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Get Workspace as a Service (WaaS) which gives your clients a digital edge. We are most trusted desktop as a service providers for businesses. Call 844.645.6789.

There’s so much involved in what we do. Fact: a Workspace as a Service (WaaS) solution is nothing without the apps that users need it for.

There’s so much involved in what we do

Unless a business can use the WaaS solution to get their daily work done with their industry-standard applications, it’s not really much of a solution, is it? That said, ensuring a WaaS solution can properly support the many line of business apps used in the modern workplace isn’t easily done – in fact, it’s so difficult that most providers choose to offer an empty, more easily developed Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solution. CloudJumper isn’t most providers – we’re proud to offer nWorkSpace, a WaaS solution that can deploy more than 2200 separate apps that are used by workers in countless industries every day.

Just think about what it takes to support more than 2200 apps… INFRASTRUCTURE | To properly deploy the apps, you need extensive hardware infrastructure, including terminal servers, data backup, and even more, just as the foundation of the solution… How a Cloud Broker Can Make Cloud Migration. The burgeoning interest by companies of all sizes in migrating to the cloud to safeguard or streamline their IT processes has presented some confusion or difficulties for clients when dealing directly with cloud providers.

How a Cloud Broker Can Make Cloud Migration

A cloud broker can be a helpful go-between in this scenario, managing the use, performance, and delivery of cloud services, and negotiating relationships between cloud providers and cloud consumers. The many benefits of using a cloud broker for business or technical purposes include the following: Cloud interoperability, or integration between several cloud offerings.Cloud portability, or moving an application between different cloud vendors.Enhancing business continuity by reducing dependency on a single cloud provider.Increases SLAs (service level agreements) by leveraging multiple cloud providers.Cost savings – Most IaaS clouds offer significant volume discounts to those who have purchased many instances.

Cloud Desktop Service. In times past, a computer network would tie a number of devices, including desktop computers as well as wifi connected devices such as tablets and smartphone together, using a central server for data and application storage.

Cloud Desktop Service

Using a cloud desktop as a service arrangement takes the idea of a network to the next level. Cloud desktop providers such as Cloud Jumper will store all of your applications, objects, files, and so on in its central location, to be accessed by any device from any Internet-accessible location via a secure connection. Workspace as a Service wass. Application Virtualization. We live in a day and age where people do a great deal of work from their phones and as such it is necessary for companies to virtualize and get their content in a format that can be used remotely or from a portable device.

Application Virtualization

This type of service is great for smaller companies that might not have a great deal of processing power or a great deal of storage space for their programs. In some cases however, application virtualization is not something that companies can do on their own. There is no real way to easily explain in a few words what application virtualization is. There are however some terms and concepts that you can learn that will make the overall concept easier to understand. The definition of the term is: the practice of running software from a remote server instead of the computer of the user. This does a few things, for starters, it frees up space and makes it the responsibility of the hosting computer or hosting party to keep the program running.

What are Managed Solutions? Cloud Computing Solution Providers. Desktop as a service may sound like a new system technology, but DAAS is really just an outgrowth of finding ways to shift cost and investment to just what is needed in IT and the rest can be outsourced.

Cloud Computing Solution Providers

This is the same driver that created the popularity of the cloud for software, and DAAS picks up the other half when it comes to desktop hardware, the very processor packages, keyboards and peripherals we use every day to get things done. Financial Advantage. Cloud Desktop as a Service. Posted by cloudjumper in Technology on November 11th, 2016 In an increasingly mobile world, certain things have become clear.

Cloud Desktop as a Service

One such realization for many companies is that it is more important than ever before to have access to all important apps and other technology at all times. This allows all company officials and staffers the opportunity to stay in touch with others no matter where they are in time. Workspace as a service. If you are a part of a business, you likely know how important technology has become in the business world.

workspace as a service

Businesses use all sorts of different types of programs and software in order to carry out their operations, and these technological applications make it easier for them to operate smoothly. Cloud Computing Solutions For Small Business. Financial: What we do is costly. In order to provide our industry-leading Workspace as a Service (WaaS) solution, nWorkSpace, we have to budget for a range of ongoing costs.

Financial: What we do is costly

We pride ourselves on offering disruptive pricing and unbeatable margins for our partners, but to make that possible, we have to manage the many upfront and ongoing expenses that come with developing and providing nWorkSpace. Just think about what it costs to offer nWorkSpace… UPFRONT INVESTMENT | Before you can even start selling your WaaS solution, you have to be able to afford significant fixed costs, the largest by far being the infrastructure needed to deploy a solution like this.

This isn’t just software that’s bought and installed; every client needs their dedicated server. In the 16 years that we’ve been developing and perfecting nWorkSpace, we’ve grown a massive network of partners, vendors, clients and industry contacts that give us the size needed to make our investment worth it. WIIFM: How the cloud will keep your clients “sticky” As important as it is for your business to get new clients on a regular basis, it’s even more important to ensure they stay your clients.

WIIFM: How the cloud will keep your clients “sticky”

It’s not uncommon for a client to shop around, and try out a few different options before settling on the MSP they’ll stay with for good, which is why that first few months of service is so vital. Do you know how to keep your clients “sticky”? One way is with the cloud! You don't have to see your hardware to know that it's safe! - CloudJumper. Despite the many IT advancements embraced by business owners like yourself today, from convenient mobile devices to powerful cloud solutions, an extremely outdated way of thinking still plagues the business world.

You don't have to see your hardware to know that it's safe! - CloudJumper

So many still believe that when it comes to housing and managing their servers, on-site storage is the safest option. The thinking is that if you can see your servers, blinking and humming behind a padlocked fence, they must be safe. This is simply not the case. When compared with industry-standard data centers, onsite server storage is less secure (both physically and digitally), less prepared for emergencies, and more likely to lack the support needed to maintain an optimal environment. Further benefits of the CloudJumper data center include: Off-Site Safety: By storing your hardware off-site, you gain a valuable contingency against any on-site emergencies.

You don’t have to see your hardware to know that it’s safe! As the head of your business, your days are busy. You’re responsible for leading the company with new initiatives and dynamic changes, constantly improving the way your staff serves your valued network of clients, which leaves little time for anything else. That’s why it’s so important to leverage the latest advancements in technology to help you lighten your load and focus on the success of your business.

With the right solution, you can eliminate otherwise tedious and time-consuming responsibilities, allowing you to dedicate yourself to the more pressing business concerns.