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40 Online Generators for Web Designers Should Bookmark. Online Generators for Web Designers can be a great way to save time in your web design projects.

40 Online Generators for Web Designers Should Bookmark

High-quality generators can create graphics or code or even layouts in a matter of seconds or minutes, things that might take an hour or more if done by hand. Online generator are those tools that help us to create those popular “XHTML valid” CSS banners, micro buttons or css website templates in seconds. In such cases online generators can be of great help which do the necessary job and some tools don’t have to be downloaded also.

We all know that backgrounds play a crucial role in a design. Web Designers sometimes spend a lot of time in making pattern or stripe backgrounds and there are also tool to help you out here. Advertisement 1. XML /SWF charts are used to create attractive graphs and charts from XML data, Create a source either manually or generate dynamically then pass it to the XML chart’s flash file. 2. 3. 4. 256 Pixels 5. 80 x 15 brilliant Button Maker 6. 7. 8. 9. CSS Cheat Sheet. Color Codes Matching Chart HTML (CMYK, RGB Hex) Color Moods in Logo Design The logo designer can already transmit a basic mood by the choice of color codes but their connotations can differ widely from culture to culture.

Color Codes Matching Chart HTML (CMYK, RGB Hex)

For example, pink: In Europe it stands for softness and being childish, but in Korea it stands for trust. Typical uses of colors in North America and Western Europe include: Activity (Red, Orange, Yellow); Honesty (White, Blue, Green); Functionality (White, Grey, Black); Ideal (White, Blue, Gold); Cleverness (White, Blue, Silver); Performance (Blue, Gold, Red); Innovation (Violet, Orange, Silver); Objectivity (White, Grey, Blue); Speed (Silver, Red, Yellow). Chromatic - achromatic contrasts Achromatic monochrome (white, black and the range of codes between) combines very well with color. Color Saturation The intensity of a color is described as saturation or chroma. Color Value The lightness or darkness of a color is called its value. Cold Colors Simultaneous contrast color schemes Warm Colors Complementary color contrasts. Texture Maker. Adobe Dreamweaver Articles. Favorite 10 Free Stock Photo Download Sites.

Need a free stock photo?

Favorite 10 Free Stock Photo Download Sites

Free … meaning you don’t have to pay anyone cold, hard cash for its use? Look no further. I’ve compiled my top 10 list of favorite stock photo sites that don’t cost you anything. Make sure you read any terms of usage, however, as you may need to attribute its source via a link or mention. EveryStockPhoto – Excellent place for searching multiple sites for just the right pic. Morgue Files – Don’t be turned off by the name of this one. Stock Xchng is a very popular user-contributed source of photos. Image*After – Has a nice collection of photos and textures, with good search functionality Photogen – Nice collection of good quality photos Free Digital Photos – Good quality photos for free, although their best quality pics come with a charge NOAA Photo Library – This is just one example of the many photos you can use for free from the US Government sites. BurningWell – Not the prettiest site in the bunch, but so what?

Backgrounds Archive – Pretty photos. Lorem Ipsum - All the facts - Lipsum generator.