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101 Amazing PC / Internet Tricks no one told you before. You can search Google timer in Google for a timer with alarm Search This in Google for Direct Mp3 Links intitle:index.of?

101 Amazing PC / Internet Tricks no one told you before

Mp3 Your song name here Use your Chrome Browser as Notepad quickly. Just copy the text below to the address Bar. data:text/html, <html contenteditable> 75 Truths I've Learned About Life  75 Truths I’ve Learned About Life In somewhat of a deviation from the norm, we thought it’d be fun to talk about some “universal truths.”

75 Truths I've Learned About Life 

“All truth is eternal. Truth is nobody’s property; no race, no individual can lay any exclusive claim to it. Truth is the nature of all souls.” – Swami Vivekananda In fact, here’s universal truth numero uno: finding universal truths is a difficult task. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. How to Tie Climbing Knots. Climbing Knots Welcome to Climbing Knots These animated knots are for climbers, rescue workers, arborists, tower-climbers, and others who use rope in man-carrying applications.

How to Tie Climbing Knots

Select the knots from: the index above left; the pictures above; or the Climbing Usage page. Selection This selection is based on consultation with, and feedback from, many experienced climbers. Omissions. How to Find Anything Online: Become an Internet Research Expert. Einstein once said, “The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources.”

How to Find Anything Online: Become an Internet Research Expert

The same could be said of intelligence. What they don’t tell you is that the “smart” people of the world are, in most cases, just better at researching and learning things than everyone else. But researching is a learned skill, not something you’re born with. And while some people might be predisposed to learn things more easily than others, it’s generally not enough to make a measurable difference. Bushcraft and survival skills [Archive] - BushcraftUK: Community Forum. Work Abroad Sites and Resources - Flashpacker Headquarters. These resource pages are ongoing and come from many sources including online searches, word of mouth recommendations, books, pamphlets, brochures, and my own travel experiences.

Work Abroad Sites and Resources - Flashpacker Headquarters

If you have anything to add, would like something removed, or something isn’t working correctly, please let me know. The flags below are meant to give you an idea of which nationalities the link is for or where the company is located. Rope Knots - Best Knots Animated and Illustrated. How To Be A Google Power User - Infographic. Search engines are the backbone of everyday internet use, but are you aware of the hidden tips and tricks available to improve your search?

How To Be A Google Power User - Infographic

You Say It's Your Birthday? 50+ Birthday Freebies You Won't Want to Miss - Two Kids and a Coupon. You say it’s your birthday??

You Say It's Your Birthday? 50+ Birthday Freebies You Won't Want to Miss - Two Kids and a Coupon

Happy Birthday! Whether your birthday is today, tomorrow or two months from now, you can score some amazing freebies and deals every year when your special day rolls around on the calendar. To help you find the best birthday freebies from around the web, we’ve compiled over 50+ birthday freebies below you won’t want to miss. When seeking out birthday freebies you are bound to enter an email address and get flooded with emails. To avoid all the spam mail you should consider setting up a free email address and checking it often for money saving offers. In addition to a free birthday gift, many of the companies below will often also send you a free appetizer or something similar just for joining also well. Here Are 21 Food Tricks That Totally Change Everything. Making food can sometimes be boring – but we found 21 food tricks that will turn any meal into an awesome experience !

Here Are 21 Food Tricks That Totally Change Everything

Top 6 Underground Search Engines You Never Knew About. Advertisement I love Google, Bing and Yahoo just as much as the next Internet user, but sometimes you really want to dig down into a particular subject.

Top 6 Underground Search Engines You Never Knew About

In order to do that, you really need access to those underground search engines that may not be quite as well known, but they dig much more deeply into specialized areas of the Internet than the general search engines are capable of. In many cases, these search engines are tapped into what is currently termed the “invisible web,” which is the information available on the Internet that standard search engines don’t have access to, because they are buried behind query forms or directory requests. The following 6 underground search engines that I chose are not porn sites, illegal piracy sites or anything else that could get you in trouble with the law, or with your significant other. Instead, I term the following as “underground search engines” for two reasons. 50 Things Everyone Should Know How To Do. How to Install Windows from a USB Flash Drive.

If you have a damaged CDROM drive and want to install Windows on your computer or laptop, then I recommend that you use Novicorp WinToFlash, which allows you to boot Windows operating systems from a USB flash drive.

How to Install Windows from a USB Flash Drive

Getting Started 1- Download first Novicorp WinToFlash from the publisher's website. 2- Connect now your USB flash drive to your computer and format it: 3- Double click on WinToFlash.exe to launch the software, then select Advanced mode tab: 4- Now select the operating system that you are going to use, for my part I will select, for example, Windows XP. 5- Select now Windows source path (where i386 folder is located), then select your USB drive. 6- A small window pops up, select I Accepted the terms of the license agreement, then click Continue:

99 of the Best Windows Freeware Programs You May Not Know Of. Because of the popularity of my previous article on Help Desk Geek entitled 99 ways to make your computer blazingly fast, I’ve decided to write another list post with 99 items, but this time on Windows freeware programs that you may have not heard of. If you search for “best freeware programs” or “top freeware apps”, you’ll get lots of lists, but mostly with programs everyone has already heard of: AVG anti-virus, 7-zip, Firefox, OpenOffice, etc, etc. That’s all nice and fine, but what about all those little gems programs that work great, but don’t get all the headlines? In this article, I will try my best to mention as many small name freeware programs as I can that can help make you more productive! As usual, I write for both Help Desk Geek and for Online Tech Tips, so I will be linking to old posts throughout if I’ve written about it or else I will link out to the main website for the program.

Amazon shopping tips and hacks at Update: If you don’t feel like messing with the URL’s on your own then use these Amazon discount codes to browse the items by department & discount percentage Have you ever found yourself checking out the clearance corner of the store that you happen to visit? I do it all the time. 100 Websites You Should Know and Use (updated!)

Entertainment Meet David Peterson, who developed Dothraki for Game of Thrones There are seven different words in Dothraki for striking another person with a sword. Among them: “hlizifikh,” a wild but powerful strike; “hrakkarikh,”a quick and accurate strike; and “gezrikh,” a fake-out or decoy strike. The Invisible Web. What is the Invisible Web? How can you find it online? What makes the Invisible Web search engines and Invisible Web databases so special? Men's Health Dads : Big Kids : 9 Questions to Ask a Teacher. Ask: After you give directions, does my child get right to work? Here's why: Children who stall may have trouble processing information or focusing. "They may also lack motivation or simply be defiant," says Robin London, a fifth-grade teacher in Warrington, Pennsylvania.

"Ask if other kids in the class have the same problem, which may indicate weak classroom management skills, or whether other children may be a distraction. " 16 Good Ideas - 16 Good Ideas - Simple_Tricks-3.png (PNG Image, 630 × 1500 pixels) - Scaled (43%)