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Join the Photo-a-Day Monthly Challenges. If you’re on Instagram, or I’ve seen it all over Facebook, chances are you’ve come across the hashtag #photoaday.

Join the Photo-a-Day Monthly Challenges

This craze for photo fiends was created by Chantelle of Fat Mum Slim. It began as something fun to post for 30 days in January. Then she was asked to come up with one for February… and so on. EnJOY it.: reader question : going from idea to reality. Sometimes I feel like I am drowning in questions.

enJOY it.: reader question : going from idea to reality.

It's the nature of the blogging/social media beast, I think. While some are simple to answer ("Those blue plates are from Target five years ago. " or "I make the photo grids with PSE. "), some are more detailed and really make me stop and reflect a bit. These are often the type of questions deserve long 1000 word answers instead of a few sentences in response and so I am going to start addressing them in blog post format. I have seen lots of reader Q&A happening on blogs (check out A Beautiful Mess, marta writes, Here's looking at me kid & DesignLoveFest) and I find the answers fascinating.

I love blogger insight. So here's the first question - and I am paraphrasing a bit here - "How did you get the stamp shop idea from concept to reality in such a short time? Silhouette Blog: Mini album series chapter 1- welding titles and the subtract tool... It wasn’t until I was finished putting together this little mini album that I realized just how fitting the title was for what’s inside.

Silhouette Blog: Mini album series chapter 1- welding titles and the subtract tool...

It’s full of fun little instagram photos of things that I love, and some of my favorite techniques using the CAMEO! Over the next few days we’ll take a closer look inside and I’ll give you some helpful hints to re-create the techniques at home. :) Let’s start with the title and cover… Most of the title is pretty much straight forward cutting so I’m going to focus on the word “favorite”. You’ll notice that it is all cut out in one piece, or welded as we call it. Next I opened the modify window and selected weld. Homemade Blog Planner. For a long time now I have been searching for a good planner to use to organize my blogging.

Homemade Blog Planner

Since there is nothing on the market designed specifically to meet the needs of bloggers, I’ve tried all sorts of things. First I attempted to cobble together different combinations of pre-printed planner pages, but I found I had to purchase a bunch of stuff I’d never use to get the pages I wanted. Then I tried using an online calendar but that didn’t work very well for capturing ideas and taking notes.


Mystery. Mystery.


How do you capture mystery? Not all images need this to be part of their story but some do. I have found that discarding colour can help focus the attention on what might be there, by way of lines and textures seen more prominently in black and white. Less is more. Leaving out faces is a powerful way of conveying mystery. Here are two examples where I think mystery is found. Allowing the viewer to search for clues within the image and then piece the story together in their minds, colored by their own experiences makes room for a larger, ever expanding composition. Assume Love: We Just Grew Apart. The House of Smiths - Home DIY Blog - Interior Decorating Blog - Decorating on a Budget Blog. Has everyone been Instagraming away with February's topics from Fat Mum Slim!?

The House of Smiths - Home DIY Blog - Interior Decorating Blog - Decorating on a Budget Blog

Well the month is almost over, so you know what's coming up! Whoo hoo!!!

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The House of Smiths - Home DIY Blog - Interior Decorating Blog - Decorating on a Budget Blog. Happy Monday!

The House of Smiths - Home DIY Blog - Interior Decorating Blog - Decorating on a Budget Blog

How was everyone's weekend!? I had the most amazing time at Alt Summit and shared some of my adventures through Facebook, twitter and Instagram (via 'houseofsmiths')... but have LOTS more to tell all of you about the amazing speakers I heard and classes I attended! So much learned and so many great people met!... But that's for another post. Today I just wanted to drop in quickly to see how everyone is doing with their January photoaday challenge!? Even if you didn't participate in the January photoaday, think about starting in February! So what do ya say... are you in!?

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30 Books To Read Before You’re 30… « Perfectly Prompted! Tutorial: Mondo Piping {teeny bopper floor cushion} I’m calling this the teenage-sized version of the Kids Floor Cushion.

Tutorial: Mondo Piping {teeny bopper floor cushion}

I changed the size to accommodate bigger kids to flop on and do their thang I also replaced the store-bought piping with gargantuan home-dec cording that I covered myself. It adds a substantial shape that appeals to the kids looking to make a statement in their room I made another one with super big pom pom trim that I found {on clearance, love that} too! Keep them stacked on top of each other on the corner of the living room so they are ready to be used whenever the kids feel like hanging out The trim was surprisingly easy to make…and I have some tips to help you make it even easier.Wanna make one too? 5 yards ~ 1” diameter cording 3/4 yard of quilting cotton fabric Scissors or cutting mat and rotary cutter After squaring up your fabric, cut 6” strips of fabric. Join all 4 of the 6” pieces together to make one long strip.

Open up the piece and press seams open in the back and press in the front too Let the kids flop! Make a Multicolor Bodycon Dress.