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I mostly just work out all day ad drive my jeep around. It's great having a jeep you know. You can go almost anywhere. With the top down, driving around looking hot. It really is stunning how much you can talk about a jeep before it gets tiring. Jeep.


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Patents. Future stuff to share. Camping/Van Equipment. 175W 24V Solar Panel to charge 12V Battery @ ExplorOz Forum. FollowupID: 778961 Submitted: Monday, Jan 14, 2013 at 10:53 Member - Frank P (NSW) posted: Agreed.

175W 24V Solar Panel to charge 12V Battery @ ExplorOz Forum

There are traps for the unwary by considering only the open circuit voltage capability of the regulator. "You are looking for a MPPT ( maximum power point tracking) regulator that specificaly specifies it will charge 12 volt batteries from a 24 volt source. They do exist and will do the job well...but not all MPPT regs will cope with the 24 volt pannels" To make that perfectly clear (no disrespect, Bantam) perhaps that second sentence could read "They do exist and will do the job well...but not all MPPT regs CONNECTED TO A 12V SYSTEM will cope with the 24 volt pannels".

This regulator will accept panels up to 65V open circuit. Subsequent investigations revealed it is a common restriction. If you're looking for one of the exceptions, I have had excellent results with the Aussie-made GSL MPPT 30-2. (No connection, etc. Cheers. GSL MPPT. GSL Electronics : MPPT12-1 / MPPT12-2. Maximum Output 12 Amp / 200 WattsMPPT12-1: • Ideal for charging batteries with new low cost and high efficiency grid type panels • Simple 3 wire “plug and play” connection • Autoselect for 12V and 24V panels and batteries MPPT12-1 Installation Sheet Additional features for the more advanced user: • Variable and adaptive dawn to dusk • Low voltage disconnect • Remote alarm and programming capability for load control • Additional surge and PV short protection • Dual chemistry, sealed and vented cells MPPT12-2 Installation Sheet Design and specifications may change without notice.

GSL Electronics : MPPT12-1 / MPPT12-2

Manson SBC-7130 30A Solar Regulator Charge Controller 12V LCD Display - PWM. Place bid Review and confirm your bid Bid confirmation d h m s day hour hours FREE postage See item description (Approximately ##1##) (Enter ##1## or more) (Enter more than ##1##)

Manson SBC-7130 30A Solar Regulator Charge Controller 12V LCD Display - PWM

eBay Australia Guides - Buying solar panels and alternative energy on eBay. Buying solar panels and alternative energy on eBay.

eBay Australia Guides - Buying solar panels and alternative energy on eBay

Unfortunatly, due to eBay's simplistic editing tools I have not been able to update this article. The most current version of it as of May 2010 can be found on w w I’ve brought one large and two small solar panels on eBay, but I have brought a total of eight solar panels in the past two years, not including small ones for trickle charging batteries and solar garden lights. I have researched them a lot, and have decided to share some of the things I have learned here. Solar Brackets, Solar Mounting Kits, Solar Cable (Powered by CubeCart) Solar Power @ ExplorOz Articles. It is usually feasible to run things from solar that do not generate heat over long periods as their main purpose: for that, gas or diesel is a better source of energy.

Solar Power @ ExplorOz Articles

Electric jugs are border-line feasible in big rigs, but not otherwise. Also out are 12 volt incandescent globes (legally banned since 2010 in 230 volt form), older CPAP machines (recent CPAP machines using a heating cycle still need a lot of energy), hair dryers etc. The main electricity draw (typically 70% of the total) is an electric fridge. Late models use less, but their draw is mainly related to how well they are installed – most are done badly, some appallingly so. It is also essential to have adequate wiring - again, most is not - and an adequate charging system (if powered also via the alternator). If solar capacity is too low, adding more battery capacity makes things worse! Many commercial RV solar systems are scaled for users who spend most nights in caravan parks. Install ac in my car.

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