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Blogs del curso Flipped Classroom INTEF 2015 Grupo I. Here's How to Get a College-Level Computer Science Education for Free. [AdSense-A] Yes, I’m a big fan of learning how to write code.

Here's How to Get a College-Level Computer Science Education for Free

I’m beginning to get back into it myself, slowly but surely. However, the problem at this point in my life is knowing exactly what I need to learn in today’s era of programming. I started my programming courses over 10 years ago, long before there was any such thing as a “smartphone,” let alone the iOS and Android platforms that have become such a huge part of modern programming. Don’t get me wrong, sites like CodeAcademy and Scratch are great to get started if you have no prior experience with object-oriented languages, but that’s not where I’m at. I’m ready to dive into the meat of programming, while getting a refresher on some of the core concepts that I learned all those many years ago (trust me, ten years may not sound like a long time, but if you’re not using your programming skills on the regular, you lose them).

And, of course, a lot of that information is handed out free of charge. Start [Paperduino] Guilherme Martins : PAPERduino’s design. This is a fully functional version of the Arduino.

Guilherme Martins : PAPERduino’s design

We eliminated the PCB and use paper and cardboard as support and the result is.. the PAPERduino :D This is the the first version of the layout design, next we will try more designs, and another materials. You just need to print the top and the bottom layout, and glue them to any kind of support you want. We hope that you start making your own boards. If you do, please share your photos with us, we would love to see them ;) There is no USB direct connection, so to program the paperduino you will need some kind of FTDI cable or adapter. Download PDF Components list: 1 x 7805 Voltage regulator 2 x LEDs (different colors) 2 x 560 Ohm resistors (between 220oHm and 1K) 1 x 10k Ohm resistor 2 x 100 uF capacitors 1x 16 MHz clock crystal 2 x 22 pF capacitors 1 x 0.01 uF capacitor 1 x button 1 x Atmel ATMega168 1 x socket 28 pin Female and Male headers Instructions: Use a needle to puncture the holes for your components. Follow the connection lines.

ABC - Arduino Basic Connections. PighiXXX. Arduino & Processing. Crayon Physics Deluxe. Teach Kids Programming with These 7 iOS Apps. Learning how to code is now more important than ever before.

Teach Kids Programming with These 7 iOS Apps

Technology is going to play a big role in our lives in upcoming decades. It is a very good idea to teach young kids foundations of good coding for the future. These 7 iPhone and iPad apps make it easier to teach young children some coding without boring them: Hopscotch: teaches kids to code with simple building blocks. Kids can create games, animations, and programs with this interactive app. Cato’s Hike: a fun game that teaches your child the basics of programming (e.g. loops, branches, go to, …). Light-bot Hour of Code: a universal application that introduces kids to programing. Move The Turtle: a universal game that teaches your kids how to create programs with intuitive commands.

Kodable: a free application that teaches your child how to solve problems in sequential steps. iLogo: a cool application for teaching programming. Daisy the Dinosaur: teaches your child the basics of programming in a fun fashion. Cómo instalar un grupo de apps en todas las tablets del aula. Aplicaciones para crear Apps. Aplicaciones para crear Apps Ya os habiamos hablado de appyet con la que elaboramos la Unidad Didáctica de Lengua, ahora tenemos -gracias al post de Nancy Morales- más opciones para que pruebes y nos cuentes aqui tus resultados 1 App GenerateAplicación online para generar apps para dispositivos moviles App Maker for Android.

Aplicaciones para crear Apps

Make your own with this easy-to-use application builder. Para desarrollar aplicaciones para móviles MakePack the best free mobile applications creator ever, No Programming, No Html, No Special Skills, works on almost any device models that run Java (most phones do),even old 2.5 generation phones up to the newest smart phones, create free mobile application for all platforms, include Android, iphone and blackberry Applications. MIT center for movile learning Make an Android App today.

Listado de aplicaciones para crear apps aducativas. Muy Fácil De Hacer. Scratch. Educación y Tecnología, recursos digitales didácticos. Canales de vídeo para hacer experimentos. Os traemos una recopilación de canales de vídeo donde podréis encontrar experimentos paso a paso para realizar en clase o en casa con niños de diferentes edades.

Canales de vídeo para hacer experimentos

Incluimos también canales en inglés para que además de aprender ciencia, mejoren esta lengua. 1. The Spangler Effect Este canal estadounidense está dirigido por Steve Spangler, profesor, diseñador de juguetes científicos, speaker, escritor y ganador de un premio Emmy. En él ofrece una gran cantidad de vídeos con explicaciones detalladas sobre experimentos científicos. 2. El autor de este canal de YouTube en habla inglesa es Jordan, un niño autista de 14 años, quien se encarga por sí sólo de dirigir, editar y subir todos los vídeos que realiza. 3. LlegaExperimentos.