanity!) Fortunately there are simple ways to encourage your child to listen to what you have to say. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Remember effective listening can help your child become a better student, a great friend, and will hopefully also help to improve family harmony – reducing the number of requests falling on deaf ears!

4kids Homework Help,Games & Just plain Fun Stuff! 12 Delightful Websites for Kids, From Ages 2 to 13. Printable Road Trip Book. I have a great FREE printable to share with you today.

Printable Road Trip Book

Summer is in full swing and that means ROAD TRIPS. I love them. Except for when it gets boring about a half an hour into the drive. I’ve got you covered with this Printable Road Trip Activities Book that is great for all ages. There are lots of easy games like Tic Tac Toe. Or the ever popular dot boxing. I love graph paper.

I love this one. After seeing lots of different license plates on the road, kids can draw their own. For older kids, there are lots of road trip words to unscramble. I love looking for license plates from different states whenever I go road tripping. A funky fun activity for kids is to draw a self portrait. I hope you have lots of fun road trips planned this summer and hope this will keep your kids busy. Download the Printable Here: Road Trip Activities Book Linking up with: Tatertots & Jello, Six Sister’s Stuff. Kids Crafts to Make With a Cardboard Box. 32 Fun DIY Backyard Games To Play (for kids & adults!)

Tech. Moose & Zebra. Africa - Magazine for Kids Review. An app for 5 year olds for iPad only. My Little Pony: A Canterlot Wedding Review. An app for 6 year olds for iPhone/iPod touch (iPad compatible). Men's Health Dads : Big Kids : 9 Questions to Ask a Teacher. Ask: After you give directions, does my child get right to work?

Men's Health Dads : Big Kids : 9 Questions to Ask a Teacher

Here's why: Children who stall may have trouble processing information or focusing. "They may also lack motivation or simply be defiant," says Robin London, a fifth-grade teacher in Warrington, Pennsylvania. "Ask if other kids in the class have the same problem, which may indicate weak classroom management skills, or whether other children may be a distraction. " Ultimately, she adds, you want to learn how the teacher plans to motivate your child so you can start duplicating the effort with chores at home. Ask: How do you encourage positive behavior? Here's why: It's important that children not be embarrassed, especially in front of their peers, says Evy Falcon-Duran, a former special-education teacher in Randolph, New Jersey. Ask: Does my kid have a hard time finding partners for group work? Here's why: If so, your child may have difficulty getting along with others, might be perceived as an outcast, or might just be shy.