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Inside World Wide Maze. World Wide Maze is a game in which you use your smartphone to navigate a rolling ball through 3D mazes created from websites in order to try to reach their goal points.

Inside World Wide Maze

The game features abundant use of HTML5 features. For example, the DeviceOrientation event retrieves tilt data from the smartphone, which is then sent to the PC via WebSocket, where players find their way through 3D spaces built by WebGL and Web Workers. In this article, I'll explain precisely how these features are used, the overall development process, and key points for optimization.

DeviceOrientation The DeviceOrientation event (example) is used to retrieve tilt data from the smartphone. Window.addEventListener('deviceorientation', function (e) { // do something here The DeviceOrientationEvent object contains tilt data for each of the X, Y, and Z axes in degrees (not radians) (Read more on HTML5Rocks).

The values at the top highlighted in blue are those defined in W3C specifications. WebSocket Pairing by numbers Tab Sync. Resumen del curso HTML5. Lección 1: Definición de HTML5 Objetivos: En esta lección los estudiantes aprenden las funcionalidades y características que forman parte de la especificación HTML5 y las tecnologías que involucran.

Resumen del curso HTML5

También podrán aprender la diferencia entre la sintaxis de HMTL5 y la de HTML4 y/o XHTML 1.0. Por otra parte, al finalizar esta lección los estudiantes podrán identificar las principales características de HTML5, como los nuevos elementos HTML5, elementos multimedia, el elemento Canvas, formularios web, etc. Otro objetivo es que los estudiantes puedan distinguir entre funcionalidades que técnicamente forman parte de la especificación de HTML5 y otras que se consideran tecnologías relacionadas, como la Geolocalización, Arrastrar y Soltar y CSS3.

Beneficios de HTML5Principales características Nuevos elementos de markup y presentaciónLos elementos <video> , <audio> y <canvas>Formularios WebElementos revisados que se basan en HTML 4.0 Introducción a las APIs de HTML5 y tecnologías de apoyo. 10 Fresh HTML5 Tutorials. 10 Great HTML5 tutorials I selected some fresh great and amazing html5 tutorials for developers who going to learn html5 or who going to find new ideas for own projects.

10 Fresh HTML5 Tutorials

These tutorials and for beginners and advanced developers. The most simple article will show you about work with images, the most difficult thing will be associated with the development of games. Hope you find it useful for you! 1. This is our own tutorial about making own simple paint program. 2. In this tutorial author is telling us about creating easy particle system with Three.js librart. 3. In that tutorial author making a beautiful HTML5 portfolio powered by jQuery and the Quicksand plugin. New Zealand's Homepage. It's been an absolute privilege to work on the "face" of New Zealand which has over a million travellers a month stopping by to admire and explore.

New Zealand's Homepage

A reinvention of the traditionally passive big brand TVC into something way more engaging. You're in control of a giant 48 metre real-life scroll bar that lets you scroll a camera through four of New Zealand's most amazing locations. Built using a combination of HTML5 canvas with a Flash fallback for manky old IE 7-8 and oodles of Javascript wizardry. Shot using time-lapse stills on a Canon 5D over 6 hours for Milford and 2 hours for the other locations. The camera traveled 12 metres at each location on a motion controlled dolly producing 750-950 stills that were then time remapped and narrowed down to 50 for each scene. A total of 200 1280x720 pixel frames were hand optimized and then streamed via Akamai to ensure potential travelers in key markets can download the experience in 12-40 seconds. See the frame loading in action.

View the Project. Category: Simplequiz. Resoluciones de pantallas - Vídeos. Carro de la compra Registrarse Internacional Imagen Digital & Fotografía 111 cursos, 337 horas Negocios 99 cursos, 258 horas 25 cursos, 104 horas Video & Audio 80 cursos, 200 horas Mundo Digital.

Resoluciones de pantallas - Vídeos