Orzo Caprese In Tomato Cups When I was a kid “Pasta Salad” was just a requisite side dish at family gatherings that was hastily bought at the grocery store and remained in it’s plastic tub beside other more appetizing offerings while slowly making it’s way to room temperature. I never really understood how macaroni noodles, eggs and mustard where always such an important part of every barbecue I went to. And while these little gatherings were being planned, there was always a mention of it, “Who is going to bring the pasta salad?” Pasta salads have so much variety and take so little time, you don’t ever have to resort to grocery store tub again. Instead of that I offer you this. Orzo Caprese In Tomato Cups
Ripening Avocados and Cowboy Caviar Bean Salsa Recipe
Will Cook For Smiles: Stuffed Mushrooms
Joanne Ozug How GORGEOUS are these? These beet and goat cheese napoleons look like little colorful cakes! Beet and Goat Cheese Napoleons | Fifteen Spatulas Beet and Goat Cheese Napoleons | Fifteen Spatulas
No need to tell how important is Greek Culture in my life... Thanks Sophia for sharing your work with me. It was really a pleasure having worked with you. Greek Salad on a StickGreek Salad (χωριάτικη σαλάτα), i.e. the salad of the village is the most common salad eaten in Greece. What are its ingredients?Of course, feta cheese. Teaching English by Fran: Greek Independence Day and Greek Easter Teaching English by Fran: Greek Independence Day and Greek Easter
mother thyme: Tortilla Pinwheels
leek, mushroom and parmesan phyllo pies These Leek, mushroom and Parmesan phyllo pies are just a little but decadent but make a fabulous vegetarian snack with a versatile filling that can be used in many ways. As is the starting point of most of my recipe ideas, these came about as a result of having a large quantity of leeks and mushrooms left over from a TV shoot. Leek, mushroom and Parmesan phyllo pies | Drizzle and Dip Leek, mushroom and Parmesan phyllo pies | Drizzle and Dip
I had a fun time with this recipe. I wanted to re-create these amazing pizza rolls that I used to order in Manhattan, Kansas, at a place called Gumby’s pizza. I ordered a basketful and dipped them in ranch dressing. Pepperoni Knots from Zestuous Pepperoni Knots from Zestuous
Artichoke and Spinach Stuffed Mushrooms Artichoke and Spinach Stuffed Mushrooms Artichoke spinach dip meets the stuffed mushroom and the result is divine, absolutely divine! If you had to narrow down your favorite appetizers, what would they be? Two of my favorite appetizers happen to be stuffed mushrooms and creamy artichoke spinach dip. This week I had a brilliant idea while I was trying to debate which one I should make. What if… what if my two favorite appetizers were to hook up? Would they like each other?

Artichoke and feta tarts - DHSP challenge #7 - Junglefrog Cooking

I can’t remember the first time I discovered the blog by Maura, but one thing I did notice was her style of photography. And not only that, she has a nice writing style as well. I’ve been following Maura now for a while and you can really see her photography improving with leaps and bounds. Time for an interview in the foodblogger inspiration series… (O and if you’re taking a peak over on her blog, don’t forget to check out the delicious recipes too! Artichoke and feta tarts - DHSP challenge #7 - Junglefrog Cooking
L'Exquisit: Tarta philo de espinacas, queso de cabra y nueces L'Exquisit: Tarta philo de espinacas, queso de cabra y nueces Esta es una tarta que todo lo que tiene de poco atractiva - se trata que las hojas de philo queden separadas y crujientes - lo tiene de deliciosa, así que os animo a probarla... Ingredientes (4-6 personas, molde 26 cm.): 400 grs. hojas de espinacas, lavadas, sin tallo
Recipe Monday....
Cucumber and Feta Rolls With all of the decadent snacks that I have been testing out lately I know that some of you are wondering: "Are there any lighter options?", and these cucumber feta rolls definitely fit the bill! When I first came across the recipe for these cucumber feta rolls on Good Life Eats I knew that I would have to make them and I have just been itching for the chance! A lot of my favourite Greek flavours are used in the cucumber rolls and they even kind of remind me of deconstructed and reconstructed tzatziki with the cucumbers, lemony Greek yogurt and plenty of fresh herbs. The recipe for these cucumber rolls is super easy and if you have a mandoline to cut the cucmbers thinly then it takes almost no time at all to make them. Cucumber and Feta Rolls
Buffalo Chicken Bites
Goat Cheese, Pesto and Sun-Dried Tomato Terrine I have expressed my love for goat cheese on here before, I seriously can’t get enough of that stuff. It is creamy, tangy, and all around delicious. I have made this particular appetizer twice now, once on Christmas day and then again on New Year’s Day for my parents’ polar bear party. I definitely made an impression on my younger cousin, Nate, because he sampled this appetizer on Christmas day and loved it. Goat Cheese, Pesto and Sun-Dried Tomato Terrine
Gina Marie's Kitchen *If visiting from Pinterest, thank you! Please make sure to check out the rest of my blog as I have many other great recipes on here. Look for me on Pinterest and Instagram – user name @cook1864 I am also on Facebook* One of my favorite dips to make during football season is this corn dip. I got the recipe a few years ago and it’s become a staple in our house. When someone tries it for the first time, they can’t leave without getting the recipe; it’s that addicting.
How many times do you wish you had a creative appetizer that will “wow” your guests? I bet the answer is a resounding YES! While browsing through Pinterest, I can across a fantastic crostini recipe that will most certainly impress. I have found time after time, the simplest ingredients put together make the best recipes. This Roasted Grape Crostini fulfills that philosophy. { Simply Divine} Roasted Grapes with Thyme, Ricotta and Grilled Bread
Sometimes I get worried. The other day I dropped a grape and it rolled under the fridge. It’s in Narnia for all I know. I’m a little worried about it. Cheesy Quinoa Cakes + Guacamole + Goat Cheese
Brunch Recipe Contest Winner – Monte Cristo Rolls The winning recipe from our “Brunch” contest is absolutely perfect for entertaining holiday guests this weekend! If you have family coming in from out of town, this simple yet elegant take on a classic recipe is a wonderful addition to your brunch menu. Huge congratulations to our latest winner, Edwina Gadsby, for her “Monte Cristo Rolls.” The classic sandwich takes on a new twist by using frozen puff pastry sheets.
Asparagus Rolls
Sweet Berry Bruschetta {Sugar Rush Reinvented: #3}
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