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Reddit: the front page of the internet. CloudTops -The Interactive Web. SoundCloud - Your Sound, At The Heart. Khan Academy.

Khan Is an inspiration to me, I quit my job to develop a powerful web guide to help people worldwide discover places on the web that pass many people by, due to far to many sites being on the web already, & also to provide a safer passage to sites with no malicious connections. Khan also quit his job with a Hedge fund to help students worldwide with his amazing informative videos. Ever since I found his story on the web I was also inspired to give it my all as well. Thanks Khan, you made this all so possible, now I'm gaining network potential, with almost 10,000 visits to the Pearltree I built with my web guide. This is amazing stuff what the web has become today. Simply Amazing!! I Love Pearltrees too............ – cloudexplorer


Or should I call it the "Cloud" ? – cloudexplorer
Welcome all new comers To Pearltrees, I'm a newbie myself to it all, but Not my web organizational skills, I been re-organizing the web for 2 years now. Running into pearltrees is a dream come true, because I can fully express my knowledge on the webs powerful resouces today. – cloudexplorer
Just hit my first 20,000 visits, now thats insane, I been on Pearl less than 3 months. Wowsers this is cool. – cloudexplorer

Cloud News.

Get all the latest news on the cloud, apps tech, & more. – cloudexplorer

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Not Yours alone we share pearls as soon as we create one, at least the comment messaging sections. Pearls that have already been created in the Pearltrees community is socially being organized by us all. Sharing is how it all works, besides the cool looking interface they built for us as well. – cloudexplorer
This is the same for any web location for that matter, thats been added to a pearltree, its a comulative effort using pearltrees, its not individual, but at first appears that way, thus the reason, for creating groups, plucking trees so on and so fourth. @ DanielCapizzi – cloudexplorer
LOL, this is a group pearl comment board, everyone who adds facebook as a pearl, will see comments from everyone else who added the same pearl or web location. Its not yours alone its everyones pearl. No one owns pearls, we share them. @ DanielCapizzi – cloudexplorer
No Doubt, Me too, I think many of us been. Keep your head up and look out for the Clouds taken the world by storm in 2012, literally. Apple done it with Icloud already, whatever is next is gonna be huge. I think Pearltrees will topple them all as well in 2012, Good Luck everyone and Safe Surfing the digital Clouds we have today! – cloudexplorer
Much love goes out to all From New York City, Happy New Years to all – cloudexplorer
Just hit 41,000 visits, hopin to catch up to Mark Zuckerburg on Pearl, you never know. – cloudexplorer
You might wanna try hitting the number of hits you have on your details module below, it tells you what this popularity contest is all about, "don't hate the players hate the game". – cloudexplorer
Ummm Yeahhh, the backs of who, real people develop real things on the web, the truth to it is, sharing is what makes it all happen, your being much too negative, but oh well, its your poragative, to eaches own. The web will always be the web, but Cloud Computing, now that's the Web on a "Quantum level". I develop websites, & gain very little recognition, if people like what I'm doing here, they will eventually discover what I'm fully capable of. So you are right in most cases, but in my particular case, I believe your terribly wrong. – cloudexplorer
Awesome indeed just hi the 35,000 mark, for pearl visits, Awesomeness Defined!!!!!!!!! – cloudexplorer
Hits let you know how popular your pearltree location has become, you may not understand the traffic thing on the web, but many people do. Now, "Traffic" equals potential for anything to happen on the web pretty much, pearltrees will become a main stay soon worldwide, so stay tuned for full monetization here, sometime in 2012, they've already built an app for the IPAD. Good Luck! & I love Pearltrees....... "It's a web developers dream come true, to say the least." Thanks pearltree developers....... – cloudexplorer Online Shopping for Electronics, Apparel, Computers, Books, DVDs & more. Electronics, Cars, Clothing, Collectibles and More Online Shopping. TED: Ideas worth spreading. Wikipedia.

Just about to hit 29,000 mark, on the way to 30,000 visits, this is a voyage like no other in cyber space. Pearltrees is the future of the web, I'm sure of it. – cloudexplorer
Wow, I'm loving all the interaction here, Awesome people keep it up, & Loving PEARLTREES. – cloudexplorer


Image rendering just doesn't deliver the fastest search results neither, so Bing will come second to Google each time, people want results when searching, not imagery so much. – cloudexplorer
The simplest Search engines with the most accurate search results will always be King. aka GOOGLE................. – cloudexplorer

France. Google.