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Alternative funding mechanisms, often for freely presented and ad-funded work, including journalism and creative work: Flattr, Patron, Beacon. CarSharing from a fleet and P2P CarSharing, as well as P2P car rental.

Crowdfunding for business projects, for solar, for micro-loans, for charity, for friends pooling money, for anything. Credit Unions, as important now as ever. Farmers' markets, CSA ("community supported agriculture"), a scheme for on site growing space/grocery/cafe in one. Kiva - Loans that change lives. Kiva - Loans that change lives. Startup offers Netflix-like clothes rentals for women. Startup Le Tote is hoping to gain an edge in the world of online retail with a Netflix-like shopping platform for women who want to add new pieces to their wardrobes without buying them. The San Francisco-based company offers a subscription rental service for clothing that’s similar to Netflix disk rentals for movies and television shows. Customers pay $49 per month and receive a tote with three garments and two accessories.

They can exchange the tote for a new one as many times as they want. Unlike e-commerce sites that rent outfits for special occasions, Le Tote is targeting customers who want clothes for everyday wear and to supplement what’s already in their closets. “Our [value proposition] is not, ‘Wear this to a wedding.’ Each tote has a retail value of $300 to $500 and contains clothing from recognized labels such as French Connection and BCBG, as well as lesser-known brands. Le Tote has raised about $2 million from Google Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz and other investors. Share Now: Your How-to Guide to Getting More and Wasting Less | A\J – Canada's Environmental Voice. Sharing is about maximizing the use of products, services and ideas in order to minimize overall consumption by a community. This principle has a surprising number of applications – people can and do share just about anything.

It’s also nothing new; sharing books, movies, equipment and hand-me-downs has been common among Westerners for decades, and many cultures practice the age-old act of sharing as a way of life, not an option. Shared items and services can be rented, loaned for free or swapped for others. A\J’s cross-Canada sharing directory offers a sampling of the country’s myriad options, with a focus on established organizations and online services. What follows is hardly exhaustive and many informal sharing practices aren’t covered here. We encourage our readers to contribute more essential opportunities and organizations in the comments. Money Cooperative banking Microfinance Microfinance offers small loans to entrepreneurs who don’t qualify for credit at a bank. Crowdfunding Food. Sharing Systems. Are We Ready to Share Our Legos? A new site called Pley is hoping to change the way children consume and use their toys…well, one type of toy at least.

They are offering monthly subscriptions for Legos. Pley’s subscriptions cost $15, $25 or $39 per month, for. Read More » Lend Tools, Build Better World Some things seem inherently incompatible with small space living: Car collections, big game taxidermy, Richard Serra sculptures and extensive tool collections. Read More » Underground Party in Paris We have a soft-spot for large civic projects that provide city dwellers places to loiter, ahem, congregate. Read More » Store Your Books in the Cloud Books are great. Read More » Your Living Room Away from Home For those of us who work from home, the need to get out of the house is essential to maintain productivity and sanity.

Read More » Top 10 Posts of 2013 Read More » Dine and Dash Around the World Read More » Save Airbnb in NYC To borrow a too-often-heard buzzword, the sharing economy is disruptive. Sharing Systems. Recycle Across America | Recycling Labels Decals Signs Stickers Compost Waste. Eco-Libris | Take action. Take Your Neighbor’s Stuff Without Getting Arrested. Long ago people didn’t have a lot of personal possessions. Not everyone had their own power-drill, cookie pans or tripod. And because the nearest Target was 30 years away, rather than not assembling that desk, eating raw cookie dough or shooting blurry shots, people used the only store around: their neighbors.

Well those days might be upon us again…but better. Rather than bugging your neighbors, services like Neighborgoods, Snapgoods and Share Some Sugarconnect you online with people in your area who have the stuff you need. Neighborgoods is free and has a pretty deep inventory of stuff (for our Brooklyn-based author at least); I found a Wii, a glue gun and a cat carrier–all things that might come in handy once in a while, but hardly necessary all the time.

Share Some Sugar charges a nominal rental fee for household items, while Snapgoods focuses on high-tech gear; e.g. We live in an age of abundant and cheap consumer goods. Mellowcabs. Gumroad. Eco-Libris | Take action. Etsy - Your place to buy and sell all things handmade, vintage, and supplies. New Bladeless Wind Turbine Claimed to be Twice as Efficient as Conventional Designs. © Saphon When it comes to the future of wind power, one company thinks it looks a lot different than you would expect, and cheaper and more efficient to boot. Saphon, out of Tunisia, is interested in finding partners to mass-produce and market their unique wind energy device, based on their own Zero Blade technology.

"The Zero-Blade Technology is largely inspired from the sailboat and is likely to increase the efficiency of the current wind power conversion devices. The blades are replaced by a sail shaped body while both hub and gearbox are removed. " SLIDESHOW Wind Energy Today: A Look at Wind Energy Projects Around The World According to the company, their zero-blade technology devices are capable of overcoming the Betz' limit, which states that no turbine can capture more than 59.3 percent of the kinetic energy of the wind.

An average wind turbine captures only 30 to 40%, while the Saphon turbine is said to be 2.3 times more efficient. PHOTO: Impressive Beast! 10 steps for a 'zero waste' shopping routine. “Zero waste” is a lifestyle that embraces minimalism; rejects the ubiquitous disposable items that are everywhere in our society; challenges mainstream consumerism; and encourages people to come up with alternative reusable solutions to everyday life. In the context of the articles I write, “waste” refers to municipal solid waste (MSW) – the kind of trash that gets hauled to landfills. This includes recycling, which you can read more about here. Food provides sustenance, but unfortunately it also generates trash, especially if the majority of food comes from a grocery store.

While packaging is helpful and often necessary for keeping food fresh, uncontaminated, and easy to transport, anyone wanting to reduce their household trash knows what a nightmare it is to come home with thin plastic produce bags that get thrown out as soon as fruit meets the fruit bowl. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. “Take your purchases without. 7. 8. 9. 10. Good luck! Sharing economy. A sharing economy takes a variety of forms, often leveraging information technology to empower individuals, corporations, non-profits and government with information that enables distribution, sharing and reuse of excess capacity in goods and services.[1] A common premise is that when information about goods is shared (typically via an online marketplace), the value of those goods may increase, for the business, for individuals, and for the community.[2] Collaborative consumption as a phenomenon is a class of economic arrangements in which participants share access to products or services, rather than having individual ownership.[3] The collaborative consumption model is used in marketplaces such as eBay, Craigslist, Tradepal and Krrb, emerging sectors such as social lending, peer-to-peer accommodation, peer-to-peer travel experiences, peer-to-peer task assignments or travel advising, car sharing or commute-bus sharing.[4] Scope[edit] Types of collaborative consumption[edit] History[edit]

Local Tools: Rental and Tool Library Software | Asset Tracking. Local Tools: Rental and Tool Library Software | Asset Tracking. Why Hasn't The Tiny House Movement Become A Big Thing? A Look At 5 Big Barriers. © Sustain TreeHugger has been covering tiny houses for years; I even own one, the remains of a previous career trying to promote the idea of the tiny house. Notwithstanding the success of people like Jay Shafer and his Tumbleweed Tiny House line, it is still an incredibly tiny niche. What's holding it back? Over at The Tiny Life, Ryan Mitchell lists the Top 5 Biggest Barriers To The Tiny House Movement; the first three L's are well known to me, I am not certain about the last two, and I think he is missing a big one.

Land One of the largest hurdles for people wanting to live in a Tiny House is access to land. One of the main reasons people are interested in tiny houses is that they are relatively cheap. Loans At this point, banks don’t feel that Tiny Houses are a viable option because they don’t have a good resale value. There are loans available for recreational vehicles and trailers, but the interest rate is high and you have to provide personal security. Laws Social Pressures Fear. 5 Alternatives to the Buy vs Rent Question. When we talk about housing, in North America the discussion almost always comes down to 1) own a house in the 'burbs or 2) rent an apartment in the city. One commentator at Bloomberg wrote: "With gasoline at $4-plus a gallon, lots of thinking people see the U.S. undergoing a vast demographic shift, with millions of people moving back to cities. The suburbs, and those places beyond the suburbs, the exurbs, will dry up and blow away.

The notion appeals especially to people who like to think they'll be in charge after the revolution. They would apparently love nothing more than for the population to be confined to Soviet-style concrete-block high-rises and be forced to take state-run streetcars to their little jobs at the mill. It is in fact not so black and white; there is a range of shades in between. Co-operative Ownership In Freiburg, Germany, the co-op model is common. Design to create shared space Apartments Don't have to be Towers At Jubilee Wharf, "The maisonettes are a delight. SmartFlix. SteepEdge - Adventure Films Available to Download or Rent Online - SteepEdge - Online Adventure Films Available to Download or Rent. Snoozebox Portable Hotel is a Creative Use of Shipping Containers. Snoozebox/Promo image Shipping containers are not just metal boxes, they are part of a transportation system.

Without the trailers, cranes and ships designed to handle them quickly and cheaply, they would be just packing cases. That's why I have never been much of a fan of most shipping container architecture, where they are thought as just metal boxes, and why I love projects like the Snoozebox Portable Hotel, which demonstrates how this incredible transportation infrastructure can be put to work. The Snoozebox Hotel can be set up anywhere in the world in as little as 48 hours, and the entire hotel can be rented for as few as three days. So if there is a special event that draws a lot of people for a short time, (like the Olympics right now or the Edinburgh Festival in a few weeks) the hotel can be set up and removed quickly. Instead of having a lot of overcapacity built permanently, it can be rented short term. Search for Self Storage Units |

Store At My House. So I Flew In An “Uber For Tiny Planes” The first line of the email in my box read, “This is UberX for small planes.” Yet another Uber for X mystery startup in my inbox. Yay! (not really). But the idea of skipping the traffic to Tahoe was attractive enough to bite on this one. So four days later I found myself 2,000 feet high in a tiny plane with Flytenow founder and licensed pilot Matt Voska as the company’s first ever Bay Area customer. So what was it like? Say you want to go up to wine country with a friend or two for the weekend. Unfortunately, I was not so happily bestowed with such fortune: In fact, there didn’t seem to be any flights I could go to anywhere.

Thankfully I had that initial email with which to contact this “Uber for planes” organization. What’s supposed to happen is you go to the site and see a list of pilots’ upcoming adventures. Turns out it’s actually more “Zimride for planes” than “Uber for planes.” Back to my nascent Flytenow voyage…did I mention my fear of flying? Flytenow believes that it is. Earn Extra Income By Renting Out Your Excess Space. Service My Parking Space Zipcar. Being the ultimate consumer product service system (PSS) I am of course a big fan of Zipcar — (and Streetcar — its competitor) — the pay-as-you-go car service. And now I find out (on PSFK) they are doing more smart service things in London; they are using their solutions approach to partner with a company that lets people share cars and parking spaces.

PSFK describes it as "one of the coolest and most functional partnerships we've seen recently". is a new service that provides parking spaces by enabling property owners to rent out their driveways, garages, car parks or other bits of land to drivers that need somewhere to park. And they've just partnered with Zipcar to enable then to expand over London by providing more places to park Zipcars across the city and better access to a pool of car-sharers. It's service system fantastic.Each parking space renter will receive their usual payment for the space plus £85 worth of free driving credit with Zipcar. 75 Open Source Tools to Replace Apps You Use Every Day. ALSO SEE: 50 Open Source Tools To Replace Popular Security Software • 50 Open Source Tools: Desktop Downloads • 51 Open Source Tools to Protect Your Identity Can open source tools replace all closed source software?

That is, are open source tools – freely downloadable software – really just as good as software you have to pay for? In a lot of cases, the answer is yes. In fact, in some cases, open source tools offers features or performance benefits that surpass their commercial counterparts. Want proof? For this list, we've included a smattering of the best open source tools from a wide range of categories.

Open Source Tools: Audio/Music, Backup, Browsers, Compression, Content Management, CRM, Database, Desktop Publishing, E-mail/Collaboration/Groupware. Open Source Tools: ERP, File Transfer, Financial Management, Games, Gateway Security Appliances, Graphics/Drawing. Open Source Tools: Instant Messaging, Mapping, Office Productivity, Operating System, Password Manager, PDF Tools. Ripe Near Me - local food, home grown vegies, neighborhood fruit.

Find, swap, share, or sell fresh local homegrown food and wild edibles with Ripe Near Me. As much as we like to tout the benefits and advantages of sourcing more of our food locally, actually getting homegrown and local food on our table is a bit more challenging than it ought to be. Farmers markets and farm stands are a great place to find local growers that plant and harvest enough to bring to market, but it takes a fair amount of commitment and equipment to be a market gardener, so they don't often host backyard growers who end up with excess produce.

Platforms such as local forums or Craigslist are an alternative method of finding local foods, but they don't tend to be a place to find wild edibles or fruit trees that are growing on public properties, so urban foragers looking for ripe local fruits rely on word of mouth (and many of them are unwilling to disclose their favorite locations) or local food maps, which can take quite a bit of work to put together.

Send money online | Dwolla. Dwolla Review & Complaints 2014 | Expert & User Reviews. Dwolla Overall Rating Last Updated: January 11, 2014 Find a Top-Rated Processor | Get Rate Quotes | Write a Dwolla Review Dwolla Overview Dwolla Logo Dwolla ( is a Des Moines, Iowa-based startup that is on a mission to radically change the electronic payments industry. Although Dwolla’s payment concept is not exactly a new one, its marketing and business strategy is completely unique.

Dwolla can be used for payments between individuals, businesses, or both, but the focus of this review will be the consumer-to-merchant acceptance side. Dwolla Sales & Marketing Tactics | A+ Dwolla primarily markets itself via its website and uses no deceptive advertising or marketing tactics that are apparent to this reviewer. Dwolla Costs & Contract Terms | A+ Dwolla probably has the most attractive pricing of any electronic payment service on the market. Dwolla Complaints and Service | A+ Dwolla BBB Report | A- Bottom Line Dwolla is making waves in the credit card processing industry. Dwolla Review. Flattr - Social microdonations. Beacon — Fund great writers. The difference between car sharing and car rental. Berlin supermarket would have zero packaging. Nudie Jean’s repair shops should be the new standard for sustainable fashion.

Where can you find Car Sharing in North America. Carsharing.US. Car Sharing, an alternative to car rental and car ownership – Zipcar. Enterprise CarShare - Explore our Car Sharing Programs. Welcome! - UhaulCarShare® - the Neighbour to Neighbour Car Club and Car Rental Service. Real-time ridesharing. Uber. Wingz - Airport Rides. Scheduled & On Time. How do UberX, Lyft and SideCar compare? Crowdfunding.


Credit Unions. 5 ways to optimize your CSA experience. The Farmery. The Farmery. Fair Trade Labeling Initiatives. TouchdownSpace — Everyone's Private Office, On-Demand | Home. Micro Hotels & Airport Sleep Pods. Breather - Peace & quiet, on-demand. Lulan Artisans - Luxurious Style for Everyday Living. Shedworking. WE'VE. WE'VE is a new site for sustainably sourced home goods. Lulan Artisans Redefines Sustainability. SteepEdge - Adventure Films Available to Download or Rent Online - SteepEdge - Online Adventure Films Available to Download or Rent.

Film & TV Direct Sellers lets you practice raising backyard chickens. Bowery Project. The Best Alternative Apps to Everything in Adobe Creative Cloud. A Moveable Feast: The Bowery Project is an instant prefab demountable urban farm. Welcome - Little Free Library. Welcome to BookCrossing. Top 10 Crowdfunding Sites For Fundraising.

75 Open Source Tools to Replace Apps You Use Every Day. Wind Energy (Personal/Household Turbines) Global Village Construction Set. Solar-Assisted Air Conditioning Comes To Market. Solar HVAC Solutions and Success Stories | Lennox Industries. Lulan Artisans - Luxurious Style for Everyday Living. Richard Poynder - The Open Access Interviews. How Do You Know The Public Domain Is In Trouble? It Requires A 52-Page Handbook To Determine If Something Is Public Domain. Welcome to BookCrossing.

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Theory. Nautical Monkey - Sharing Made Simple. Share Starter | Building a Local Foundation for the Global Sharing Economy. Coworking (Shared Corporate Spaces) Commute by Bike | Tips, Hints, Reviews and Safety for Bike Commuting.