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Aloo-Gobhi Paratha (Potato-Cauliflower Stuffed Indian Flatbread) I can't help but smile when I try to translate Indian dish names into English. Take this post's title itself, even though the English name conveys what the post is about, it still seems funny to spell out the full dish name, it's almost like constantly calling someone with their first & last name. Today I have "Aloo-Gobhi Paratha" on the breakfast menu for day 5 of BM# 16. This is quite an elaborate dish for my breakfast standards, but this being the long weekend, I decided to treat the family with a hearty breakfast. After eating 2 of these delicious parathas, we were all ready for a shopping spree and fun in the sun. For the Dough: Atta (whole wheat flour) - 3 cups Salt - 1tsp Vegan butter - 2tbsp, softened (optional) For the Filling: Potatoes - 2 medium, boiled and mashed Cauliflower - 1 cup, finely grated (I used this beautiful broccoliflower, broccoli can be used instead) Onion - 1 small, finely chopped Method:Make the dough by mixing atta, salt, vegan butter (if using) in a large bowl.

Go Green Hot´n Healthy » Psychedelic Raw Spring Rolls » Earthsprout - Go Green Hot´n Healthy. First thought of the day = Why on earth am I so tired? Second though of the day = Where is Fabian? Third thought of the day = Whaaat? I have forgotten to get the wild leek for my recipe making du jour! The answer to all of the questions above I think lies partly in the so called Supermoon that visited this weekend. ( I never really sleep during the full moon and this was a supermoon, geez..) By looking at the pictures I guess you can see that the Universe DID answer my prayer and real fast too! I just happened to call my mom and she just happened to have some wild leek in her freezer, then she picked me up and on the way home to her she just happened to remember that secret place in the forest where the wild leek grows like crazy. I suppose now is the time to let you know that there really is nothing psychedelic about these spring rolls aside from their bright colorful appearance.

So what´s all the fuss about this wild garlic anyway? Makes 5 large spring rolls 1 ripe mango, sliced 1. 2. Ranch Chicken Salad in a Jar: Mason Jar Meals. An easy on-the-go lunch or dinner, this ranch chicken salad is a great way to repurpose your leftovers, make lunch grab-and-go, and ensure you’re eating right even when life feels like it’s running a marathon. 6K+ I roll over, kicking the covers off and lying there in my bed, letting myself adjust to the temperature difference. The cold air washes over me. Slowly, I open my eyes, daylight streaming in through the windows feels far too bright for the time of day.Closing my eyes again, I listen for the sounds of life in the house.In a perfect world, I’ll have a few minutes to sit at the computer, letting the feeling of being upright rush over me and sipping a cup of coffee before the kids come running out needing help finding clothes, breakfast, testing the weather to see if they can get away with shorts, searching for the homework they swear up and down to have put in their backpack last night that has mysteriously vanished.

The Facts Copyright © Food for My Family. Roasted Asparagus and Tomatoes with Herbed Couscous | A Cook At Heart. You may have noticed that my little corner of the internet has been heavy on meatless dishes lately. Veggies rule in our house – at least until Good Friday. I have to admit I’m getting into finding new ways to fix vegetables, grains, and beans without any meat to add flavor. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good ribeye steak or a piece of fried chicken but eating lighter feels pretty good. Asparagus is one of our “go-to” vegetables. It’s great for nights when I’m short on time and it doesn’t take much to make it taste good. Ingredients 1 pound asparagus1 pint of cherry tomatoes2 tbls olive oillemon pepper seasoning2 cans vegetable broth 14 oz2 cups Israeli couscous, rinsed1/2 cup flat leaf parsley2 scallions – green parts only1/4 tsp lemon zest2 tbls olive oil1/2 tsp salt (optional) Instructions Heat oven to 425 degreesSpread asparagus out on a baking sheet.

Number of servings (yield): 4. Pumpkin Quesadilla « Lost Garden. This may sound strange, but it’s actually delicious. Pumpkin Quesadilla 2 Tortillas 1/2 cup Pumpkin Puree (NOT pie filling, 100% pumpkin) 3/4 cup Shredded Cheddar Cheese 1 tsp Chili Powder 1/2 tsp Cumin 1 Minced Clove of Garlic Dash of Nutmeg 1. Mix Pumpkin, Cheese, and spices in a bowl. 2. Spread over one tortilla, then place the other on top. 3. Cook in a large pan over medium heat, browning slightly each side and melting the cheese inside. 4. Slice it up and enjoy! (You can also add other things to it if you wish, spinach is good) Ps. Playa Flamingo, Costa Rica for my sister’s wedding! Like this: Like Loading... Board Question #66817 | The 100 Hour Board. Dear Sigh, This is going to be kind of an idea-dense post, but hopefully some tips from a BYU nutrition graduate will be useful to you. I brainstormed some ideas for fat-free or low-fat meals and snacks, listed below.

All of the special fat-free ingredients I mention below, like fat-free salad dressing or fat-free mayo, are easy to buy at any grocery store. Also, with many of these recipes, you should be able to make a big batch once and then eat portions of it throughout the week, which can save a lot of time for you. Salad with non-fat dressingNoodles: Try it with a fat-free salad vinaigrette and chopped veggies for a cold pasta salad, or warm it up with tomato sauce and frozen vegetables (the California frozen vegetable mix is my favorite). You can also dress pasta with a little lemon juice, basil (dried basil is okay in the winter, but fresh is even better), salt, and pepper.Rice with steamed vegetables (seriously, explore the produce section!

Good luck! - Eirene. 5 Quick and Delicious Lunches Under 400 Calories. Spicy Lentil Collard Wraps. Florida Coastal Cooking: Cranberry Bowl with Sauteed Spinach, Black Eyed Peas and Couscous. Is everything as crazy for you as it is for me? The holidays, extra responsibilities at work, taking care of a 3 year old and keeping in touch with friends and family all contributes to the craziness.

But the other day, I was lying in bed, looking up at the ceiling, thinking WOW, I have it good. Instead of getting overwhelmed I stopped and took a moment to be thankful for what I have….. ….A crazy/awesome family, a supportive and loving hubby, a healthy baby girl (after many trials and tribulations), a way to get around, a roof over my head, a job to go to every day, both legs/eyes/arms and health, just to name a few.

It is so easy to get bogged down with all I have to do around the holidays and all the details that I have decided to make it my intention to STOP and focus on the present moment. This dish was created as I was still had Thanksgiving in my thoughts. As an FYI the nutrition info will be a bit off because there will be a of cranberry sauce left over. Serves 4.