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Fathers day

4th o patriotic. Mothers day. DIY April Fools Pranks. April 1 offers the chance to summon your inner prankster and catch family off guard.

DIY April Fools Pranks

What’s your April Fools MO? Are you the mean one who rubber bands the kitchen sink sprayer, switches the salt for sugar, and (my favorite) rubs a little numbing Orajel into your spouse’s toothbrush? Or are you just a doting mom who turns the milk green and serves baby food for lunch? Whatever your strategy, here are a few new ideas that probably won’t cost you a thing: Blue Water Turn the kitchen sink [temporarily]blue with nontoxic dye pellets. Solid Milk Fool your family and transform milk into an unpourable mass! Stir 1 packet of powdered gelatin into 2 tablespoons of water, and let stand for 5 minutes.

April Fools Day Pranks. KFC Fried Chicken Bucket and Sides...APRIL FOOLS! We always have a blast making April Fools food!

KFC Fried Chicken Bucket and Sides...APRIL FOOLS!

I guess most of the food that we make could be considered a April Fools kind of thing to begin with since we make fun things out of our food. However, this is what we consider April Fools to be when making something with food. We live in Marietta, GA ...the home of the KFC Big Chicken! When people visit Atlanta or you just need to find a location here...I can pretty much guarantee that someone will direct you with the words....when you get to the big chicken turn left...or keep on going past the big chicken...etc... It's our landmark here in Marietta and people just love it!

My 2 older boys actually have their own big chicken made out of wood that they keep in their room. We thought it would be fun to recreate a Kentucky Fried Chicken dinner with a dessert. Bucket of Chicken... 8 c. 1 Bag Mini Marshmallows 4 T. White Candy Coating Peanut Butter Bran Flaks (we used flaks from Kelloggs Raisin Bran) Large Pretzel Sticks Corn on the Cobb... Twinkies.


Wreaths. Signs of Suess. You Make My Heart Leap // Get Down (loading) - Beyond Beyond. Oh turnaround day, once every four years men all over the land have a massive case of the Hershey squirts as they wait with bated; and slightly terrified breath for the women in their lives to attack them with some bling and ask for their hand in matrimony.

You Make My Heart Leap // Get Down (loading) - Beyond Beyond

We believe reversal is fair play, so we salute all you ladies trying to cuff your men with the tiniest handcuffs in the world, go on with your baddass, man getting selves. However, we thought we’d be nice and help proceedings with a bit of wallpaper. You know that we are always good for a bit of pretty wallpaper. So, you can hack the phone and leave this wallpaper as a proposal, save a tree, and your duckets – no jewellery purchase is required. You just need to let them know that they make your heart leap on Leap years day. So, whether you have an iPad (we still think this is the worst product name ever!!!

Time for you to get your download on: iPadFor iPhone 4For iPhone, iPod TouchFor Android About the author. 16 Fun Things To Make To Celebrate Leap Year! Here are 16 fun things to make to celebrate Leap Year with your kids!

16 Fun Things To Make To Celebrate Leap Year!

These Leap Year activities include frog-themed free printables, party ideas and decorating, printable games, crafts for kids, yummy Leap Year food, and even party favors or homemade gifts. What Is A Leap Year? A leap year is a year containing one additional day onto the calendar. The additional day is always February 29th and is added once every 4 years.

St patricks

Easter. Same Plate, Different Season - Interchangeable Plates Using Contact Paper. Do you remember the Halloween plates I made?

Same Plate, Different Season - Interchangeable Plates Using Contact Paper

These dinner plates went perfect with our spooky Halloween meal. I made these with the intention of changing them up every season. I finally made my second decals for Valentines Day. I made what I wanted on my plate with my favorite computer program - then I FLIPPED the picture - and printed it on clear contact paper that is used to cover shelves. Go to the tutorial HERE to get all the details.

I wanted to save the decals from Halloween - so I took the decal off - and put it on the backing from the new decal.

Ground hogs day

Chinese new year. Valentines day. Gourmet Mom on-the-Go: Love in Hand Cookies for MLK Day. Monday we celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr.

Gourmet Mom on-the-Go: Love in Hand Cookies for MLK Day

Day. I wanted to send a snack to my daughter's class to celebrate his legacy and finally came up with these cookies... I used the cookie cutter that I found here, I made up four pages of quotes from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., that you can download here.We will be spending Monday finding some ways to do service in our community and spread Dr. King's message of love, tolerance, and the ripple effect of doing good. To make cookies, I used two packages of Betty Crocker Sugar Cookie Mix and combined with butter and egg as directed on the package. Cut out cookies, then carefully remove the heart center and swap it with another color.

New years

Advent calanders. Winter. Easter. Fall. Thanksgiving. Christmas. Halloween.