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Widgets/Konfabulator 4.5. This version was a major undertaking, and there are four particularly cool and important features in it for developers. HTML Flash Full W3C DOM Fine-grained Security HTM… something or other Yes, you can now embed HTML into your Widget, thanks to the magic of WebKit . Flash! After HTML, there’s Flash. Both HTML and Flash run just as any other view inside your Widget. Wait? I’m sure many of you might be asking whether this means we are favoring HTML or Flash for writing Widgets. DOM, da-DOM DOM! Another big change is the introduction of the full DOM. Fine-Grained Security The new release has an expanded Security Block. If your Widget ventures beyond the contract of your security block, an alert is presented and your Widget is terminated with extreme prejudice.

Under The Hood The DOM really caused us to change our entire infrastructure. We also have a new JS engine in this release. Shine: Fashion and Beauty, Healthy Living, Parenting, Sex and Love, Career and Money, Food, and more - Shine on Yahoo! Yahoo! Real Estate - Homes for Sale, Houses for Sale & Real Estate. Omg! Celebrity gossip, news, photos, babies, couples, hotties, and more - omg! on Yahoo! Yahoo! Movies: Read Movie Reviews, Find Showtimes and View Trailers. Offres d'emploi - - Trouver un emploi, un job, un travail.

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The universe appears to be on a crash course to test your mettle across the board, and no area of your life is safe. As mentioned in yesterday's calendar entry, the Sun and Juno make waves by forming a rare conjunction at 22 degrees of Aries (12:17AM). Be sensitive to dear ones and avoid ego battles of any kind.

Interests wax in the realms of design, style, fashion, elegance, and beauty. The ability to stay on the straight and narrow path to worldly success is not easy right now as Mercury forms a tense, 135-degree link to Saturn (8:44AM), the Sun chimes in by making a potentially. Welcome to Flickr - Photo Sharing. Yahoo! Games - Games and Online Games. P.A.Q Gubbio: Meet, Ian Purkayastha, 19-year-old “Truffle Dealer”

In the digital age, most of today's young, hot-shot entrepreneurs are working in the world of high tech, specifically in social networking.

P.A.Q Gubbio: Meet, Ian Purkayastha, 19-year-old “Truffle Dealer”

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter co-founders Biz Stone and Evan Williams come to mind. Then there's Ian Purkayastha, a 19-year old international businessman who's "networking" the old-fashioned way — face to face -- and making a big splash selling and promoting one of the world's most ancient and low-tech products: Truffles. To be sure, there aren't billions to be made in truffles, at least not yet. But truffles are by far the most-expensive ingredient in the culinary world, fetching up to $5000 per pound for the most desired varieties. [Driven Episode: How an 'Accidental Entrepreneur' Grew Business, Helped Cancer Victims] Truffles may be used in the world's top restaurants but there's nothing fancy about the truffle business.

[Related: Fashion Start-up Takes Aim at $20 Billion Industry] "I try not to disclose my age too often," he says. Untitled. Yahoo! Finance - Business Finance, Stock Market, Quotes, News. Mail: The best web-based email! New car pictures, prices and reviews.