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Nature's Wrath

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Major Earth Quake - East Coast. There was a massive 5.9 earth quake that hit the east coast today August 23, 2011.

Major Earth Quake - East Coast

Many people were slightly shaken up by it's powerful shock wave, that had neighboring homes shaking. This quake was sudden and lasted about 2 minutes in New York City, it stretched across for miles on end, from places like Detroit Michigan, Washington DC, Toronto, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and many many more states in the United States. We have some news footage of the Quakes actual occurrence from Youtube & many other channels on the web, were hoping this will help people get an idea of what had actually occurred on that very day.

There may be more of these natural disaster events occurring worldwide so keep posted to your local & national news stations for the latest updates. Hurricane Irene. North Carolina - Was in harms way & more On Aug 26th 2011, The Eastern portion of North Carolina is expected to receive the first land fall of the massive category 3 Hurricane, over 200,000 people were under mandatory evacuations yesterday morning through the afternoon.

Hurricane Irene

Hopefully everyone heeded to the words of local public officials as well as the US Government. A state of emergency was issued for all of the neighboring coastal cities, states & towns within the path of Irene's projected land fall. The severity of this vicious storm is real, the build up of the storms force is still unpredictable due to the tropical energy build up, as it swept across the lower tropical regions of North America. Don't plan at the last minute if you in a disaster zone, which has already been designated by numerous reports that's been put out already.

AfterMath of Irene in Jamaica Queens. This uprooted tree is leaning on the power lines which pretty much saved this house from utter destruction.

AfterMath of Irene in Jamaica Queens

There was a great deal of asset damages related to hurricane Irene, and 40+ fatalities across the entire east coast. People were warned by the government ahead of time to get far away from the danger zones, but even then accidental deaths still occurred, this tells us that people truly should heed to the words of our government, city, state & local officials when the word gets out to evacuate your area. Thank god the number of fatalities were very low this time, because Irene's destructive path of land fall reached across all the eastern sea board states except for Florida & was in the path of millions of American's that live or lived on the East Coast. Any, and all informational web locations that can help to inform people is a plus, someone wrote against our free speech usage of current events in hub's, I truly beg to differ.