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Roasted veggies. In the kitchen with: the best of vegan recipes. When I went to Australia earlier this year, I overdosed on egg and bacon rolls.

in the kitchen with: the best of vegan recipes

I sent an enthusiastic email to Grace about how I was enjoying recreating my own here at home, and she wrote me back that she is pretty much vegan these days. I was a bit crestfallen that my enthusiasm for bacon had fallen on deaf ears, but it got me to thinking whether I could ever make that transition. Burgers. Smoothies. The Secret to Eating Organic Without Eating Up Your Budget. There are many concerns these days about environmental toxins that can affect not only our health, but our children’s health.

The Secret to Eating Organic Without Eating Up Your Budget

One way that we can reduce our exposure is by eating organic foods. Foods that are USDA Certified Organic have been grown without chemical fertilizers and pesticides, which can remain in foods even after washing and cooking. Growing organic foods is more costly, and shopping for organic groceries can be expensive. As a single mother who works part-time, both my child’s health and living within my budget are top priorities. Here is how I manage to eat almost all organic foods on a limited income:


Menus. Breads, rolls, biscuits. Appetizers. Drinks. When You Haven't Been to the Store in Awhile. I'm always in awe that all of you followers don't just give up on me already.

When You Haven't Been to the Store in Awhile

Although meal planning is a priority, blogging about it doesn't always make the list. I've made a New Year's resolution to cut down on the grocery budget. I've done well in the past, but I wanted to tighten things up even more for 2012. I read a great idea on Creative Stirrings about stretching your weekly grocery budget by shopping every 8 days on the amount you usually spend every 7.

Well unfortunately I can only count on access to our car on one particular day of the week so I don't have a great chance to use this strategy.


Snacks. Beans. Italian. Pizza. Pasta. Fish. Mexican. Tacos. Lunch. Sandwhiches. Spices and mixes. Salads. Vegetables- non lettuce salads. Cooked vegtables- sauteed, roasted, casseroles. Breakfast. Grains. Rice. Chicken. Dips. Soups. Sides. Desserts.