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5 Legal Herbs That Will Expand Your Consciousness And Alter Your Dreams - Simple Organic Life. 1. Mugwort. Image credit: Wolf94114, Flickr Mugwort is a commonly used herb in Europe. It's believed to help settle the stomach and treat digestive troubles, and it can also be used as a dream augmenter. Mugwort can be smoked, burned as an incense, or used as a tea. It can help you achieve lucid and meaningful dreams. 2. Image credit: James Gaither, Flickr Tarragon is another dream enhancing herb. 3. Image credit: Dinesh Valke, Flickr Off the coast of Madagascar, as well as in some parts of Australia and Asia, you'll find this rather common bean growing. 4.

Image credit: BiteYourBum.Com Photography, Flickr Wild asparagus root, which is fairly widespread, is legendary for allowing your consciousness to soar during sleep. 5. Image credit: Greenstone Girl, Flickr For Egyptians of yestermillennia, the Blue Lotus was among the most sacred of plants. Gossmakeupartist. Upload Wayne Goss Brushes Wayne Goss Loading... Working... HOW TO CONTOUR AND HIGHLIGHT LIKE KIM KARDASHIAN 10,727,729 views 4 years ago PLEASE WATCH: "THE BEST LIQUID FOUNDATIONS - EVER!!!!

" Featured Channels gossmakeupchat - Channel Kin Community - Channel Related channels Tati - Channel NikkieTutorials - Channel KathleenLights - Channel Laura Lee - Channel grav3yardgirl - Channel Jaclyn Hill - Channel History Sign in to add this to Watch Later Add to Loading playlists... Free Perfect Resume Builder and more. DIY Sleep Salve POPSUGAR Smart Living. Tired of lying awake all night stressing over this or that? Fall asleep with ease thanks to this DIY calming salve that also leaves your feet so soft — you can't beat that!

Made with a soothing combination of essential oils, the recipe creates more than enough for yourself, so gift the rest to your favorite people. You'll love how this wonderfully smelling helper makes nighttime blissful. What You'll Need: 1 cup coconut oil1 cup olive oil4 tablespoons grated beeswaxEqual parts lavender, orange, cedarwood, peppermint, and cinnamon essential oils Directions: Place the coconut oil, olive oil, and grated beeswax in a metal or glass bowl, and heat over a double boiler or slowly warm in the microwave in short bursts. Now blend together the essential oils to create the dreamy mix of scents. Now carefully ladle the warm sleep salve into clean jars, let cool until room temperature, and then cap. Makes about 16 ounces of sleep salve. Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Sarah Lipoff. Children's Rocking Chairs at - The Rocking Chair Company. Rocking chairs are an icon of childhood for most of us, and children's rocking chairs are often just the thing to complete your nursery.

We've got a wide selection to choose from, including classic spindle or slat chairs as well as a more modern upholstered kid's rocker. Yes, we've got rocking horses, too! We've got nursing foot stools for mom's comfort as well. Just browse our high-quality selection below to find your children's rocking chair today! 8 Item(s) Most kids love having a chair of their very own. Make Your Own All-Natural Feminine Cleanser. How to paint traditional Hotrod Flames Cool Rides Online® As with anything else, there are many different ways to do a custom flame paint job. In this article, we will be working with a BC/CC (base coat/clear coat) system and will be burying the flames under the clear coat.

The colors used will be Bright White, Chrome Yellow, Tangerine Pearl metallic, along with a Vibrant Blue enamel for the pin striping. In this case we will be starting with a car that has already had the main BC color spayed and has dried overnight.. There is usually a 24 hour window to from the time the BC is laid down until the CC must be laid down. We will start with the hood first. Once you are happy with the layout, one lick at a time, start fine tuning your tips. Once the hood has been laid out, it’s time to start on the fenders. Once the layout is done, it’s time to mask/tape off what you want to remain black. Next, it’s time to cut the flames out. Now the layout is complete and it’s time to mask of the rest of the car. It’s now time to start laying down the color. He Uses PVC Pipe To Make A Household Hack We Could ALL Use. Genius! - If you’ve ever owned a house, or even a condominium or rented an apartment, there’s a good chance that you’ve had the frustrating and embarrassing experience of locking yourself out of your home.

We’ve all done it, believe me. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. There is, however, a good way to make sure it never happens again! People have been using the “hidden house key” trick for years now. Popular YouTuber HouseholdHacker, however, has created a way to make your own DIY hidden house key that should be virtually undetectable to just about anyone looking to get into your abode. All you need for this clever life hack is some PVC pipe, a rubber rain collar, a PVC screw cap, and some adhesive (and your spare key, of course). Basically, you’re going to follow along with the video to see just how to construct what looks like a pipe leading from the outside of your home (this probably won’t work for a condominium or apartment, unfortunately) and into the ground below.

Download Handwriting Template To Convert As Font. How to Record From DVR to DVD 13 Steps. The EXPOSURE TRIANGLE - Master the relationship of ISO-Aperture-Shutter­ Speed - Metro Denver Digital Photography Learning Group (Denver, CO) Oct 10, 2015 · 9:00 AM This location is shown only to members Not sure what the best exposure settings are for a given situation? How can you take the mystery out of that? The Exposure Triangle is the relationship between ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed. Changing any one of the three effects the other two. We'll discuss this topic, supported by a PowerPoint presentation. The use of the Exposure Triangle to arrive at proper exposures and depth of field tends to be one of those topics that baffles people - we're going to try and make it easy for you.

Bring your cameras and camera manuals. We'll then segue into a camera/lens maintenance and care discussion with practical demonstrations of how to clean and care for your lenses and camera bodies. Any remaining time will be spent on a Question & Answer session in which you can ask your questions about hardware, software and shooting techniques. How to Train a Puppy NOT to BITE.