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Sewing projects

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Bottom Mellow Dress. Taking Notes Skirt. Cool Car Caddy Straps On To Headrest. ROOOOOAAAAADDDDD TRIIIIPPPPP!

Cool Car Caddy Straps On To Headrest

Summertime is the perfect time to load up your family and friends and hit the open road. But first you have some stuff (aka crap) you need to organize for the trip: tunes, cell phone, scribbled notes, tickets, Google Maps printouts, pens, snacks, your wallet, etc., etc., etc. If you skip this important organizational step, here's what will happen: You are driving, keeping your eyes on the road (of course), and you reach out to grab something from the pile of stuff (crap), but can't quite reach it/find it without rear-ending the truck in front of you.

Instead... the needed item falls off the seat, lodging somewhere between the seat and the door. Feel free to jump in here and repeat the words you shout in your car. We originally used It's A Hoot by MoMo for Moda Fabrics. Our caddy finishes at approximately 13" wide x 21" high, which worked great on the three standard cars we tested (a VW, a BMW and a Subaru).

SEWING 101: Patterns are your Friends. I think many people are intimidated by patterns and somehow feel it is easier to sew w/ out them.I am here today to try and convince you that it is actually way easier to sew with a pattern.

SEWING 101: Patterns are your Friends

Pattern makers already figured out all the quirks and did the hard part. Patterns are not scary-they are your friends, and they are super cheap friends. You can usually by them for $.99-$1.99 at the fabric store. For this post, I'm going to pretend that I am making view B. Lots of lace. My new no pattern required top! A tutorial. Ok, so I finally have the pics to prove that I have been doing some sewing!

Lots of lace. My new no pattern required top! A tutorial

Here is my new “no pattern required” top. It really is so quick & easy to make a top like this. I didn’t even need to use the overlocker! I just used a zig zag stich to finish the edges as I think that sometimes, an ovelocked edge, can be too visible through lace. This is the perfect top for the change of season that is happening right now. Folded Pleated Ruffles-Sewing 101. Taking Notes Revisited. There are only two more Sew For Me posts!

Taking Notes Revisited

I have LOVED this series and working with the wonderful girls over at KOJO Designs! Today I am going to revisit one of my most popular tutorials. The Taking Notes Skirt. Sewing 101 Week 5: Pintucks. Welcome to week # 5 of: You can find weeks 1-4 HERE.

Sewing 101 Week 5: Pintucks

Today I want to talk about pin tucks -I confess, that I am a little in love with them. Check out my Pinterest Pin Tuck Board. Pin tucks are when you make a narrow fold purely for decorative purposes. They can be a little tedious, but are not difficult and add a little special touch to garments. I love this skirt from The Loft. Choosing fabric: Pin tucking will add extra weight to your garment, so pick something light, that will form a crisp fold when ironed. Sewing 101 Week 4: Love your curves.

Welcome to week 4 of: Sewing 101 Today we are going to make a sweet little petal skirt and talk about the importance of clipping curves.

Sewing 101 Week 4: Love your curves

As always, you are going to need 2 measurements: the waist and the desired length of finished skirt. Sewing 101: How to Sew a professional seam w/ out a serger. If your a sewing newbie, please check out week 1(envelope pillow) and week 2 (easy bubble skirt) .

Sewing 101: How to Sew a professional seam w/ out a serger

I've structured this series, so each week builds on previous weeks' lessons. It's great to sew your own clothes, it's just not great when it looks like you did. Finishing your seams is an easy way to make your finished garment look store bought. Step 1: Cut 2 pieces of well- ironed fabric. The desired length of the skirt + 4 inchesThe waist measurement+ 1.5 inchesFor example I am making a 6month size. Sewing 101 Week 2: Easy Bubble Skirt.

Are you ready for week 2?

Sewing 101 Week 2: Easy Bubble Skirt

( Here's Week 1 if your missed it and click HERE to see all the weeks.) Before we begin our project, I want to go over a few sewing terms: Selvage: The finished edges on the side of each piece of fabric. Grain: All fabric is made up of little threads that are woven together. Sewing 101-Lesson 1: Supplies and Basic Envelope Pillow. I love to sew.

Sewing 101-Lesson 1: Supplies and Basic Envelope Pillow

Concentric Squares Pillow. Eckhart Tolle on How to Free Yourself from Your Ego Armor - OWN TV. DIY Tutorial - Recycled Tie Dress. Before we begin, don't miss the post this week with 33 inspirational recycled tie projects, and a few more at Pinterest.

DIY Tutorial - Recycled Tie Dress

Last weekend I finished an experiment that had been on my 'must try' list for quite a while - a recycled tie dress for my Divine Little Miss M. And although it was a serious sewing hack, I'm quite pleased with the results...and so was M. 100 Days – Week of Prints – Altering Print Fabrics With Bleach « The Modern Quilt Guild. Dyeing and overdyeing fabrics is fun, but the time and materials involved can be overwhelming. Fortunately, there’s a fun and simple way to alter your favorite print fabrics using a product that’s probably already in your laundry closet (or at least readily-available at your local grocery store).

Bleach discharge is very simple. Fabric is soaked in a water and bleach bath for a period of time, during which the bleach in the water may discharge (remove or alter) some of the dye in the fabric. All fabrics don’t discharge in the same way. Basketweave Quilt Pattern. I had this idea for a quilt a LONG time ago. And one day last week, in a rare quiet moment of nursing, the idea popped back into my head and I had to shove ALL other projects aside and do it. It was a little hairy at first, but after a lot of thinking and plotting, I think it turned out so cute! I know, I know, it looks like a basic 2″ square pattern–nothing revolutionary. But just you wait, this is the basketweave quilt pattern…and yes, there is weaving! We get you sewing at - Sewing, Quilting, Garment Patterns, Projects, Ideas, Tutorials, Videos. Free Project: Felt Headband for New Year's Eve.